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2023 Cowboys Injury News

Top Injuries To Impact Cowboys 2020 Season

Travis Frederick - Travis Frederick is suffering from Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which is a scary illness that is a respiratory illness but can cause paralysis within the limbs. Frederick is one of the better centers in the game, and was drafted in the first round back in 2013. Joe Looney is going to be the one filling in for him, although Dallas will likely miss him quite a bit. Doctors do believe they caught the illness early enough for him to make a full recovery. Right now there is no timetable for Frederick to return, and it would be a shock to see him return even within the first half of the season.

Parker Ehinger - Dallas continues to add depth to their already strong offensive line, and of course they have been a good fortune of health. They brought in Patrick Ehinger from the Kansas City Chiefs, after he injured his knee. He is eligible to return after Week 8, but that is not a given at this point. Ehinger was not going to jump into any starting job, but he was going to be a quality backup piece that could replace one of the starters if something was to happen to any of them.

Xavier Woods - Xavier Woods is not a household name, but is a cornerback that added some depth to the Dallas Cowboys roster. They were in desperate need of names stepping up as they came into 2018 with one of the worst projected defenses. Woods suffered a hamstring injury in camp, which leads him to miss the first few weeks of the season, and hamstring injuries can flare up or keep people out for an extended time. Woods was diagnosed with a pretty severe strain, which puts the first six games or so in doubt. They will have an odd bunch of names in the secondary this year.

Top 5 Injuries in Cowboys Franchise History

Dallas is a rich organization, and injuries have come upon some big names. Tony Romo stands out as one of the more recent names, mainly given his back and collarbone problems. He missed significant time for both, and the back injury led him to never be quite right. Dallas had some potential in the seasons Romo played, but had to resort to poor backup play which didn’t get them very far. Dez Bryant was another one who went down, and had knee and ankle surgery a few years ago. Bryant’s face has been a bit slower since, which could be the cause of his fall in the NFL over the last few years. Sean Lee, when healthy, is one of the better linebackers in the NFL, but the problem has been his health. He continues to suffer injuries, and while he is still playing today, the injury report continues to feature his name. Orlando Scandrick had two fractures in his back in 2017, which caused him to miss plenty of time. Scrandrick was a subpar corner for the Cowboys, and is still trying to fight for spots around the NFL right now.