Top Injuries To Impact The 2018 Season

Cory Joseph - Cory Joseph has been the staple backup guard for a while now, and in Indiana he was just that. However, the Pacers have added Tyreke Evans and drafted a talented Aaron Holiday. Joseph’s early season injury could be an opportunity for Holiday to assert himself within the rotation. Joseph might see a tick down in minutes this season, and starting the season injured is never a good sign when that is expected.

Top Injuries in Franchise History

If we are thinking injuries for the Pacers, the worst has to be to Paul George coming down and breaking his leg. George had to rehab for over a year, and this was more similar to the Gordon Hayward injury. George ended up rehabbing back to 100%, and is still playing up to his normal standards. Looking back at the early 2000’s, Jalen Rose was playing in Indiana. He fractured his wrist at the beginning of that 2000 series, missing the first couple of months. Later in 2002, Al Harrington tore his ACL, missing the rest of the season. Harrington was still quite a useful player at this time, so this was a big miss for the Pacers the rest of the season.

Mike Dunleavy had to have surgery back in 2009 to remove a bone spur, but also to repair a tendon. Dunleavy was a bigger piece for the Pacers then, compared to when he was with Chicago. Danny Granger was one of those what ifs that just could not stay healthy. It started in 2009 when he had a torn plantar fascia in his right foot. It seemed like Granger and George were going to be the next big duo in the NBA, but that did not pan out. In 2012, George Hill was in the mix as being the third piece and ended up having a chip fracture in his left ankle. A year later, Granger had to have further surgery on his knee, which started the end for him. It was a year after that George had that nasty injury on opening night, and it was his tibia and fibula that he fractured.

Ian Mahinmi was a backup center, and was another one to suffer a torn plantar fascia in his left foot. 2015 was somewhat of a new leaf for a few players like Myles Turner, and he had to have surgery on his thumb at the beginning of the month. He would only be out for a few months, so it was a quick return for Turner. Things have been relatively quiet on the injury front of late, although Darren Collison had to have some cleanup surgery on his left knee in 2018.