Utah Jazz Roster 2019 Jazz Roster

0-0, T-1st in West Northwest

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Nobody expected the Utah Jazz to perform as they did last season after losing Gordon Hayward to free agency. Yet the Jazz returned to the playoffs and have a bright future ahead of them. If they were in the Eastern Conference, the Jazz would be talked about as a contender to make the NBA Finals. Unfortunately for Utah, they play in the loaded Western Conference which limits the team’s upside no matter how stacked they are. The Jazz combine deadly outside shooting with the defensive prowess of Rudy Gobert. The Jazz have an intimidating amount of size on their roster and have always been known as defensive stalwarts. Now, the Jazz have struck gold in the draft, adding Donovan Mitchell to the mix. With a well-rounded roster that has very few weaknesses, the Jazz will be perhaps the best team in the Western Conference not named the Rockets or Warriors.

Pos Name Jersey Rating Ranking Depth Height Weight Age Birthday Exp. College
PG Ricky Rubio Ricky Rubio R. Rubio 3
#24 PG 1 6' 4" 190 27 10/21/90 8th season
PG Dante Exum Dante Exum D. Exum 11
#46 PG 2 6' 6" 190 23 7/13/95 4th season
PG Raul Neto Raul Neto R. Neto 25
#52 PG 3 6' 1" 179 26 5/19/92 4th season
PG Thomas Wilder Thomas Wilder T. Wilder
SG Donovan Mitchell Donovan Mitchell D. Mitchell 45
#6 SG 1 6' 3" 215 22 9/7/96 2nd season Louisville
SG Kyle Korver Kyle Korver K. Korver 26
#34 SG 2 6' 7" 212 37 3/17/81 16th season Creighton
SG Grayson Allen Grayson Allen G. Allen 24
#80 SG 3 6' 5" 198 23 10/8/95 Rookie Duke
SG Nazareth Mitrou-Long Nazareth Mitrou-Long N. Mitrou-Long 30
6' 4" 218 25 8/3/93 2nd season Iowa State
SF Joe Ingles Joe Ingles J. Ingles 2
#10 SF 1 6' 8" 226 31 10/2/87 5th season
SF Royce O'Neale Royce O'Neale R. O'Neale 23
#48 SF 2 6' 6" 226 25 6/5/93 2nd season Baylor
SF Thabo Sefolosha Thabo Sefolosha T. Sefolosha 22
#45 SF 3 6' 7" 220 34 5/2/84 13th season
SF Georges Niang Georges Niang G. Niang 31
#82 SF 3 6' 8" 230 25 6/17/93 3rd season Iowa State
PF Derrick Favors Derrick Favors D. Favors 15
#20 PF 1 6' 10" 265 27 7/15/91 9th season Georgia Tech
PF Jae Crowder Jae Crowder J. Crowder 99
#55 PF 2 6' 6" 235 28 7/6/90 7th season Marquette
PF Tyler Cavanaugh Tyler Cavanaugh T. Cavanaugh 34
3 6' 9" 238 24 2/9/94 2nd season George Washington
PF Kelan Martin Kelan Martin K. Martin
C Rudy Gobert Rudy Gobert R. Gobert 27
#6 C 1 7' 1" 245 26 6/26/92 6th season
C Ekpe Udoh Ekpe Udoh E. Udoh 33
#32 C 2 6' 10" 245 31 5/20/87 7th season Baylor
C Tony Bradley Tony Bradley T. Bradley 13
#79 C 6' 10" 248 20 1/8/98 2nd season North Carolina

Utah Jazz Roster Top 3 Questions

Utah was a very impressive team this season, and caught the West unexpected. It started with Donovan Mitchell, who is in the running for rookie of the year. Mitchell had one heck of a season, and is the guy moving forward. Ricky Rubio was in his first year with Utah, putting up a solid season. Rubio is a temporary guy for a few seasons, as Dante Exum has yet to be the guy they intended when drafted. Alec Burks ended up being a bench guy, as Rodney Hood battled illnesses but also was shipped to the Cavaliers. They received Jae Crowder in return, and this was something the Jazz needed. Crowder is a strong wing defender, and partnered very well with Joe Ingles who is a three point machine. Royce O’Neale was given minutes this year when guys were injured, he is an interesting name to keep an eye on moving forward.

Who is the X-Factor?

Aside from Mitchell and Gobert, the Jazz have Joe Ingles who is poised to take the next step forward as a “3 and D” player. Ingles is a late bloomer, having finally achieved his potential past the age of thirty. Ingles became a starter last season and really came into his own after the All-Star break. He has blossomed into one of the best three-point shooting small forwards in the league. Ingles’ offensive usage has gone up in every season in the league, and it promises to further increase this season. Ingles also distributes the ball from the three position. Ingles has played as a relative unknown for most of his career, but that is about to change. His versatility on defense will keep him on the floor.

Can Dante Exum Ever Contribute?

Exum came into the league with unlimited potential several years ago, but his career has been sidetracked by numerous injuries that have limited him to 162 games in four seasons. It is still important to remember that Exum is only 23 years old. If the serious injuries have not derailed him for the long-term, there is still plenty of time for Exum to make good on his promise. Exum will back up Ricky Rubio, who has a reputation of being injury prone himself. While Exum will not displace Rubio, any contribution that Exum can make off of the bench is a bonus.

Will Gobert’s Offense Evolve?

Gobert entered this league as the “Stifle Tower,” known for protecting the rim. Gobert’s value to the team was immense, even when he was a defense-first player who rarely shot the ball. Gobert still rarely shoots the ball, but when he does, he seldom misses. While Gobert’s efficiency will suffer the more he shoots, the Jazz would be well-served to get the ball into Gobert’s hands an extra time or two each game. Gobert’s contributions in the post can only help open up the perimeter for Mitchell and Ingles. Some extra usage of Gobert in the pick-and-roll will make the Jazz’s offense that much scarier for opponents.