Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule 2019 Steelers Schedule

0-0, 0 AFC North

at NE

12:20 am GMT, 9/9

Pittsburgh has been running the AFC North for quite some time, and we will not expect that to change this season. While Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Cleveland can play them tough at times, they are still no match for Pittsburgh. Like New England this gives Pittsburgh an advantage when they can take five or even six wins against their divisional opponents. This takes the pressure off some of those big games if they let one go. They do have a few big games this season as they usually do, which we will start off with first. They get a home matchup against Julio Jones and the Falcons, which will be a fun matchup between the games best wideouts. The Steelers will face Jacksonville again this year, after being pummeled both times last season, once being in the playoffs. New England and New Orleans on back-to-back weeks is a tough task to ask, especially after traveling back from Oakland Sunday night. With their division likely being just about closed out by then, things will be okay. They have the Broncos, Panthers, and Buccaneers which will give them an advantage in the prior weeks. Facing Kansas City continues to be an advantage for Pittsburgh, who just have their number. The game that is really intriguing is the matchup against the Chargers. Their defense has established themselves as one of the best in the game, and facing this high powered Steelers offense is going to be a real battle for the ages.

Date Time Opponent Stadium Record Opponent Depth Chart Steelers Depth Chart Matchup
9/9/19 12:20 am at New England Patriots New England Patriots Gillette Stadium 0 - 0 New England Patriots Patriots Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers at New England Patriots Patriots
9/15/19 5:00 pm vs Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks Heinz Field 0 - 0 Seattle Seahawks Seahawks Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
9/22/19 8:25 pm at San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers Levi's Stadium 0 - 0 San Francisco 49ers 49ers Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
10/1/19 12:15 am vs Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals Heinz Field 0 - 0 Cincinnati Bengals Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
10/6/19 5:00 pm vs Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens Heinz Field 0 - 0 Baltimore Ravens Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
10/14/19 12:20 am at Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Chargers StubHub Center 0 - 0 Los Angeles Chargers Chargers Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
10/29/19 12:15 am vs Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins Heinz Field 0 - 0 Miami Dolphins Dolphins Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
11/3/19 6:00 pm vs Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts Heinz Field 0 - 0 Indianapolis Colts Colts Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
11/10/19 9:25 pm vs Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams Heinz Field 0 - 0 Los Angeles Rams Rams Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
11/15/19 1:20 am at Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns FirstEnergy Stadium 0 - 0 Cleveland Browns Browns Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
11/24/19 6:00 pm at Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals Paul Brown Stadium 0 - 0 Cincinnati Bengals Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
12/1/19 9:25 pm vs Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns Heinz Field 0 - 0 Cleveland Browns Browns Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
12/8/19 9:25 pm at Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals U of Phoenix Stadium 0 - 0 Arizona Cardinals Cardinals Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
12/15/19 6:00 pm vs Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills Heinz Field 0 - 0 Buffalo Bills Bills Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
12/22/19 6:00 pm at New York Jets New York Jets MetLife Stadium 0 - 0 New York Jets Jets Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers
12/29/19 6:00 pm at Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens M&T Bank Stadium 0 - 0 Baltimore Ravens Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers