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Injuries Impacting The 2019 Season

Kenley Jansen - Kenley Jansen had missed portions of the 2018 season dealing with heart issues, and he is going to take more time in the offseason to figure out what is causing them. There is no guarantee that Jansen comes back clean for the 2019 season. We also saw him sit out some of the Coors series because of the altitude. If Jansen has any more problems, his health is going to be priority number one given a heart condition is much tougher to deal with than a common baseball injury.

Worst Injuries in Franchise History

Going back to 2005, the Dodgers had some promising players. J.D. Drew was a big bad, but fractured his wrist in the middle of the season, leaving him on the DL or limited the rest of the season. Eric Gagne also had a sprained elbow that turned out to cause him major trouble as the year went on. Milton Bradley and Rafael Furcal both hit the DL numerous times, but Bradley had the worst of it tearing his ACL. It was a few years later that Furcal would miss several months with back surgery.

In 2009, Jason Schmidt missed the entire season with surgery on his torn labrum. Hong-Chih Kuo also missed the second half due to elbow fatigue. When Manny Ramirez landed with the Dodgers, he missed a few months due to lingering strains, mainly due to his calf. Vicente Padilla had been winding down his career, but in 2011, he ended up needing surgery on his neck, missing the rest of the season.

Rubby De La Rosa was a promising young arm, and one of the top arms in the farm system for Los Angeles. He ended up needing Tommy John surgery, then floating around a few other teams he never quite panned out in the majors. Hanley Ramirez was a constant trip to the DL in Los Angeles, tearing his thumb, and then with hamstring injuries. Early on in 2013, Zack Greinke fractured his collarbone, missing the first few months of the season. When Josh Beckett came over from Boston, he didn’t pitch much. He ended up missing time with a hip injury.