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8:00 pm GMT, 10/24

Daryl Morey has never been one to shy away from taking risks, and he proved that this offseason with his acquisition of Russell Westbrook. After a reported disputed between Chris Paul and James Harden, Paul getting shipped out was a likely possibility. Still, no one saw Russell Westbrook being the guy they would get back in the trade. The Houston Rockets are aware that the west is very much up for grabs for the first time in years and are taking advantage of that. They’ve essentially decided to run it back, with the only difference being the substitution of Paul for Westbrook. If this really is the year the Rockets break through, they'll need clarity about these questions.

Pos Name Jersey Rating Ranking Depth Height Weight Age Birthday Exp. College
PG James Harden James Harden J. Harden 13
#1 PG 1 6' 5" 220 30 8/26/89 10th season Arizona State
PG Russell Westbrook Russell Westbrook R. Westbrook 0
#2 PG 1 6' 3" 200 30 11/12/88 11th season UCLA
PG Austin Rivers Austin Rivers A. Rivers 25
#31 PG 2 6' 4" 200 27 8/1/92 7th season Duke
PG Chris Chiozza Chris Chiozza C. Chiozza 2
3 6' 0" 175 23 11/21/95 Rookie Florida
PG Alessandro Gentile Alessandro Gentile A. Gentile
SG Eric Gordon Eric Gordon E. Gordon 10
#18 SG 1 6' 4" 215 30 12/25/88 11th season Indiana
SG Gerald Green Gerald Green G. Green 14
#26 SG 2 6' 7" 205 33 1/26/86 12th season
SG Iman Shumpert Iman Shumpert I. Shumpert 1
#69 SG 2 6' 5" 215 29 6/26/90 8th season Georgia Tech
SG Michael Frazier II Michael Frazier II M. F. II 21
3 6' 4" 200 Rookie Florida
SF P.J. Tucker P.J. Tucker P. Tucker 17
#42 SF 1 6' 6" 245 34 5/5/85 8th season Texas
SF Vincent Edwards Vincent Edwards V. Edwards 12
3 6' 8" 225 23 4/5/96 Rookie Purdue
PF Kenneth Faried Kenneth Faried K. Faried 35
#23 PF 2 6' 8" 220 29 11/19/89 8th season Morehead State
PF Gary Clark Gary Clark G. Clark 6
2 6' 8" 225 24 11/16/94 Rookie Cincinnati
PF Isaiah Hartenstein Isaiah Hartenstein I. Hartenstein 55
3 7' 0" 249 21 5/5/98 Rookie
PF Maarty Leunen Maarty Leunen M. Leunen
6' 9" 220 34 9/3/85 Rookie Oregon
C Clint Capela Clint Capela C. Capela 15
#8 C 1 6' 10" 240 25 5/18/94 5th season
C Tyson Chandler Tyson Chandler T. Chandler 5
#58 C 3 7' 1" 240 37 10/2/82 18th season
C Nene Hilario Nene Hilario N. Hilario 42
#34 C 3 6' 11" 250 37 9/13/82 17th season
C Deyonta Davis Deyonta Davis D. Davis 4
6' 11" 237 22 12/2/96 3rd season Michigan State

2019-2020 Top Houston Rockets Roster Questions

Will the Road to the Finals be Easier or Harder?

With the Warriors dynasty finally on hold, it feels like the western conference is finally open for others. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be easier to get to the finals, however. While it’s true that there won’t be one singular team that’s as hard to beat as the Warriors were, the overall quality of the conference has gone up. There are several new contenders to take the Warriors place, all with convincing cases of their own. Right now, the west is projected to be an absolute gauntlet, and there will at least be a couple very good team that won’t even make it to the second round. The Lakers, Clippers, Jazz, Nuggets, Rockets, Blazers, and even the Warriors still all believe they’re the ones who’ll make it out of the west. The Rockets may not have a singular series that’s as difficult as their battles with the Warriors have been, but even the first round will prove much more challenging than it’s been in years past. The West will be a bloodbath, and the Rockets can’t expect to have any easy series in the playoffs.

How Much Confidence Does the Rockets Front Office Have in Mike D’Antoni?

Mike D’Antoni has proven himself to be a very good coach, but whether he’s championship worthy is another question. Despite a lot of wins and regular season success, he’s always fallen just short in the playoffs. To be fair to him, he’s had some rotten luck and been a victim of poor circumstances. Still, at the end of the day he hasn’t even made the finals once. Fair or not, this has probably led to some doubts and uneasiness in the Rockets front office. The fact that the Rockets and D’Antoni have yet to come to an agreement over a contract extension is worrisome. D’Antoni is expected to come back and coach the Rockets this season, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s the one they scapegoat and fire if the Rockets underwhelm.

Does Russell Westbrook Fit in the Rocket’s System?

Perhaps the biggest question for the Rockets is how well Westbrook can adapt to the Rocket’s style of play. By pure analytics, Westbrook would seem to be a poor fit, as his below average 3-point percentage would seem to run counter to the Rocket’s mantra of letting it fly from deep. Still, there are things to consider beyond the 3-ball. Most importantly is how well Harden and Westbrook can co-exist as dual ball handlers. Harden and Paul were an imperfect fit together, and Westbrook could be even more difficult to integrate. On the flip side, the Rockets still won a lot of games with Paul and Harden, and unlike Paul, Westbrook and Harden are very close friends. The positive relationship Harden and Westbrook have off the court, as well as their overwhelming talent, could end up mattering more than their fit on the court. The Rockets might have to shift their identity a little bit to incorporate Westbrook, but that’s a price they should be willing to pay for a talent like Westbrook.