NFL Power Rankings 2019: Ravens End Season As Team To Beat

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Baltimore Ravens1. Baltimore Ravens

2019 Record: 14-2, Previous Week’s Rank: 1

Baltimore finished the year with the best record in the league, and are widely considered the team to beat. Even resting key players, they finished up the season with a win.

2019 Record: 13-3, Previous Week’s Rank: 2

Despite a 13-3 record, the Saints will play on Wild Card Weekend. They dominated their division, and are my pick to come out of the NFC. Offensively this team is a mismatch, and the defense has played well.

Kansas City Chiefs

2019 Record:12-4, Previous Week’s Rank: 3

Kansas City has gotten healthy and is hot heading into the playoff. They clinched a bye this week with the Patriots loss, and guarantee themselves a home game in the Divisional Round.

2019 Record: 13-3, Previous Week’s Rank: 4

The 49ers are a very talented and young team. Their defense is for real, and while the offense doesn’t have household names outside of George Kittle, they have a lot of weapons.

Green Bay Packers

2019 Record: 13-3, Previous Week’s Rank: 6

Out of the 13-3 teams, the Packers for me are the worst of them. Offensively they have had an up and down year, and the defense failed to slow down some of the better offenses.

New England Patriots

6. New England Patriots

2019 Record: 12-4, Previous Week’s Rank: 5

A loss to Miami in Week 17 wasn’t a result of resting players, New England needed to win to clinch a bye week, and now will have to play the Titans next week.

Seattle Seahawks

2019 Record: 11-5, Previous Week’s Rank: 7

Seattle had a chance to clinch the division with a win, but they struggled offensively as they have the last few weeks. Heading into the playoffs, Seattle is going to need to find some creativity.

Minnesota Vikings

2019 Record: 10-6, Previous Week’s Rank: 8

The Week 17 loss didn’t mean much, especially when you saw them rest most of their starters. The Vikings were an up and down team this year, but have plenty of firepower to make a playoff run.

Houston Texans

2019 Record: 10-6, Previous Week’s Rank: 9

Like the Vikings, Houston rested their key players in a meaningless game. The loss did give their division rivals a playoff berth. Houston has had a roller coaster season, and are not considered one of the AFC elites.

Buffalo Bills

2019 Record: 10-6, Previous Week’s Rank: 10

Buffalo finished up the season with a loss, but this season overall was a big win. Ten wins, a playoff berth, and a lot of bright pieces on their roster for the future. Watch out for Bills Mafia.

Philadelphia Eagles

2019 Record: 9-7, Previous Week’s Rank: 11

Doug Pederson has done a tremendous job down the stretch given the injuries to the offense. This Eagles team snuck into the playoffs late, even though they won their division.

Tennessee Titans

2019 Record: 9-7, Previous Week’s Rank: 13

Give the ball to Derrick Henry and watch him run. The Titans pulled off a win to clinch the final Wild Card spot. This is a good team that is clicking with Ryan Tannehill under center.

Los Angeles Rams

2019 Record: 9-7, Previous Week’s Rank: 12

While it was a disappointing season, the Rams closed out with a win and will look to regroup for next season. With so much talent on the roster, expectations should be high, but a tough division awaits. 

Dallas Cowboys

2019 Record: 8-8, Previous Week’s Rank: 14

The Cowboys took care of business, but they will miss out on the playoffs. A bad loss against the Jets and a lot of close games is going to make this a tough one to swallow.

Pittsburgh Steelers

2019 Record: 8-8, Previous Week’s Rank: 15

Pittsburgh survived an injury riddled season, and should be able to come back strong next season. The defense is one of the best units in the league, and their receiving core is young and ready for more.

Chicago Bears

2019 Record: 8-8, Previous Week’s Rank: 17

As bad as Chicago looked at times, the Bears finished the season at .500. They have a question mark at quarterback and the offensive line play will need to improve.

Atlanta Falcons

2019 Record: 7-9, Previous Week’s Rank: 19

The Flacons finished the season on a high note, but a team with this much talent has to look at this one as a bad season. They will retain Dan Quinn, which isn’t exactly a high point.

Denver Broncos

2019 Record: 7-9, Previous Week’s Rank: 20

Denver is in the midst of a slight rebuild, but Drew Lock showed potential down the stretch, and will need to invest in a few receiving options. Otherwise this team is in good shape.

Indianapolis Colts

2019 Record: 7-9, Previous Week’s Rank: 18

The positive for the Colts is that they will now draft 13th in the upcoming draft with the loss to Jacksonville. It was a tough year for the Colts but they had winnable games that would have put them in the playoffs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2019 Record: 7-9, Previous Week’s Rank: 16

Tampa Bay’s season ended on a Jameis Winston pick-six, which was his 30th of the year. The ball is in Tampa’s court to figure out if Winston is going to be the guy. This team is close to contending.

Oakland Raiders

2019 Record: 7-9, Previous Week’s Rank: 21

The Raiders had a shot to make the playoffs this week, but needed a win against Denver. This is a very young group that had some great weeks, but ultimately is a rebuild in the process.

New York Jets

2019 Record: 7-9, Previous Week’s Rank: 23

New York finished the season strong which included a win on the road against Buffalo. Largely it was a disappointing season and their are already talks of major moves within the roster.

Cleveland Browns

2019 Record: 6-10, Previous Week’s Rank: 22

Cleveland’s loss to Cincinnati was icing on the cake, resulting in the firing of Freddie Kitchens. This is already a positive heading into next season with this roster primed for a solid coach.

Arizona Cardinals

2019 Record: 5-10-1, Previous Week’s Rank: 25

The Cardinals continue to be a work in progress, and will have an offseason to address some needs. Looking towards the future, you have to like some of the young pieces they have.

Los Angeles Chargers

2019 Record: 5-11, Previous Week’s Rank: 26

Los Angeles has a lot of questions to answer over the offseason, and we might see some new names on the offensive side come next year. A team that has generally been around the 9-10 win mark fell way short. 

Jacksonville Jaguars

2019 Record: 6-10, Previous Week’s Rank: 28

Jacksonville might be undergoing some offseason changes, and while there are a lot of strong pieces on this side, playing up to potential continues to be tough for the Jags.

2019 Record: 5-11, Previous Week’s Rank: 27

The Panthers played well for the first half of the season, but the wheels came off late. Still in a great spot moving forward, they have a big need of a quarterback if Cam Newton is not back.

Miami Dolphins

2019 Record: 5-11, Previous Week’s Rank: 29

Miami finished the year strong, and won their Super Bowl against the Patriots. DeVante Parker finally broke out, and now they will turn to the draft where they have a few first round picks.

New York Giants

2019 Record: 4-12, Previous Week’s Rank: 28

The Giants will continue to build their team which is filled with a lot of young talent. Defense should be a major focus in the offseason, and trying to keep down Daniel Jones’ turnover rate.

Detroit Lions

2019 Record: 3-12-1, Previous Week’s Rank: 28

Injuries plagued this team all year, and they were competing with some of the top teams early. Looking at next year, they will have a lot of familiar faces that give them a decent roster.

Washington Redskins

2019 Record: 3-13, Previous Week’s Rank: 30

This team is a mess, and this offseason isn’t long enough to fix it.

Cincinnati Bengals

2019 Record: 2-14, Previous Week’s Rank: 32

Joe Burrow is coming Cincinnati.

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