Utah Jazz Roster 2020 Jazz Roster

0-0, NaN in West Northwest

vs OKC

9:00 pm GMT, 10/23

After being bounced from the playoffs by the Houston Rockets for the second consecutive year, it appears that the Utah Jazz were not willing to just stand pat. Reluctant to run it back with the same roster yet again, the Jazz were able to get Mike Conley from the Memphis Grizzlies in a clear win-now move that gives Utah one of the best backcourt duos in the league when pairing Conley with young star guard Donovan Mitchell. But the Jazz weren’t done yet, as they were also able to sign free agent Bojan Bogdanovic who will be able to give Utah the offensive power to keep up with the lethal offenses that reside in the west. Combine that with a consistently great defense anchored by Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert, and the Jazz have put together a roster with championship potential.

Pos Name Jersey Rating Ranking Depth Height Weight Age Birthday Exp. College
PG Mike Conley Mike Conley M. Conley 11
#9 PG 1 6' 0" 174 32 10/11/87 13th season Ohio State
PG Emmanuel Mudiay Emmanuel Mudiay E. Mudiay 1
#50 PG 1 6' 5" 198 23 3/5/96 5th season
PG Dante Exum Dante Exum D. Exum 11
#46 PG 2 6' 5" 189 24 7/13/95 5th season
PG Darnell Edge Darnell Edge D. Edge
PG Justin Wright-Foreman Justin Wright-Foreman J. Wright-Foreman 0
6' 2" 190 Rookie Hofstra
PG Tre'shaun Fletcher Tre'shaun Fletcher T. Fletcher
PG Thomas Wilder Thomas Wilder T. Wilder
SG Donovan Mitchell Donovan Mitchell D. Mitchell 45
#6 SG 1 6' 2" 213 23 9/7/96 3rd season Louisville
SF Bojan Bogdanovic Bojan Bogdanovic B. Bogdanovic 44
#17 SF 1 6' 7" 213 30 4/18/89 6th season
SF Jeff Green Jeff Green J. Green 32
#21 SF 1 6' 9" 233 33 8/28/86 12th season Georgetown
SF Joe Ingles Joe Ingles J. Ingles 2
#10 SF 1 6' 7" 224 32 10/2/87 6th season
SF Royce O'Neale Royce O'Neale R. O'Neale 23
#48 SF 2 6' 5" 224 26 6/5/93 3rd season Baylor
SF Kyle Collinsworth Kyle Collinsworth K. Collinsworth 8
6' 5" 209 28 10/3/91 2nd season BYU
PF Georges Niang Georges Niang G. Niang 31
#82 PF 6' 7" 229 26 6/17/93 4th season Iowa State
PF Kelan Martin Kelan Martin K. Martin
PF Tanner Mcgrew Tanner Mcgrew T. Mcgrew
PF Juwan Morgan Juwan Morgan J. Morgan
C Rudy Gobert Rudy Gobert R. Gobert 27
#6 C 1 7' 1" 244 27 6/26/92 7th season
C Ed Davis Ed Davis E. Davis 17
#43 C 2 6' 9" 224 30 6/5/89 10th season UNC
C Tony Bradley Tony Bradley T. Bradley 13
#79 C 6' 9" 246 21 1/8/98 3rd season UNC
C Josh Sharma Josh Sharma J. Sharma
Jarrell Brantley Jarrell Brantley J. Brantley
6' 7" 253 23 6/7/96 Rookie College of Charleston
Miye Oni Miye Oni M. Oni
6' 5" 209 22 8/4/97 Rookie Yale
William Howard William Howard W. Howard
6' 7" 202 25 10/25/93 Rookie
Stanton Kidd Stanton Kidd S. Kidd
6' 7" 224 27 3/18/92 Rookie

2019-2020 Utah Jazz Roster Top 3 Questions

How Will the Conley/Mitchell Tandem Work?

If everything plays out right, Mike Conley and Donovan Mitchell could prove to be perfect compliments for one another. Each have proven to be elite with the ball in their hands when it comes to both scoring and playmaking, but now they will both have the chance to play off the ball as well. They will also be lethal on the defensive end as well, as Conley is coming off of a year which he led the Grizzlies to be a top 10 defense and Mitchell played a key role in Utah’s 2nd place defense a year ago. That being said, this combination should put these two players in a position where they will be able to show off up each other’s overall game, making Utah very dangerous.

What Does the Bogdanovic Addition Mean?

By picking up Bojan Bogdanovic in free agency, the Jazz are adding a 42.5% 3-point shooter to an offense that has been just average in recent years. He will be a massive upgrade over former starting forward Jae Crowder, who only shot 33.1% last year. Additionally, Bogdanovic will have more room to operate than ever before with Conley, Mitchell, and lethal shooter Joe Ingles all sharing the floor in an offense that is poised to be the best Utah has had in a very long time. And by locking him up for the next four years, Bojan will surely be fixture in the Jazz lineup for the foreseeable future.

Will They Have Enough Depth?

While Utah certainly let go of key role players such as Crowder, Ricky Rubio, and Derrick Favors in order to make room for their summer acquisitions, they did well by finding some diamonds in the rough to give the roster some quality depth. Ed Davis had an elite rebounding season last year, gathering 25.2% of available rebounds when he was on the court, which was one of the top rates in the league. They also utilized some additional cap space to bring on Jeff Green and Emmanuel Mudiay, two players with size for their position that will provide length on the defensive end and additional veteran experience to the overall roster.