Top Injuries in Franchise History

Towards the end of Grant Hill’s career in Orlando, he started to battle more and more injuries. A lot of player rode out the ends of their career in Orlando, as Patrick Ewing and Tracy McGrady were also in Orlando for the early 2000s. They were constantly on the injury report, which makes sense at their age. Some major injuries early on in the 2000s. Steven Hunter tore his ACL, while Hill had surgery on his left ankle. Getting into more recent players, J.J. Redick had a broken hand in 2007. You also had guys like Brian Cook and Tony Battie suffer significant injuries in the same season.

Jameer Nelson was a leading point guard on the team, which says a lot about this era, but he had a nasty injury back in 2009. He dislocated his shoulder and tore his labrum. Surgery was required and he missed the rest of the season. Nelson had another injury, but this time a torn meniscus and need surgery again. Dwight Howard started battling back injuries during his time in Orlando. The season of 2012 he had surgery in a herniated disk. This has given Howard troubles at times, but nothing as serious as 2012.

2014 started off rough for Aaron Gordon with a fractured left foot, and this game just a few games after Victor Oladipo needed surgery for a facial fracture. In the same season, Evan Fournier battled hip injuries, and eventually went under the knife for a quick fix at the end of the season. Moving ahead to 2017, Terrence Ross suffered a nasty leg injury, spraining his MCL and also fracturing his leg on the same play. Just days later, Nikola Vucevic suffered a broken hand. It did not end there for the magic as Evan Fournier ended his season earlier with a sprained MCL.

The Magic have a lot of youth on their team these days, but injuries continue to follow them. Aaron Gordon has had some injuries, but also a quite a bit of concussions. Jonathan Issac has also been battling constant ankle sprains which hinder his ability to get consistent minutes right now.