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2022 Falcons Injury News

2020 Top Buccaneers Injuries Vernon Hargreaves - Vernon Hargreaves hasn’t been great to start his career, but losing secondary players is not what this Tampa defense needs right now. It has a lot to do with the depth that was given to them, and some signings off the street are likely to take place. Brent Grimes should return within the first few weeks to help, but overall the situation isn’t good. Hargreaves tore his labrum, and the former first round pick was definitely in need of some reps to help him live up to the pick. Chris Conte - As mentioned this secondary is thin, and Chris Conte went down with a scary knee injury. Conte’s injury leaves Jordan Whitehead to fill in, although Isaiah Johnson might be a name that goes over to fill-in. This front seven might be able to help out if they can keep getting pressure on the quarterback, but overall this is a defense that should get lit up through the air moving forward.

Top 5 Injuries in Buccaneers Franchise History
Quincy Black was ready to start in the 2009 season, but suffered a neck injury and eventually it led to an early retirement. He was unable to pass physicals, and it forced him to move on from the game. It is a sad story to hear, especially after a long college journey to eventually be drafted within the first couple of rounds. Davin Joseph was another highly touted player coming out of college, and was drafted higher as the 23rd overall pick in 2006. He started right away for the team, and eventually signed a lengthy deal with the Bucs looking like a huge piece of the puzzle for the future. He suffered a major knee injury putting himself on the injured reserve, and things never quite got right. He signed with the Rams in 2014, but football just wasn’t happening anymore for Joseph. Adrian Clayborn was drafted 20th overall back in 2011, but injuries caused him to miss a lot of time in Tampa Bay. He hit the injured reserve twice within a few seasons for Tampa Bay, and then moved onto Atlanta and New England where he has bad some better injury luck. There was a lot of players within that stretch where the injuries just piled up and Tampa Bay missed out on some crucial draft picks turning into quality players. Doug Martin had a shoulder labrum tear back in 2013 which ended his season after Week 7. Martin has had one and off injuries with hamstring and ankle trouble. Martin posted one strong year, and seemingly some teams continue to chase that one year trying to give him snaps again despite him not quite being the same guy. When you look back at the Bucs Super Bowl season, you had some really good fortune with injuries. Their defense stayed in tact, and the offense and especially running backs had no major issues. That team was one of the more stable teams when you look at all the injuries that are happening now.