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4-13, 4th AFC East

NYJ 17 @ NE 3


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2023 Patriots Injury News

Top Injuries To Impact Patriots 2020 Season

Sony Michel - It was a pretty big surprise for the Patriots to draft Sony Michel but they did. Michel is dealing with some cleanup surgery aftermath, and they do have plenty of running backs to fill in, but Dion Lewis their best one last season went to Tennessee. Michel has yet to make an impact, and if he can get fully healthy it is still not a guarantee with New England continuing to run a heavy back committee.

Jeremy Hill - There was a chance that Jeremy Hill could make a difference within the New England rotation, but those dreams came to a close real quick. Hill tore his ACL Week 1, and this leaves Rex Burkhead and James White to be the main backs at the moment. Both have their own roles within the team, and that can make things frustrating if you are looking to them for fantasy production.

Marcus Cannon - New England does not have a great line, which is a concern with a quarterback over the age of 40 and not a ton of talent at the skill positions these days. Marcus Cannon has been dealing with calf injuries, and going on and off. If Cannon can’t get back to 100%, New England will likely look to some other options at least for the depth.

Top 5 Injuries in Patriots Franchise History

What can slow down this franchise? Nothing really, even when a player goes down, they manage to keep on going. Drew Bledsoe went down in a game against the Jets, which led to Tom Brady taking over and eventually keeping the starting job up until today. If Bledsoe didn’t end up injured, this is always an interesting alternative history piece if you really think of it. Tom Brady tore his ACL early on back in 2008, and the Patriots just had Matt Cassel come in and lead them. The system the Patriots run just allows most quarterbacks to come in and perform well, and back then the Patriots had plenty of weapons to surround themselves with. Julian Edelman also tore his ACL back in 2017 against Detroit in the preseason, this led to Kevin Hogan breaking out, and everyone else just picks up where you’d expect. The term next man up really does apply for New England, showing anyone is replaceable there. Rob Gronkowski has also been prone to injuries, despite being the best tight end in the league. Gronk has missed over 20 games in five seasons with New England, and needed surgery on his knee back in 2014. He has also gone through some concussions and back injuries during his career, which always put him in doubt each year. Steven Ridley had a rough year with New England, tearing his ACL. With New England always carrying multiple backs capable of starting, these injuries can lead you out of town, which that is the case with Ridley where his time ran out in New England. You can really tell the Patriots are far and above the rest of the league with how they manage depth within their organize.