Washington Nationals Injuries 2022 Nationals Injuries

55-107, 5th in NL East

WSH 2 @ NYM 9


O = Out
D = Doubtful
Q = Questionable
P = Probable
Reported Name Body Part Pos Injury Notes
No Current Injuries

Most Impactful Injuries on 2019 Season

Howie Kendrick - Howie Kendrick blew out his Achilles, which is a brutal injury for any athlete, but a 35 and going on 36-year-old is going to have a tough recovery. Kendrick has been a right-handed platoon bat who has played multiple positions and been quite valuable. If he is limited to playing time and can’t play sound defense, this will hurt the Nationals moving forward. He is hoping to be ready for Spring Training, but easier said than done.

Worst Injuries in Franchise History

You will have to go back to the Expos days back when they were in Montreal to dive into a little injury history. There have been some big names come through here over the years, but most went on to thrive on other teams. Tim Raines Sr. was playing in 2001 when he ended up having shoulder issues that caused him to miss some time. Jose Vidro had also torn his forearm muscle, which caused him to miss a few months in that same season. Fernando Tatis might have had the worst luck, tearing a labrum in his shoulder, and then the next season had to have surgery on his knee.

After moving to Washington, there were not a lot of big names that came through until more recent seasons. You had a couple of names floating around like Nick Johnson, who had to have surgery and miss the 2008 season with a wrist injury. Ryan Zimmerman was just starting out with the team, and ended up with a torn labrum. Paul Lo Duca broke his right hand during that same year, but made a quick recovery, missing just two months. Jordan Zimmermann was making his way through the organization, and just after he made it he needed surgery on his right elbow.

Stephen Strasburg has remained mostly durable in his career, which was always a scare for him early on. He did have the elbow surgery in 2011, but has avoided major injuries since. Josh Willingham had the torn meniscus in his knee back in 2010, which caused him to miss most of the 2011 season. Josh Johnson had a massive heater, but his arm injuries continued when he went from Miami to Washington. Johnson had shoulder trouble throughout his career, but when healthy he looked to be the real deal. His career came to an end after another surgery later on in his career.