Cincinnati Bengals Schedule 2019 Bengals Schedule

0-9, 4th AFC North

at OAK

9:25 pm GMT, 11/17

The Bengals struggled on both sides of the ball this past year, and with no real moves in the offseason, it is hard to imagine they are going to surpass being .500. Cincinnati gets a middle of the road strength of schedule. With Cleveland being better, and it is hard to say the Bengals even have a better roster at this point, those are not two winnable games with ease as they were in the past. They also get Baltimore and Pittsburgh twice, which tend to be ugly games, and while Baltimore is somewhere they can compete, it is hard to see them taking one away from this Steelers team. Cincinnati does have a winnable game against Miami, as they face some of the bottom barrel opponents from other divisions. Overall this group is going to be a punching bag for some elite talent like the Rams and Patriots this season. The fact they open up against Seattle is also going to be very tough, and the road game against Buffalo isn't something that favors them either. The Bengals get Cleveland twice in the last four weeks, which more bodes well for the Browns than it does for the Bengals.