NFL Team Offense Stats 2021

Offenses are going to be built in different ways, where some lean on the run and some are primed to air it out. Of course not all offenses are created equal, as there are the elite offenses putting up 28 points per game, and then the ones barely into the teens. The stats page here is going to break down how good or bad an offense is at various offensive stats. You can also see when teams are scoring their fair share of points, as they are broken down by quarter. See who is dominating through the air, and what teams have the best rushing attack. Red zone numbers are crucial for success, and we show who is dominating in that department. Turnovers and penalties will hold a team back, so sort through and hope your favorite team is not leading the way.

Offenses are going to be built in different ways, where some lean on the run and some are primed to air it out. Of course not all offenses are created equal, as there are the elite offenses putting up 28 points per game, and then the ones barely into the teens. The stats page here is going to break down how good or bad an offense is at various offensive stats. You can also see when teams are scoring their fair share of points, as they are broken down by quarter. See who is dominating through the air, and what teams have the best rushing attack. Red zone numbers are crucial for success, and we show who is dominating in that department. Turnovers and penalties will hold a team back, so sort through and hope your favorite team is not leading the way.

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Team Offense Stats 2020: Looking at Offensive Production

Sorting through offensive points, you can take a look at who is dominating on the offensive side of the ball. Flipping through each quarter will give you perspective on teams starting out hot, or who are playing catch up and garbage time ball in the third and fourth quarter. Teams that play up in pace or have bad defenses will run a lot of plays, so don’t be surprised to see teams like Cleveland and Indianapolis up in the top rankings for plays run. You can easily jump to the yards per play to show that they need all the plays they can get because the yards per play is not that attractive. There are a lot of good offenses right now averaging over six yards per play, and then you have the Rams who are just far and above everyone else.

Rushing production is much similar. The volume is what you want for fantasy, and teams will either be committed to the run or are trying to salt games off with the run. After volume you want to look at efficiency, and that is where yards per attempt can come in handy. Teams like Dallas and Denver are up at the top of the league, showcasing a strong offensive line and a strategy to keep things on the ground. Yards and touchdowns are categories to show production, and high flying offenses like the Saints are up among the tops of the league in rushing touchdowns. Passing production is in the same boat here. Yards per completion will show how far teams are moving the ball with the pass. This also can be used as a measure of efficiency, while attempt can just show how far they are trying to throw the ball.

Getting into the red zone is only half the battle, teams need to produce inside the 20 to be a successful offense. The higher the red zone percentage, the more efficient they are at putting the ball in the end zone. Teams over 70% in the red zone is a good standard, and when you start dropping below 60%, that is when things need to change. There are some truly bad red zone teams out there, which I guess is a bump for their kickers. Teams drawing penalties is also a way of moving the ball, and often overlooked when it comes to researching for fantasy or betting. It helps teams move the ball and isn’t widely looked at.

Viewing The NFL Team Offense Stats Page

If you have dropped into the offensive stats page here, there is a lot of data jumping out at right you off the bat. The total offense is going to be the overall points and yards created. The points can be shown on a per game level alongside with every other stat, and then in totals. The points scored is broken up by quarter, and you can also see how many plays a team is running. Check in on what teams are dominating in yards and yards per play. Offenses truly struggle when they are averaging under five yards per play over the course of a season. After this you can move into how they are scoring those points and creating yards.

Within the rushing and passing offensive stats you are going to see how much volume they are throwing or running the ball. This is shown through rushing and passing attempts. How efficient they are is going to be shown through yards per attempt as well as yards per completion. The overall production numbers are touchdowns and yards. You can see how well teams are running the ball and how often. The same goes for passing. Some teams are going to specialize in one over the other, while the elite teams will be productive in both. There are also those offenses who find themselves at the bottom of the list.

Getting into the red zone stats, they are branched out into attempts and touchdowns. The red zone percentage is going to show how often they score touchdowns on their trips to the red zone, which mean field goals and drives that end in no points will go against the conversion rate. You can see how many time a team has gotten into the red zone on a drive. Turnovers and penalties can limit offensive upside, and you can sort through what teams are turning the ball over way too much, as well as getting killed with penalties.

