Georgia Sports Betting: Bill Dies in House, Supporters Now Look to 2022 (November Updates)

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The Georgia Sports Betting legislation has failed. After passing in the Senate, the House of Representatives in Georgia was unable to come to any resolution regarding sports betting in the state. This means that it will likely be another year until another major effort is mounted to get sports betting in the Peach State.

Unfortunately, a major factor in the bill’s failure was the lack of any bipartisan support. Currently, the Georgia State legislature has turned hostile as state Republicans have passed a series of voting laws that have made it harder for residents to vote. Due to this, the Democrats have stopped working with Republicans on many issues. One of those affected issues is sports betting.

The bill that was being voted on was House Bill 93 and had a lot of interesting details. This bill still may be a good indicator of what sports betting will look like if it were to be legalized in late 2021 or 2022.

HB 93 Details

Georgia 1Under Sen. Jones’s bill, there are things mobile operators need to consider when entering the Georgia market. HB 93 requires a sportsbook to apply for a $50,000 application fee to operate in Georgia. Also, the sports betting licensing fee will be $900,000 annually.

Also, no one under the age of 21 will be allowed to place bets, similar to every other state that has legalized sports wagering. In Jones’ original bill, he proposes there to be a 20 percent tax on sports betting companies.

Sen. Jones believes sports betting can bring in $60 million annually in revenue. The revenue
Jones thinks $60 million annually in revenue, which will help the HOPE scholarship fund and pre-kindergarten programs.

The HOPE scholarship fund is for students who go to HOPE-eligible high schools. Those students can apply for a HOPE scholarship under their eligibility criteria, and use the scholarship at a University in the state of Georgia. With the coronavirus create a multi-billion-dollar deficit in the state, the HOPE program could be cut in order to save costs during the pandemic. Sports betting revenue could bring millions back to the fund.

Also, the bill is backed by Georgia Professional Sports Integrity Alliance. The GPSIA is a coalition of the four major pro sports teams in Atlanta. Pro sports teams understand the impact that sports betting can bring to their teams. More people become involved, which helps grow the franchise popularity and revenue.

Next Steps

Now, sports betting will need another push in the next legislative season. In 2022, the same process will need to commence to get sports betting pushed. I doubt that sports betting will have any issues in the State Senate, but it will once again need cooperation in the House to pass. It is unclear at this time if lawmakers will be willing to work with one another in a year’s time. Sports betting is at the mercy of a two-party war that has taken place in Georgia. There is a lot of fierce debate and limited action going on in the state due to this.

Top 7 Potential Sportsbooks for Georgia

Several of our favorite potential sportsbooks for Georgia sports betting offer amazing deals for new users. You can find our seven favorites down below. This list is highlighted by DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook, who both offer $1,000 or more worth of bonuses to new users in almost every state that the two enter.

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1. DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook is one of the best sportsbooks currently available in the United States betting market. Although the team started out as a daily fantasy platform, the years of building an online sports gaming app gave DraftKings invaluable experience. This explains why the DraftKings Sportsbook mobile app is widely considered the very best.

The welcome bonus that DraftKings has been offering throughout the United States is a $1,000 deposit bonus and a $50 free bet following your first wager. This means that you get $1,050 worth of bonuses.

The $1,000 deposit bonus is a 20% match. This means that you will need to deposit a full $5,000 to receive that $1,000 bonus.

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2. FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook is another company that started as a daily fantasy platform and has developed a sportsbook as the American betting market explodes. However, FanDuel offers the same great services that many have come to expect from the DFS app on its sportsbook, making it one of the top choices for bettors.

FanDuel has entered almost every state that has legalized mobile sports betting, and it is highly likely that it will be one of the first operators in the Georgia sports betting market. When this happens, it is likely that you will be able to get a $1,000 risk-free bet, the typical welcome bonus from FanDuel.

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3. BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM Sportsbook is brought to you by the incredible combination of MGM Resorts International and Entain. These two companies are among the most respected that there are in the gambling business. This has lead to fantastic success for BetMGM, the official online wagering companion of MGM Resorts.

BetMGM has started to become a household name as it becomes the official partner of more and more professional teams. The Detroit Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, and Denver Broncos are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to official betting partnerships that BetMGM has secured.

