NFL Power Rankings 2019: Baltimore Rolls In Week 11

Baltimore Ravens

2019 Record: 8-2, Previous Week’s Rank: 1

The Ravens were coming off an easy win against the Bengals, but firmly took care of business against a tougher opponent. While the offensive display wasn’t much of a surprise given how they have performed all year, but it was the defense that stifled Deshaun Watson.

New England Patriots

2. New England Patriots

2019 Record: 9-1, Previous Week’s Rank: 3

The Patriots did not have a clean game on the road, and once again we saw their offense struggle against a better defense. Sony Michel hasn’t given them much, and the offense overall didn’t show the ability to make plays.

2019 Record: 8-2, Previous Week’s Rank: 4

New Orleans took care of business after a bad loss against Atlanta. The defense once again dominated, and Drew Brees was extremely efficient. The overlooked positive was Alvin Kamara also looked healthy.

Seattle Seahawks

2019 Record: 8-2, Previous Week’s Rank: 2

The Seahawks were on a bye this past week, but remain one of the top teams in football. They have a great chance to take the division as the 49ers still look a bit iffy.

2019 Record: 9-1, Previous Week’s Rank: 5

The 49ers are dealing with a lot of injuries on both sides of the ball, but the offensive line is where I am concerned the most. While San Francisco escaped against Arizona, these injuries will be troublesome against better teams.

Green Bay Packers

2019 Record: 8-2, Previous Week’s Rank: 6

The Packers will look to come out of the bye week strong, and will head into an important stretch with the 49ers around the corner. The defense remains the biggest concern.

Kansas City Chiefs

2019 Record: 6-4, Previous Week’s Rank: 6

Patrick Mahomes was back this week, but that didn’t stop the Titans from pulling off the upset. The offense did their job, as the defense struggled to stop Derrick Henry.

Minnesota Vikings

2019 Record: 8-3, Previous Week’s Rank: 8

It is hard to say if this was an impressive win or a poor performance. While Minnesota roared back from 20 down at the half, the Vikings remain one of the more inconsistent teams in football.

Buffalo Bills

2019 Record: 7-3, Previous Week’s Rank: 12

Buffalo went down to Miami and took care of business. The margin for error is thin for Buffalo in a tight AFC playoff picture. John Brown looked like the WR1 that he is, and Josh Allen put together a big game.

Dallas Cowboys

2019 Record: 6-4, Previous Week’s Rank: 13

While it wasn’t a convincing game, Dallas did go on the road to beat a Stafford-less Detroit team. The defense showed major holes, and that is a concern moving forward. They will enter a very tough part of their schedule now.

Houston Texans

2019 Record: 6-4, Previous Week’s Rank: 9

This was a big road test for the Texans, and they laid an egg. Deshaun Watson and the offense couldn’t get going, but the defense had no answer for Lamar Jackson and company.

Los Angeles Rams

2019 Record: 6-4, Previous Week’s Rank: 10

The Rams kept their playoff hopes alive, and it was on the back of Todd Gurley. There was a lot against the Rams as they were down an offensive lineman and two key wide receivers. 

Indianapolis Colts

2019 Record: 6-4, Previous Week’s Rank: 18

Another week and another injury for the Colts. This was a good bounce back win for the Colts who had a rough stretch before this week. Thursday Night Football is going to be a crucial game.

Oakland Raiders

2019 Record: 6-4, Previous Week’s Rank: 16

Now at 6-4 Oakland should have your attention. It wasn’t the strongest opponent this week, but a win is a win. Derek Carr was efficient, and Josh Jacobs continues to show he is the real deal.
Philadelphia Eagles

2019 Record: 5-5, Previous Week’s Rank: 11

Luckily the Eagles are in the NFC East where the playoffs will be decided between them and Dallas. The offense was abysmal, as they continue to trot out a below average wide receiver core. However the defense kept them in it, and will keep them in games moving forward.

Tennessee Titans

2019 Record: 5-5, Previous Week’s Rank: 17

Coming off the bye week, the Titans are still in the thick of things, as they are a game behind the Colts and Texans in the division. The injuries to the secondary could hurt them in the long run though.

Cleveland Browns

2019 Record: 4-6, Previous Week’s Rank: 24

Cleveland would rank first in helmet swings, but they did start off a crucial stretch of games with a win. Cleveland needs to win out, and have a schedule where that is possible.

Atlanta Falcons

2019 Record: 3-7, Previous Week’s Rank: 25

Back-to-back wins will push Atlanta out of this range of teams. Defensively they have been excellent of late, and the passing game was strong against a good Carolina defense.

Pittsburgh Steelers

2019 Record: 5-5, Previous Week’s Rank: 14

The Steelers took a big L on the road against Cleveland, as the offense struggled to get over the injuries they were left with. Hard to knock them too much, as the defense is the only real positive here.

2019 Record: 5-5, Previous Week’s Rank: 15

Kyle Allen had his lunch money stolen and then was slammed into a locker. This team is starting to crack on both sides of the ball, and they are trending the wrong way.

Los Angeles Chargers

2019 Record: 4-6, Previous Week’s Rank: 19

I don’t have much hope for Los Angeles turning it around the rest of the way. Philip Rivers looked washed against Oakland, and the defense struggled again.

Jacksonville Jaguars

2019 Record: 4-6, Previous Week’s Rank: 20

Jacksonville’s chances at the division took a big hit, and will have to win out to have any shot at a playoff game. Overall the offense struggled, and the defense was shredded again on the ground.

Chicago Bears

2019 Record: 4-6, Previous Week’s Rank: 21

Defensively this team is strong, and continues to at least keep games close. However, the offense is inept and can’t take advantage of it. Tough sledding for Chicago, and they will need to revisit things moving forward.

Denver Broncos

2019 Record: 3-7, Previous Week’s Rank: 22

Denver blew a 20 point lead at half, as the defense crumbled in the second half. They had their chances, and a missed field goal hurt those odds. This team remains competitive given the circumstances

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2019 Record: 3-7, Previous Week’s Rank: 23

Jameis Winston looked like a quarterback to move on from, and overall the Tampa Bay game plan was questionable. While it was a tough matchup, mistakes continue to derail this team.

Detroit Lions

2019 Record: 3-6-1, Previous Week’s Rank: 26

Detroit has been terribly unlucky on the injury front, and they still remain a very competitive team. Not much more to say about this group, as they are just chugging along on a lost season.

Arizona Cardinals

2019 Record: 3-7-1, Previous Week’s Rank: 27

This young team continues to battle, and the future is bright for Kyler Murray. They were able to score well again against a San Francisco defense, but the defense continues to struggle.

New York Jets

2019 Record: 3-7, Previous Week’s Rank: 28

New York has gotten back to back wins against the Giants and Redskins. Not much to get excited about, especially since they are moving towards a slightly lower draft pick.

New York Giants

2019 Record: 2-8, Previous Week’s Rank: 29

New York was on bye this week, and it is a chance to get healthy. While there is a lot of floating talent on this team, they were not expected to put it together this season.

Miami Dolphins

2019 Record: 2-8, Previous Week’s Rank: 30

The tank race is on still, and Miami got back to their losing ways. The one bright spot on this team is the growth of DaVante Parker, who continues a productive season.

Washington Redskins

2019 Record: 1-9, Previous Week’s Rank: 31

Washington continues to prove they are one of the worst teams in the league.

Cincinnati Bengals

2019 Record: 0-10, Previous Week’s Rank: 32

If this was a tanking power rankings, Cincinnati would be one.

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