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7:00 pm GMT, 10/23

The Chicago Bulls finished the 2018-2019 season with the franchise’s lowest win total since 2001, and they came into this offseason ready to start trending in the right direction. While they didn’t win the Zion Williamson sweepstakes, the Bulls were able to take Coby White with the 7th pick of the 2019 NBA Draft, and the hope is that he will eventually blossom into the starting point guard for the bulls for years to come. In free agency, they were able to add Thaddeus Young and Tomas Satoransky in an effort to balance the young roster with veteran experience.

Pos Name Jersey Rating Ranking Depth Height Weight Age Birthday Exp. College
PG Zach LaVine Zach LaVine Z. LaVine 8
#22 PG 1 6' 5" 200 24 3/10/95 5th season UCLA
PG Kris Dunn Kris Dunn K. Dunn 32
#22 PG 1 6' 4" 205 25 3/18/94 3rd season Providence
PG Tomas Satoransky Tomas Satoransky T. Satoransky 31
#36 PG 2 6' 7" 210 27 10/30/91 3rd season
PG Coby White Coby White C. White 0
2 6' 5" 191 Rookie North Carolina
PG Ryan Arcidiacono Ryan Arcidiacono R. Arcidiacono 51
#86 PG 3 6' 3" 200 25 3/26/94 2nd season Villanova
PG Shaquille Harrison Shaquille Harrison S. Harrison 3
#67 PG 6' 4" 190 26 10/6/93 2nd season Tulsa
PG Walter Lemon Jr. Walter Lemon Jr. W. Lemon Jr. 25
6' 3" 180 27 7/26/92 2nd season Bradley
SG Wayne Selden Wayne Selden W. Selden 14
2 6' 5" 230 25 9/30/94 3rd season Kansas
SG Antonio Blakeney Antonio Blakeney A. Blakeney 9
#73 SG 6' 4" 192 23 10/4/96 2nd season LSU
SG Timothe Luwawu Timothe Luwawu T. Luwawu 7
#72 SG 6' 6" 210 24 5/9/95 3rd season
SG Adam Mokoka Adam Mokoka A. Mokoka 20
6' 5" 210 Rookie
SF Otto Porter Otto Porter O. Porter 22
#8 SF 1 6' 8" 198 26 6/3/93 6th season Georgetown
SF Denzel Valentine Denzel Valentine D. Valentine 45
#43 SF 2 6' 6" 210 25 11/16/93 3rd season Michigan State
SF Chandler Hutchison Chandler Hutchison C. Hutchison 15
#85 SF 3 6' 7" 197 23 4/26/96 Rookie Boise State
PF Lauri Markkanen Lauri Markkanen L. Markkanen 24
#29 PF 1 7' 0" 240 22 5/22/97 2nd season Arizona
PF Thaddeus Young Thaddeus Young T. Young 21
#25 PF 1 6' 8" 221 31 6/21/88 12th season Georgia Tech
PF Wendell Carter Jr. Wendell Carter Jr. W. Carter Jr. 34
#83 PF 2 6' 10" 255 20 4/16/99 Rookie Duke
PF Luke Kornet Luke Kornet L. Kornet 21
#85 PF 3 7' 1" 250 24 7/15/95 2nd season Vanderbilt
PF Sasha Kobets Sasha Kobets S. Kobets
PF Daniel Gafford Daniel Gafford D. Gafford
6' 11" 238 Rookie Arkansas
C Cristiano Da Silva Felicio Cristiano Da Silva Felicio C. D. S. Felicio 6
#76 C 3 6' 10" 265 27 7/7/92 4th season
C Matt Willms Matt Willms M. Willms

2019-2020 Chicago Bulls Roster Top 3 Questions

What kind of impact can Coby White have during his rookie season?

White has size for his position, NBA-caliber athleticism, and lightning fast quickness that should make him a mainstay in the league. He shot a decent 35.3% from beyond the arc in college, and his free throw percentage of 80% is strong indicator that he has the proper form to extend his range in the NBA. That being said, it’s still up in the air as to how much time he will actually see this year, as the Bulls already have last year’s starter Kris Dunn and free agent acquisition Tomas Satoransky as point guards on their roster, so don’t be shocked if head coach Jim Boylen only gives him limited action to start the year. However, if the season gets off to a slow start and winning isn’t as much of a priority, then White will almost assuredly be given the opportunity to play and grow his game.

Will Chicago’s Offense Evolve and Shoot More 3’s?

The Bulls had the third-lowest 3-point attempt rate in the NBA last season despite having quality shooters like Lauri Markkanen, Zach Lavine, and Otto Porter on their roster. In fact, instead of hoisting from long range, the Bulls were one of the more frequent shooters from the mid-range area, the type of shot that has been proven to be the least efficient in the game. The additions of White and Satoransky should help in this area, as both have shown the willingness to let it fly from deep while maintaining a high shooting accuracy. More volume 3-point shooting will also allow Chicago to keep up with the 3-point revolution that has taken over the rest of the NBA, where floor spacing and efficiency has become a priority. This change of mentality could unlock the Bulls offense which has been ranked in the bottom third of the league (29th, 28th, 20th, and 23rd) in each of the past 4 seasons.

Should They Push for the Playoffs?

The Bulls certainly have the talent to challenge for the one of the final spots in the depleted bottom-half of the east… but should they? Tanking for another high draft pick is always an enticing option. Looking ahead, it looks like their next best chance to add a superstar is during the 2021 offseason, where the free agency class is already looking like one of the best we’ve ever seen. In order to be a real contender for one of the top guys, they should look at how the Clippers and Nets were able to reel in stars this summer, as even though those two franchises are considered little brothers to the Lakers and Knicks, their organizational stability and recent success on the court proved to be a more enticing opportunity. If Chicago can position themselves to make a run at the playoffs the next two seasons to show that they are trending in the right direction, that can be the ultimate difference as to whether they can get a star in the future.