New England Patriots Schedule 2020 New England Patriots Schedule

1-0, 1st AFC East


12:20 am GMT , 9/21

This is the first slate of games without Tom Brady is quite some time, and the New England Patriots will have to battle some tough teams with a quarterback who hasn’t played a down in the NFL. They will open up against Miami at home, and have a few decent home games to start, but it toughens up very quick after that. The Patriots will go on the road and face the Seahawks and Chiefs, which are not winnable games at this point for New England. They will return home against the Broncos and 49ers, which are going to be tough matchups for an offense that lacks weapons. Back to back road games against the Bills and Jets in the middle of the season is tougher than prior seasons. They also go onto face the Ravens, Texans, Cardinals, Chargers, and Rams all in a row. This is a tough stretch for the Patriots, and this is really where the season could begin to take a turn. The Bye Week in Week 6 helps prep them for this run, but it is tough. The end of the season isn’t too bad, taking on the Jets and Bills both at home, especially if they are must win games.

Date Time Opponent Stadium Record Opponent Depth Chart Patriots Depth Chart Matchup
9/21/20 12:20 am at Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks CenturyLink Field 1 - 0 Seattle Seahawks Seahawks New England Patriots Patriots New England Patriots Patriots at Seattle Seahawks Seahawks
9/27/20 5:00 pm vs Las Vegas Raiders Las Vegas Raiders Gillette Stadium 0 - 0 Las Vegas Raiders Raiders New England Patriots Patriots
10/4/20 8:25 pm at Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs Arrowhead Stadium 0 - 0 Kansas City Chiefs Chiefs New England Patriots Patriots
10/11/20 5:00 pm vs Denver Broncos Denver Broncos Gillette Stadium 0 - 0 Denver Broncos Broncos New England Patriots Patriots
10/25/20 8:25 pm vs San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers Gillette Stadium 0 - 0 San Francisco 49ers 49ers New England Patriots Patriots
11/1/20 6:00 pm at Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills New Era Field 0 - 0 Buffalo Bills Bills New England Patriots Patriots
11/10/20 1:15 am at New York Jets New York Jets MetLife Stadium 0 - 0 New York Jets Jets New England Patriots Patriots
11/16/20 1:20 am vs Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens Gillette Stadium 0 - 0 Baltimore Ravens Ravens New England Patriots Patriots
11/22/20 6:00 pm at Houston Texans Houston Texans NRG Stadium 0 - 0 Houston Texans Texans New England Patriots Patriots
11/29/20 6:00 pm vs Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals Gillette Stadium 0 - 0 Arizona Cardinals Cardinals New England Patriots Patriots
12/6/20 9:25 pm at Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Chargers SoFi Stadium 0 - 0 Los Angeles Chargers Chargers New England Patriots Patriots
12/11/20 1:20 am at Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams SoFi Stadium 0 - 0 Los Angeles Rams Rams New England Patriots Patriots
12/20/20 6:00 pm at Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins Hard Rock Stadium 0 - 0 Miami Dolphins Dolphins New England Patriots Patriots
12/29/20 1:15 am vs Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills Gillette Stadium 0 - 0 Buffalo Bills Bills New England Patriots Patriots
1/3/21 6:00 pm vs New York Jets New York Jets Gillette Stadium 0 - 0 New York Jets Jets New England Patriots Patriots