Dallas Cowboys Schedule 2020 Dallas Cowboys Schedule

0-0, T-1st NFC East


12:20 am GMT, 9/14

After a change at the helm bringing in Mike McCarthy, he will start out his Dallas Cowboys stint with the 8th easiest schedule in the NFL for 2020. Dallas is always known for having a ton of primetime games, and they have five this year. That starts in Week 1 against the Los Angeles Rams, which is on the road in their new stadium. The Cowboys will have a stretch of winnable games, facing Atlanta, Seattle, Cleveland, and New York. The advantage for the Cowboys is that they have the Redskins and the Giants on the schedule a total of four times, and Philadelphia is their only real competition within the division. Their first matchup will be in Week 8 on the road for a Sunday night game. After that they will face the Steelers, before a bye in Week 10. After the bye week, things get tough as they go on the road against Minnesota and then will face Baltimore on the road in Week 13. In Week 15 they take on the 49ers at home, before Week 16 they face the Eagles again. If they need a win in Week 17, the Giants are on the schedule for a win.

Date Time Opponent Stadium Record Opponent Depth Chart Cowboys Depth Chart Matchup
9/14/20 12:20 am at Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams SoFi Stadium 0 - 0 Los Angeles Rams Rams Dallas Cowboys Cowboys Dallas Cowboys Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Rams
9/20/20 4:00 pm vs Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons AT&T Stadium 0 - 0 Atlanta Falcons Falcons Dallas Cowboys Cowboys
9/27/20 5:25 pm at Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks CenturyLink Field 0 - 0 Seattle Seahawks Seahawks Dallas Cowboys Cowboys
10/4/20 4:00 pm vs Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns AT&T Stadium 0 - 0 Cleveland Browns Browns Dallas Cowboys Cowboys
10/11/20 7:25 pm vs New York Giants New York Giants AT&T Stadium 0 - 0 New York Giants Giants Dallas Cowboys Cowboys
10/19/20 11:15 pm vs Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals AT&T Stadium 0 - 0 Arizona Cardinals Cardinals Dallas Cowboys Cowboys
10/25/20 5:00 pm at Washington Redskins Washington Redskins FedEx Field 0 - 0 Washington Redskins Redskins Dallas Cowboys Cowboys
11/2/20 1:20 am at Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles Lincoln Financial Field 0 - 0 Philadelphia Eagles Eagles Dallas Cowboys Cowboys
11/8/20 8:25 pm vs Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers AT&T Stadium 0 - 0 Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers Dallas Cowboys Cowboys
11/22/20 8:25 pm at Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings U.S. Bank Stadium 0 - 0 Minnesota Vikings Vikings Dallas Cowboys Cowboys
11/26/20 8:30 pm vs Washington Redskins Washington Redskins AT&T Stadium 0 - 0 Washington Redskins Redskins Dallas Cowboys Cowboys
12/4/20 1:20 am at Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens M&T Bank Stadium 0 - 0 Baltimore Ravens Ravens Dallas Cowboys Cowboys
12/13/20 6:00 pm at Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals Paul Brown Stadium 0 - 0 Cincinnati Bengals Bengals Dallas Cowboys Cowboys
12/21/20 12:20 am vs San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers AT&T Stadium 0 - 0 San Francisco 49ers 49ers Dallas Cowboys Cowboys
12/27/20 8:25 pm vs Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles AT&T Stadium 0 - 0 Philadelphia Eagles Eagles Dallas Cowboys Cowboys
1/3/21 6:00 pm at New York Giants New York Giants MetLife Stadium 0 - 0 New York Giants Giants Dallas Cowboys Cowboys