Top Passing Offenses

There are some elite passing attacks in football right now, and we can start with the Kansas City Chiefs. They are led by Pat Mahomes, who has turned out to be one of the top quarterbacks in the game. This offense is high flying and they have a lot of speed to go with their star quarterback. Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman are two strong vertical threats. Factoring in that they have one of the top tight ends in Travis Kelce, you have various strengths within the passing offense. They also do an excellent job utilizing their running backs in the passing game as well.

Dallas has turned themselves into one of the top passing offenses in the game, which wasn’t always the case. They still run the ball effectively, but the weapons they have in the passing game has been tremendous. Amari Cooper was traded to the Cowboys, and his overall play has really picked up since leaving Oakland. Michael Gallup is another one of the younger wideouts in the game. Dallas also just added CeeDee Lamb in the draft, after he fell to them in the middle of the first round. We think of Ezekiel Elliott as a ground and pound back, but he is also an excellent receiving threat out of the backfield. Dak Prescott has turned into a strong quarterback and the Cowboys offense continues to flow.

The core in Atlanta has been the same for quite a while now, with the connection of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones being one of the stronger ones in the game. Atlanta is also a more pass happy offense, which helps boost those numbers. Ryan has been a consistent producer and often finds himself over 4,000 yards in a season. Jones is the top tier wideout on the team, and considered one of the best in the game. The Falcons found Calvin Ridley in the draft, and he has turned into a quality wide receiver. You can count on the Falcons putting up big passing numbers year in and year out. We can give honorable mentions to a few offenses in this division like New Orleans and Tampa Bay.

Top Rushing Offenses

There are a few teams out there just simply built to run the ball. They have strong offensive lineman and also multiple skill position players that are above average as well. The Baltimore Ravens have multiple threats to run the ball, starting with their star quarterback, Lamar Jackson. He is the top rushing quarterback in the league, but it doesn’t end there. The Ravens have a few running backs, headlined by Mark Ingram, who have succeeded in putting up quality rushing numbers. Factoring in that they have a very strong coaching staff and offensive line, it is no surprise to see them with such strong rushing numbers.

Out in California, it doesn’t matter who you put in the backfield with Kyle Shanahan. He is one of the top offensive coaches in the game, but his run scheme has been effective for a while now. The 49ers use a big running back committee, and it works. While it might be frustrating for fantasy owners, the 49ers offense is very productive on the ground. We have seen a wide range of names from Tevin Coleman to Raheem Mostert produce in this offense. We will likely see them continue to change out different names, as they have not invested in a workhorse back over the last few seasons.

The Tennessee Titans have a bowling ball of a running back with Derrick Henry, who is a straight up ground and pound type back. He is tough to bring down, and is a workhorse getting big attempts over the course of a season. The Titans offense has been built around handing Henry the rock, and he has been effective. The Titans finish rather high in rushing attempts, but the overall numbers are there as well. It is also a reason why they are so successful in the red zone.

Top Red Zone Offenses

One of the top red zone offenses over the last few seasons has been the Tennessee Titans, as they have a lot of weapons that work well in the red zone. Having Derrick Henry doesn’t hurt either, but a few strong receiving tight ends over the last few seasons has led to very productive numbers. The same goes for the Baltimore Ravens, who are a more run heavy team like Tennessee and also have more tight end use to give mismatches for opposing defenses. Both have been quality converters over the last couple of year.

We are seeing a reoccurring theme here, as the Philadelphia Eagles have been one of the top red zone teams, as they have two very strong tight ends in Dallas Goedert and Zach Ertz. That is going to give teams trouble already, but factoring in the creative coaching staff, it makes it ten times harder for defenses. The Eagles also have some big bodied wide receivers, and a good offensive line that makes it easier for their committee of running backs to punch it into the end zone.

