O = Out
D = Doubtful
Q = Questionable
P = Probable
Reported Name Body Part Pos Rating Injury Notes
12/30/23 Drew Ogletree
Personal TE
Ogletree is involved in domestic violence allegations and has been placed on the commissioner exempt list.

2023 Colts Injury News

Top Injuries To Impact Colts 2020 Season

Marlon Mack - Marlon Mack had a hamstring injury limit his preseason, and start to the year. Mack had a poor rookie season, and with Frank Gore gone he is looking to get a jump on the lead role. Indy has not had a successful rushing attack in quite some time. With a few backs drafted and no incoming free agents, they will need to step up if Mack’s injury leads to extended absence. Wilkins will likely be the guy to have a first crack, although Nyheim Hines has been getting a lot of love in the passing game.

Anthony Castonzo - Anthony Castanzo is going to miss some time to begin the year with a hamstring injury. Castonzo was one of the better lineman for Indy, although the surrounding help did not do its job. Adding lineman in the draft, the line was solidified a bit, although now with Castonzo down, they are back where they were last season. Le’Raven Clark will fill in in the meantime. With Andrew Luck returning from a major injury, you do not want to put his health on the line.

Deon Cain - Deon Cain wasn’t going to make a huge impact early on in the season, but he is an athletic wideout that was going to challenge for a WR3 role on this team, and also give them a speedy deep threat. Tearing his ACL in the preseason will not allow this to happen now, and after Ryan Grant there is not much depth on this Colts side. Chester Roger will likely hang onto WR3 role, but expect Indy to run more two tight end sets to hide their lack of depth.

Top 5 Injuries in Colts Franchise History

The Indianapolis Colts have gone through some terrible quarterback injuries over the last few seasons. Peyton Manning had the neck injury which led the Colts to getting Andrew Luck. This forced Manning out to Denver where he won another Super Bowl. Manning had to get fusions within his neck, and you saw the arm strength really take a drop. Luck had a few years in the league, and then suffering through a very bad offensive line, he was knocked out a year with a collarbone issue. Luck’s career was even put in doubt, but he is currently back starting with the team at full health. There was a chance that Indy would have been looking at trying to land another franchise quarterback after thinking they had theirs. Robert Mathis was one of the more lethal pass-rushers in his prime, and the Achilles injury set him back quite a bit later in his career. He also had bicep injuries, so the old body of Mathis really broke down towards the end of his career. Vick Ballard was smashed in between some good running backs, and injuries eventually worn him down. He tore his ACL and later had hamstring issues that caused him to retire. Austin Collie was another wideout that Indy drafted underneath the noses of others. Collie had concussion problems, which led to an early retirement.