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2022 Chiefs Injury News

Top Injuries To Impact The Chiefs 2020 Season

Eric Berry - Eric Berry has opened the season missing a few games, and the heel is to blame. Eric Berry is one of the few parts of this defense you actually want on the field. Berry can mask a bad secondary, which the Chiefs have, at times. If Berry’s injury lingers on for more than a few weeks, you are already looking at a depreciated defense get much worse. Keep an eye on Berry’s status, opposing teams should be able to pass with ease against them.

Daniel Sorensen - Daniel Sorensen is dealing with a knee issues, and is going to miss the first six weeks of the season. He was a bit of a late bloomer, and has just recently signed a deal for four years. Sorensen is more of a depth piece, and also will be used on the special teams side of things. With Berry being banged up to start the year, that safety depth is very thin, and Sorensen will look to come back after Week 8.

Top 5 Injuries in Chiefs Franchise History

Eric Berry has been through everything. Berry came back to the NFL after beating cancer, but has also endured going through a torn ACL. Berry is still playing in the NFL today after all of that, and is one of the more talented defensive players in the NFL. Christian Okoye is one of the most notable names for the Chiefs. He was born in NIgeria, and played a dominating fullback position. He was also said to be one of the nicest people you’d meet. After his rookie season, Okoye started to develop injury problems. It started with a thumb injury in his sophomore season, and then the knee injuries eventually led to him retiring. He had multiple surgeries on each knee, but his last play in the NFL was an eight-yard touchdown. His best year came in 1989, where he had nearly 1,500 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns. He had another 1,000 yard season later on in 1991. Joe Montana isn’t known for his days in Kansas City, but he did suffer a major foot injury that led him to take a seat for most of the season. Priest Holmes struggled with injuries, and ones that were scary in the football nature. Holmes had neck and head injuries, which led him to retire early. When Holmes was healthy, he was a dominant Chiefs running back, which they seemed to have a string of them in the 2000’s. Jamaal Charles was part of that string, and back in 2016 he tore a ligament in his knee. Charles never quite recovered from this injury, and Kansas City sent him out to Denver where he eventually was released after a season or two. The Chiefs have had some bad injury luck in their franchise, but have also had a lot of depth to cover these things. More recent Spencer Ware and Justin Houston went down, but they didn’t skip a beat. This can separate the good from the average when they are able to handle these injury scenarios.