Tennessee Titans Schedule 2019 Titans Schedule

5-5, 3rd AFC South

vs JAX

9:05 pm GMT, 11/24

The Titans are an interesting bunch due to the defense being solid, but uncertainty around the offense. They also are playing in division that all of a sudden is filled with contenders after being one of the weaker divisions prior. The Titans will have to travel on the road to Cleveland to start off the season, which is a tougher than usual matchup. They also return to face the Colts and Jaguars the following weeks before going down to Atlanta. Things let up a little bit welcoming Buffalo, and going on the road against Denver. Both of these games are tossups, however. Finishing out the first half with the Chargers, Panthers, and Chiefs is also a tough stretch heading into the Bye Week. Most of their second half are divisional opponents, facing the Texans twice in the final three weeks. They also have a home matchup against the Titans smashed in between. That is a rough few games, and if they are in wild card contention, that will be a tough run in with them hoping to make the playoffs.