The Bulls have been stockpiling young names in hopes one would rise to the occasion. Zach LaVine is the main star on this team and the main threat on the offensive side. We haven't seen Wendell Carter and Lauri Markkenen healthy enough to decide on where they stand for the future. The trade for Otto Porter has been a bust as he is another name who hasn't stayed healthy. The name to watch here is Coby White who has flashed big upside in the second half of the season. Chicago still has names like Kris Dunn and Thaddeus Young who play their part.

Pos Name Jersey Rating Ranking Depth Height Weight Age Birthday Exp. College
PG Coby White
Coby White C. White
#21 PG 1 6' 4" 195 20 2/16/00 2nd season North Carolina
PG Tomas Satoransky
Tomas Satoransky T. Satoransky
#65 PG 2 6' 7" 210 29 10/30/91 5th season
PG Ryan Arcidiacono
Ryan Arcidiacono R. Arcidiacono
#79 PG 3 6' 3" 195 26 3/26/94 4th season Villanova
PG Devon Dotson
Devon Dotson D. Dotson
5 6' 2" 185 21 8/2/99 Rookie Kansas
SG Zach LaVine
Zach LaVine Z. LaVine
#14 SG 1 6' 6" 200 25 3/10/95 7th season UCLA
SG Garrett Temple
Garrett Temple G. Temple
#103 SG 2 6' 5" 195 34 5/8/86 11th season LSU
SG Adam Mokoka
Adam Mokoka A. Mokoka
#68 SG 3 6' 5" 190 22 7/18/98 2nd season
SF Patrick Williams
Patrick Williams P. Williams
1 6' 8" 215 19 8/26/01 Rookie Florida State
SF Denzel Valentine
Denzel Valentine D. Valentine
#28 SF 2 6' 4" 220 27 11/16/93 5th season Michigan State
SF Troy Brown Jr.
Troy Brown Jr. T. Brown Jr.
#39 SF 3 6' 6" 215 21 7/28/99 3rd season Oregon
PF Lauri Markkanen
Lauri Markkanen L. Markkanen
#30 PF 2 7' 0" 240 23 5/22/97 4th season Arizona
PF Thaddeus Young
Thaddeus Young T. Young
#39 PF 2 6' 8" 235 32 6/21/88 14th season Georgia Tech
PF Al-Farouq Aminu
Al-Farouq Aminu A. Aminu
#34 PF 3 6' 8" 220 30 9/21/90 11th season Wake Forest
PF Javonte Green
Javonte Green J. Green
#53 PF 4 6' 4" 205 27 7/23/93 2nd season Radford
C Nikola Vucevic
Nikola Vucevic N. Vucevic
#14 C 1 6' 11" 260 30 10/24/90 10th season USC
C Daniel Theis
Daniel Theis D. Theis
#44 C 1 6' 8" 245 28 4/4/92 4th season
C Cristiano Felicio
Cristiano Felicio C. Felicio
#94 C 3 6' 10" 270 28 7/7/92 6th season

2021 Chicago Bulls Roster Top Questions


The Chicago Bears went backward last year as some of it was bound to happen with how well their defense played. Chicago has had an issue with their quarterback play for a while now, but Mitch Trubisky struggled again last season and has been a major bust as the second overall pick from the 2017 draft. They traded for Nick Foles to bring in some competition and potentially another starter. Chicago has a pretty solid running back duo with Tarik Cohen and David Montgomery. Allen Robinson and Anthony Miller are the better of the wide receivers, and they have a deep roster of names who have gotten older or struggled in their career. If Miller or Robinson goes down, it will be tough to replace. Needing a tight end, Chicago oddly signed Jimmy Graham and then drafted Cole Kmet in the second round.

How Much Are The Bears Worth?

The Chicago Bears are worth $3.45 billion based on 2019 numbers and had a 19% value change from last season. They also have some of the lowest debt in the NFL. Chicago ranks 6th in the NFL in value.

Who Owns The Bears?

Virginia Halas McCaskey is the owner of the Chicago Bears and acquired the team way back in 1983. She is the daughter of the old Bears head coach and owner, George Halas. She took over the team after his death.

Who Is The Bears Head Coach?

Matt Nagy is the Chicago Bears head coach and has won 20 games during his first two seasons and led them to an NFC North title. However, Nagy has struggled in his second season and is on the hot seat heading into 2020.

What Is The Bears Salary Cap?

The Chicago Bears have a salary cap of $212,525,142 for the 2020 season. Luckily they were able to get out of most of Nick Foles contract as they would have taken a big hit. They have $11,742,403 in dead salary cap space.

Who Did The Bears Recently Sign?

Chicago made some big moves in the offseason as they brought in Robert Quinn on a big five-year deal worth $70,000,000. They also signed Jimmy Graham for a two-year deal, at $16,000,000 over the next two seasons.

Who Is The Highest Paid Bears Player?

Khalil Mack is the highest-paid Chicago Bears player with a cap hit of $26,600,000 for the upcoming season. Mack takes up 12% of the cap space in Chicago, which is well worth it as one of the top defensive players.

Who Are The Bears Running Backs?

David Montgomery is the Bears top running back, and Tarik Cohen is their receiving back. The two have the most snaps on the roster. The depth is a bit weak as they have Artavis Pierce, Napoleon Maxwell, and Ryan Nall as their backups.

Betting on the Bulls

Illinois officially became a sports betting state in early March, though it wasn't the best time to join the party. The COVID-19 pandemic shut down most of the sports world, as well as casinos and sportsbooks, making betting nearly impossible. It was made even more difficult by the fact that mobile sports betting wasn't legal in the state as of yet.

As the year has gone on, mobile sports betting became legal in the state, bringing in some of the biggest names in the sports betting industry. There are now five mobile sportsbook apps available in Illinois, giving bettors plenty to choose from for their mobile betting needs.

The NBA finished up its 2019-20 season in Orlando, but one of the league's most recognizable teams -- the Chicago Bulls -- wasn't a part of the get-together. Still, thanks to the glory days of Michael Jordan and six NBA titles, the Bulls are a big name in Illinois and will certainly be a popular team to bet on once the NBA begins its 2020-21 campaign.

PointsBet Illinois

One place to bet on the Bulls will be the PointsBet Illinois app. PointsBet got into the Illinois market by partnering with Hawthorne Race Course and is already offering mobile sports betting to the state. The hope is that once the Bulls' season begins, there will be several retail locations available for bettors.

PointsBet is known for its Pointsbetting as well as special promotions focused around local teams, so you can bet it will be offering special promotions involving the Bulls. Teams like the Philadelphia 76ers and Indiana Pacers have been the subjects of promotions on PointsBet in their respective states.

The Australian-based PointsBet has found a lot of success in the United States with its fun promotions targeting local bettors.

DraftKings Illinois

In early August, DraftKings Illinois launched its mobile app, enabling bettors in the state to put some money down with one of the most popular sportsbooks in the betting world. DraftKings entered the state thanks to a partnership with the Casino Queen casino in East St. Louis.

One thing DraftKings has been doing is partnering with teams, as it already has with Major League Baseball's Chicago Cubs. It's very possible that DraftKings could look into forging a partnership with the Bulls as well, though only time will tell.

FanDuel Illinois

While Chicago is the biggest market when it comes to having sports teams, the central part of the state is also very rabid about sports betting. That's where FanDuel Illinois comes in, as it partnered with the Par-A-Dice Casino in East Peoria, Ill., to launch its mobile app in the state.

The Peoria area is filled with fans of the Bulls, as well as the other Chicago-based professional sports franchises, so the partnership with the Par-A-Dice should set up FanDuel very well. FanDuel is expecting a lot of action on the Bulls when they return to the court.

FanDuel Illinois will be looking to partner with a professional sports team in Illinois, and that could see them trying to explore a deal with the Bulls.

William Hill Illinois

William Hill Illinois launched its retail sports betting on Aug. 3, with the mobile sports betting arm coming in late September. This brought the number of mobile sports betting apps in the state to five.

Thanks to their success in the 1990s, the Chicago Bulls are popular in other parts of the world outside of the United States, which could help William Hill become a huge betting option for Illinois residents. One of the biggest bookmakers in the world is William Hill, and it is bringing that experience to the Illinois sports betting industry.

William Hill Illinois is trying to catch up to the operators that launched before it did, so putting together some promotions or special bets centered around the Chicago Bulls could make that a possibility.

While the return of the NBA in the fall helped spark some more betting, for Illinois residents, the real draw for the league will be when the Bulls return to action. Look for an increase in betting on professional basketball once the Bulls hit the court once again, and Illinois bettors can lay some money down on their favorite team.