2022 Steelers Injury News

Top Injuries To Impact The Steelers 2020 Season

David DeCastro - David DeCastro broke his hand early on in the season, and this is a big loss, although DeCastro might be willing to play through it. With a lot of big question marks surrounding the Steelers right now, DeCastro would be a big blow if he can’t at least return rather quickly or play through the injury. He is one of the better guards in the game right now, and a big part of this Steelers offense.

Le’Veon Bell - Not injury related, but the contract dispute has now gone on into the season. This leaves James Conner as their starting back, but now things are taking a much bigger turn in the locker room with Antonio Brown having some issues. Bell has not reported to the team, and now it is a week-to-week thing to see if he returns. The issue is going to be if he is in shape when or if he returns to the Steelers. Bell has already had two major injuries, and is getting up there in age for a running back.

Top 5 Injuries in Steelers Franchise History

When Le’Veon Bell isn’t being franchise tagged or holding out, he has been a dominant running back for the Steelers out of Michigan State. Bell has had a major injury, tearing his MCL back in 2015. Bell is currently holding out now, which might as well be an injury given he is off the field and the Steelers are trying to make do without him. Ryan Shazier had a life changing injury, and there were doubts if he would ever be able to walk again. There is no doubt he was done for the season, but there were bigger question marks about his life from here on out. Shazier ended up being able to walk, which was somewhat of a miracle given the injury. He still dreams of playing football, but it is highly unlikely we see that happen from. He currently works for Pittsburgh, and stays around the game. Cam Heyward was a sneaky good part of the Pittsburgh defense during his time, but hamstring injuries derailed his 2016 season, and then he had a torn pectoral muscle later on. 2016 was a lost season for Heyward, but he worked his way back and still plays in the NFL today. Maurkice Pouncey is one of the better offensive lineman in the game today, but the year back in 2013 was a rough one. It was Week 1 when David DeCastro fell into Pouncey’s leg, tearing his ACL and MCL. He signed an extension with Pittsburgh after the injury, and went onto play in the Pro Bowl a year after returning from those injuries. Pouncey is still a big part of the recent success of this offense. The Steelers have been largely successful over the last few decades, and they keep falling into good depth pieces that help take the load off when injuries do occur.