NFL Regular Season Schedule 2019 Week 1 NFL Schedule

Week 1 opens up with two premium NFC teams, as Atlanta travels to Philadelphia. The Eagles being Super Bowl champs get the benefit of hosting the season opener. This only kicks off the Week 1 festivities, as Seattle and Denver kickoff a Super Bowl rematch, although those rosters look very different from when they met. Kansas City and Los Angeles jump out to an early inter-division battle. With this being a competitive division, and two hopeful playoff teams, a win here will set the tone for the season. The Packers host what should be a better Chicago Bears team, and Aaron Rodgers will look to get back on the right foot in the NFC North. Week 1 brings us two Monday Night Football games, one in Detroit, and one in Oakland. With the way things look, the Rams and Lions should get off to a good start to the season.