Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule 2021 Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule

0-0, T-1st AFC North


5:00 pm GMT , 9/12

After an injury riddled 2019 season, the Steelers were still a near playoff team. With everyone back and healthy they will look to return to the playoffs, in what shows to be the 11th easiest strength of schedule for 2020. They will open up with a Monday Night game against the Giants, and then return home to face the Broncos and Texans. The Steelers have a schedule where they can start out strong, and will need to because the middle of the schedule toughens up a bit. They will face the Eagles at home, alongside Cleveland, but will have games on the road against Baltimore and Dallas. Now the Bye Week does split those games up which is a plus for them, but still a tough two game stretch. After those games, the Steelers will face Cincinnati and Jacksonville, before returning to face Baltimore on Thanksgiving night. The end of the season doesn’t look too bad as they will face Washington, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. The tougher end of the year games will be against the Colts and on the road against Buffalo, which is a Sunday Night game. Overall it is a schedule that is balanced out a bit where Pittsburgh gets most of their tougher games out of the way early.

Date Time Opponent Stadium Record Opponent Depth Chart Steelers Depth Chart Matchup
9/12/21 5:00 pm at Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills Bills Stadium 0 - 0 Buffalo Bills Bills Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
9/19/21 5:00 pm vs Las Vegas Raiders Las Vegas Raiders Heinz Field 0 - 0 Las Vegas Raiders Raiders Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
9/26/21 5:00 pm vs Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals Heinz Field 0 - 0 Cincinnati Bengals Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
10/3/21 8:25 pm at Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field 0 - 0 Green Bay Packers Packers Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
10/10/21 5:00 pm vs Denver Broncos Denver Broncos Heinz Field 0 - 0 Denver Broncos Broncos Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
10/18/21 12:20 am vs Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks Heinz Field 0 - 0 Seattle Seahawks Seahawks Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
10/31/21 5:00 pm at Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns FirstEnergy Stadium 0 - 0 Cleveland Browns Browns Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
11/9/21 1:15 am vs Chicago Bears Chicago Bears Heinz Field 0 - 0 Chicago Bears Bears Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
11/14/21 6:00 pm vs Detroit Lions Detroit Lions Heinz Field 0 - 0 Detroit Lions Lions Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
11/22/21 1:20 am at Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Chargers SoFi Stadium 0 - 0 Los Angeles Chargers Chargers Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
11/28/21 6:00 pm at Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals Paul Brown Stadium 0 - 0 Cincinnati Bengals Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
12/5/21 9:25 pm vs Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens Heinz Field 0 - 0 Baltimore Ravens Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
12/10/21 1:20 am at Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings U.S. Bank Stadium 0 - 0 Minnesota Vikings Vikings Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
12/19/21 6:00 pm vs Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans Heinz Field 0 - 0 Tennessee Titans Titans Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
12/26/21 9:25 pm at Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs Arrowhead Stadium 0 - 0 Kansas City Chiefs Chiefs Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
1/4/22 1:15 am vs Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns Heinz Field 0 - 0 Cleveland Browns Browns Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
1/9/22 6:00 pm at Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens M&T Bank Stadium 0 - 0 Baltimore Ravens Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers