10/20, 2:00a
10/20, 2:00a

Top Injuries To Impact The 2018 Season

DeAndre Ayton - DeAndre Ayton popped up on the injury report after the opening game of the season, and this would be a big hit if the ankle injury is considered serious. Ayton should rebound and be fine, but with all the injuries to younger bigs right now, it is going to at least be on our radar. Keep an eye on the potential rookie of the year center.

Top Injuries in Franchise History

The Suns have had a lot of top end talent come through the years. They have also had a lot of pain. Jason Kidd in the 2000 season broke his ankle, and needed three screws because of it. Penny Hardaway in 2003 had to have surgery on his thumb, which caused him to miss about half the regular season. Moving ahead to 2006, Kurt Thomas had a broken foot, and missed the rest of the season. Leandro Barbosa missed several weeks with a sprained MCL. Amare Stoudemire started developing knee issues, and needed surgery back in 2006. He would have the same surgery in 2007.

In 2009, Robin Lopez was on the team and broke his left foot. He eventually needed surgery, and missed several months. Grant Hill continued to recover from a torn meniscus in Phoenix, as his career slowly came to an end. Alex Len was drafted early on, and was a top five pick. This shaped a lot moving forward, especially when you look at their 2018 draft pick. Len had to have surgery on his ankle to repair a stress fracture. He never quite panned out in Phoenix. In that same season, Eric Bledsoe needed surgery to repair meniscus cartilage.

Leandro Barbosa continued his bad injury luck with a fractured hand again in 2014. More Suns followed with Isaiah Thomas needing surgery on his wrist. Len fractured his pinky, while T.J. Warren fractured his right thumb. Brandon Knight had to have surgery on his left ankle, in 2015, and another guard went down with Eric Bledsoe needing surgery to repair a torn meniscus, which was the second time in a few years. T.J. Warren fractured his foot in 2016, and was out for the season.

More woes for Eric Bledsoe continued in 2017, as he had another knee injury and missed the rest of the season. Brandon Knight was in the same boat with a torn ACL, and he is still recovering till this day. Devin Booker, Alan Williams, Josh Jackson, and Elfrid Payton all missed the last month of the season in 2018 with injuries.