O = Out
D = Doubtful
Q = Questionable
P = Probable
Reported Name Body Part Pos Rating Injury Notes
10/16/23 Raheem Layne
Knee S
Layne is recovering from a torn ACL and is expected to miss the start of the 2024-2025 season.

2023 Chargers Injury News

Top Injuries To Impact Chargers 2020 Season

Jason Verrett - The Chargers curse continues, as Jason Verrett tore his Achilles during preseason. The Chargers depth at corner is very good, so it won’t be that bad of a hit to their roster, but still a noteworthy one. You have to hope that Verrett can rebound, because many athletes come back with less explosiveness from these types of injuries. The Chargers defense can’t afford any more injuries to the front seven or the secondary, otherwise they risk dropping down a tier when you look at the league as a whole.

Hunter Henry - We have been waiting for Hunter Henry to emerge, and it finally happened with Antonio Gates’ retirement. Henry was primed for a big year as the starter, but tore his ACL before the season started. Henry has been making big strides, and while it is highly unlikely, Henry is ahead of schedule to at least put a question mark on returning this season. Still at a young age with a bright future, the Chargers will likely not rush him back risking him even more.

Joey Bosa - Just a few days before the season started, Joey Bosa was in a walking boot. While the injury didn’t seem that serious at first, there are now talks of surgery, but at the moment he is ruled out until October. This would be a big blow for the Chargers defense if he is indeed out for about half the season or longer. Bosa has been one of the more dominating threats when healthy, and pairs well with an already really good front seven.

Top 5 Injuries in Chargers Franchise History

Where do we even begin with the Chargers. They have been a team riddled with injuries in their history. You can look at the more recent injuries and find a ton. Keenan Allen tore his ACL and also had a shoulder injury that led him to miss two full seasons. Allen was deemed injury prone, which I guess you can say is true, but when healthy he is one of the better wideouts in the game. It was a rough time for Danny Woodhead in San Diego, where he tore his hamstring, but also tore his ACL. Woodhead didn’t quite look the same since, and eventually went onto Baltimore to try and get his career back on track. Ryan Leaf had a tough NFL career, and it didn’t last long. Injury-wise, he had a shoulder injury right after he was drafted. He also went on to have surgery on the same shoulder. You might be able to look back at Leaf’s career and wonder what he would have been if healthy, but personal issues were definitely a factor in his short career. Of course you have had many injuries to various players recently, and you have to wonder if there really is some curse of some sort. Manti Te’o was a more recent defensive player to go down, and his Achilles gave out in a game back in 2016. Te’o is no longer with the team.