Detroit Lions Schedule 2019 Lions Schedule

3-9, 4th NFC North

vs TB

6:00 pm GMT, 12/15

Detroit has always been one of those teams to lose the games they shouldn’t, and win the games they should lose. Unfortunately for the Lions, the Vikings, Bears, and Packers are likely going to be the ones fighting for the division. They open up on the road against Arizona, which they did a few seasons ago, but then follow up with games against the Chargers, Eagles, and Chiefs. This is all right before the Bye Week and then they get back-to-back division games against the Packers and Vikings. Before they take on the Bears in Week 10, they face off against the Giants and Raiders. Both are winnable games for this group but as mentioned they seem to struggle against the teams they should beat. Detroit will play the NFC East, so Dallas and Washington in Weeks 11 and 12 are smashed in between games against the Bears. The Lions have some winnable games at the end of the year with Denver and Tampa Bay, but will face Green Bay on the road in Week 17. This has also been a staple game for the Lions in the past. Overall this schedule is tough, and it would be surprising to see the Lions get out on top this year.