Importance Of Red Zone Stats

An offense who is leaving points on the field is not going to be a very good one. Moving the ball and getting into the red zone is going to give you a good chance to put some points on the board. Now getting into the red zone is already a process as it is, and we can see how often teams are getting inside the opposing team’s 20-yard line. The number of attempts are key as we look at teams being able to move the ball and set themselves up for scoring. Not every team is capable of firing off 50-yard touchdown passes, so most have to work their way down the field and attempts will show what offenses are the best in that regard.

Converting red zone trips is important for a team’s success. It can make or break how your offensive numbers look at the end of a season. We turn back to last season, and Arizona converted less than 50% of their overall trips to the red zone. This meant a lot of field goal attempts and turn over on downs. Only six teams finished under 50%, but the Cardinals were the only team with over 50 red zone attempts. Even converting 10-15% higher would have given them an enormous lift.

When looking at red zone numbers you can find some positive and negative regression. A team cranking out 80% of red zone trips for touchdowns is a number that is tough to sustain. The same goes for when a team is hitting on only 20-25% of their trips. As you will see throughout a season, you can buy low or sell high on some offenses, if you are looking at it through that angle.

What Volume Can Say About An Offense

When looking at rushing and passing attempts, you can get a look into how offenses are run a bit. There has been a battle between what is more optimal for an offense, as offenses lean more on the pass these days. However there are still some old school run style offenses out there, but what is really the most efficient? Now we look towards rushing attempts and we see a lot of teams that find themselves in the playoffs often. Is this a link to their style of offense, not exclusively, as these teams are going to run more because they are leading. We see this a lot with volume as it can point towards the success of a team.

When you sort through pass attempts, you might see some bad teams be at the top of the list. This is because they are constantly trailing, and it pushes them to throw the ball more. Now some teams just have a higher passing attack, like Atlanta and Tampa Bay who have been two of the higher volume passing teams in the game. As mentioned above there are still some run heavy teams out there. Minnesota and Seattle are two teams that like to run the ball a lot.

Overall volume can give a look into how they are running their offense and what they prioritize more. It can also give you a look at the situation that team finds themselves in each week as they could be playing with a lead or trailing from behind. Each year things will change a bit, but we have seen some consistency with offensive styles of late. A shift in personnel on the team roster can also shake up how an offense is ran. Offensive line play is also very important, as teams will struggle to move the ball on the ground, which could limit run play potential.

Offense Stats FAQ

Who Averaged The Most Yards Per Play In 2020?

Despite not having much team success, Deshaun Watson led the Texans offense to 6.4 yards per play. They pushed the ball down field and were one of the more efficient offenses despite offensive line troubles and a poor organization.

Who Had The Most Red Zone Touchdowns in 2020?

The New Orleans Saints had the most red zone touchdowns this season with 49. Given they had Taysom Hill who was a goal line quarterback and then Alvin Kamara, these two contributed to a bulk of the touchdowns inside the 20.

What Team Turned The Ball Over The Most in 2020?

Denver turned the ball over a total of 32 times in 2019, which led the league. Interceptions were their biggest killer, throwing 23 total interceptions. This led the league. They also held 9 fumbles lost, which ranked in the bottom half of the league.

Who Was The Most Penalized Offense In 2020?

The most penalized offense in 2020 was the Arizona Cardnals who had a total of 113 penalties. They had a total of 868 penalty yards against them. Combining with their 21 turnovers on the offensive side they shot themselves in the foot quite a bit.

Who Was The Least Penalized Offense in 2020?

The least penalized offense in 2020 was the New England Patriots. They had just 62 total penalties on the offensive side, and were the only team under 70 penalties. This resulted in just 534 penalty yards against them over the course of the season.

What Team Ran The Most In 2020?

The Baltimore Ravens for the second year in a row lead ht league in rushing with 555 attempts. With a mobile quarterback and three viable running backs it was no surprise to see them continue their run-heavy approach.

What Team Passed The Most In 2020?

The Pittsburgh Steelers threw the ball a total of 656 times in 2020. This led the NFL by about 20 attempts. Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers offense had a plan to throw th ebal but they only averaged six yards per attempt.