BetMGM currently offers a $1,000 risk-free bet for new users. This risk-free bet means that you basically get to try out the sportsbook for free, following your first deposit!

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4. Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook recently launched its new mobile application and its one of the best platforms in the world of sports betting. Caesars acquired William Hill, a famous British bookmaker with incredible international acclaim, in April to form a powerhouse sports betting provider.

Caesars offers a $5,000 risk-free bet in each state that it operates in for new users, the best promotion for new users by far in the industry. Use our exclusive promo code “LINEUPSRF” in order to access this elite offer. Caesars also offers some incredible promotions once you have registered on its platform.

Caesars has built a great selection of sports and types of wagers offered with the addition of William Hill. It is well documented that due to the multinational background of William Hill, it has some of the best odds for non-American wagers. There are tons of European soccer, Formula 1, and Euro Tour wagers available on its online sportsbook.

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5. PointsBet Sportsbook

PointsBet Sportsbook is one of the hottest names in the bookmaking industry. The Australian bookmaker, who is partnered with NBC Sports in America, offers some of the most interesting and distinctive wagers in the business.

A large part of this is the fact that PointsBet has PointsBetting, where you win more money the more correct you are about your wager. However, the opposite is also true, and you can lose big. It is a risky form of wagering only offered on its site.

With PointsBet, new users can expect $2,000 in risk-free wagers. The first part of the bonus is a $500 risk-free bet on fixed odds, or normal wagers you find on most sportsbooks. The second part is a $1,500 risk-free wager for PointsBetting.

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6. BetRivers Sportsbook

BetRivers Sportsbook is another popular sportsbook that has entered several markets. BetRivers has seen extreme success in Illinois, where it was the first sportsbook to open its doors. BetRivers demonstrated the power that it can have over a market in this state.

The bonus for joining BetRivers is a $250 deposit bonus at a 100% match rate. This means that your very first deposit earns you twice the amount that you put in. While not a huge amount, this is an amazing offer due to how little you need to put in to reap the rewards.

7. Fox Bet Sportsbook

foxbet promo codeFox Bet Sportsbook is currently owned by both Fox Sports and Flutter Entertainment. Interestingly enough, Flutter is also the owner of FanDuel Sportsbook. Fox Bet is one of the few sportsbooks that have been consistently improving since its launch. Many now consider Fox Bet to be one of the better operators available in the United States.

Fox Bet is another sportsbook that has several celebrity and league endorsements, allowing it to quickly expand its brand and name recognition. The sportsbook has licenses for the NBA, NFL, and MLB, to name a few.

The welcome bonus that we project for Fox Bet is a $500 risk-free bet that it currently offers every market that it is a part of. This risk-free bet is backed by free bets if you are to lose the wager. Those free bets will be equal to your stake of the risk-free wager, up to $500.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports is available in Georgia right now. Both FanDuel and DraftKings, two sportsbooks that should enter the sports betting market when available, offer daily fantasy sports right now!

There are also other daily fantasy operators like Yahoo Daily Fantasy and Underdog that are currently available to fantasy players in Georgia.

Daily fantasy sports seems like it is here to stay with Congress attempting to legalize sports betting. This is a longshot from banning daily fantasy in the state, so players should have no worries about the future of DFS in Georgia.

Georgia Teams to Bet On

All of Georgia’s biggest professional teams have endorsed sports betting, and the hope is that soon you will be able to wager on all of them. At the moment, it is unclear if college sports teams in-state will be eligible for wagers.

atlanta falcons

Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons are the biggest sports team in Georgia as the NFL franchise has a massive presence all over the state while residing in the largest city. The Atlanta Falcons will be a massive betting partner up for grabs when sports betting launches, as every sportsbook will be looking to enter a deal with the franchise.

The Falcons play out of the NFC South, and if Georgia were to legalize, it would become the first city out of the NFC South teams where you can wager on sports online.

atlanta hawks

Atlanta Hawks

The NBA franchise to represent the State of Georgia is the Atlanta Hawks. The team had not seen a championship since 1958, when the team still played out of St. Louis. However, regardless of the lack of success, the Hawks will be a target of sports betting operators. The NBA is the second most wagered on professional league in America next to the NFL, and sportsbooks would love to partner.

Atlanta Braves

atlanta bravesThe Atlanta Braves are Major League Baseball’s franchise to reside in Georgia. The team has been a part of baseball since 1876 and is a historic American franchise, regardless of sport. The team has three World Series titles, with the latest being in 1995.

The team currently looks to be in a championship window that will last several years. However, hopefully, this era turns out better than the 90s, where the Braves could only secure one title after several NL Pennant wins.

georgia bulldogs

Georgia Bulldogs

The University of Georgia is the largest college football team in the state. The Bulldogs bring in tons of fans every single year. It seems that as long as in-state collegiate betting is allowed, the Bulldogs will be one of the biggest teams to bet on in the state.

Currently, Georgia plays in the SEC, the undoubted kings of the FBS. The amount of money that the SEC will bring in on wagers for college football would be massive in the state.

georgia tech yellow jackets

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are the second most popular FBS football team in Georgia and currently play out of the Atlantic Coast Conference, also known as the ACC. The team would no doubt bring in large sums of money in wagers in Georgia if betting were to be allowed. The ACC is another massive football conference, and Georgia Tech has some big games against those opponents.

Projected Georgia Betting Market

It is hard to project a betting market without laws put into place. However, with a population of over 10 million and the amount of money that is circulating in the Georgia economy, even during a pandemic, the market should be massive. Pennsylvania is a rather close comparison, and the Keystone State currently brings in over $400 million in sports betting handle and several million in state revenue a month.
Georgia, over time, could easily reach the heights of the current New Jersey market that almost reached a billion dollars in sports betting wagers during December of 2020. There is little doubt amongst experts that Georgia will be profitable and a well-sized sports betting market when legalized.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is FanDuel Sportsbook available in Georgia?

Not yet, Georgia still needs to legalize sports betting in the state. Due to the fact that the fill died in the house, it will most likely not be until 2022 until another effort can even start. 2022 is the earliest date that sports betting can be leaglized.

Is DraftKings Sportsbook legal in Georgia?

Similar to FanDuel, DraftKings needs to wait until Georgia passes sports betting. Also, expect DraftKings to be one of the first to enter the market. Right now, DraftKings is operating in seven states.

What date will sports betting launch?

There is no set a date for legalized sports betting in Georgia. However, if Georgia can get a sports betting bill on the November ballot, then the state could start operating in 2021. First, sports betting needs to become legal in the Peach State.

Will mobile betting be available?

The sports betting bill in Georgia plans to have mobile wagering. Right now, there is a better chance that mobile betting will be available before retail sportsbooks open up. Mobile betting is the focus of Georgia legislators.

Where will sportsbooks be located?

There are no current locations for sportsbooks to go too. However, Georgians can expect the largest casinos to partner with sportsbooks as soon as sports betting can launch. The Emerald Princess Casino should have a sportsbook as the cruise ship enters international waters for Georgians to gamble.

How will players be able to register?

There is no announcement on how bettors will be able to register for accounts, yet. However, many states allow players to register online or at a sportsbook. Georgia should allow players to register like every other state.

Are Georgia bettors able to wager on any sport?

Right now, all professional sports and popular college sports can be wagered on. The Georgia Professional Sports Integrity Alliance has backed the sports betting bill, which includes the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Falcons, and Atlanta United. If the four major pro teams in the state are on board with sports betting, then there should be no issues with what Georgians can and can’t bet.

Will there be online casinos alongside sports betting?

It is highly doubtful that online casinos become legal in Georgia. Currently, there is no in-person casino in the state besides two casino boats that dock on the coast of Georgia. History shows that it will be much easier for Georgia to focus on legalizing sports betting on its own.

Can I play daily fantasy sports in Georgia?

Yes, daily fantasy sports is live in Georgia, and you can go play today with just about all major platforms. This includes Yahoo, DraftKings, and FanDuel. If DraftKings and FanDuel launch in the Peach State, then you should be able to link DFS and sportsbook accounts.

What is the legal betting age in Georgia?

The legal betting age in Georgia will be 21, in accordance with just about every state in the United States. The sportsbooks will not accept any accounts to be made unless you are of legal betting age at the time of registration.

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