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7:00 pm GMT, 10/24

Entering this year, the Atlanta Hawks are one of the more interesting teams in the NBA. They’re one of the younger talents in the league as they continue developing Trae Young and John Collins. They’ll also be introducing De’Andre Hunter and Cam Reddish to the mix after selecting them with the #4 and #10 overall picks in draft. While most people certainly don’t expect the Hawks to make the playoffs, they might also not tank like everyone thinks. Instead, Atlanta should be able to form a nice 1-4 with a mix of Alex Len and Damian Jones at the center position.

This should be a purely tanking year for the Hawks who took on some expensive contracts. This offseason, they’ve already made some interesting moves. They took on the bad contracts of Evan Turner, Allen Crabbe, and Chandler Parsons, acquired a future 1st round pick, and traded away Taurean Prince. While those veterans are all experienced players, none present intriguing options that would make an instant impact for Atlanta.

Pos Name Jersey Rating Ranking Depth Height Weight Age Birthday Exp. College
PG Trae Young Trae Young T. Young 11
#74 PG 1 6' 2" 180 21 9/19/98 Rookie Oklahoma
PG De'Andre Hunter De'Andre Hunter D. Hunter
1 6' 7" 225 Rookie Virginia
PG Junior Robinson Junior Robinson J. Robinson
SG Kevin Huerter Kevin Huerter K. Huerter 3
1 6' 7" 190 21 8/27/98 Rookie Maryland
SG Allen Crabbe Allen Crabbe A. Crabbe 33
#43 SG 2 6' 6" 212 27 4/9/92 6th season California
SG Evan Turner Evan Turner E. Turner 1
#58 SG 2 6' 7" 220 30 10/27/88 9th season Ohio State
SG Vince Carter Vince Carter V. Carter 15
#52 SG 3 6' 6" 220 42 1/26/77 21st season North Carolina
SG Justin Anderson Justin Anderson J. Anderson 1
#57 SG 6' 6" 230 25 11/19/93 4th season Virginia
SF Deandre Bembry Deandre Bembry D. Bembry 95
#75 SF 2 6' 6" 210 25 7/4/94 3rd season Saint Joseph's
SF Chandler Parsons Chandler Parsons C. Parsons 25
#35 SF 3 6' 10" 230 30 10/25/88 8th season Florida
SF Alex Poythress Alex Poythress A. Poythress 22
6' 9" 235 26 9/6/93 3rd season Kentucky
PF John Collins John Collins J. Collins 20
#33 PF 1 6' 10" 235 22 9/23/97 2nd season Wake Forest
PF Cam Reddish Cam Reddish C. Reddish
1 6' 8" 208 Rookie Duke
PF Jabari Parker Jabari Parker J. Parker 12
#9 PF 2 6' 8" 245 24 3/15/95 5th season Duke
PF Bruno Fernando Bruno Fernando B. Fernando 0
3 6' 10" 233 Rookie Maryland
PF Ray Spalding Ray Spalding R. Spalding 26
6' 10" 215 22 3/11/97 Rookie Louisville
PF Zach Leday Zach Leday Z. Leday
PF Charlie Brown Jr. Charlie Brown Jr. C. Brown Jr. 2
6' 7" 199 Rookie Saint Joseph's
C Alex Len Alex Len A. Len 25
#44 C 2 7' 1" 250 26 6/16/93 6th season Maryland
C Damian Jones Damian Jones D. Jones 25
#73 C 3 7' 0" 245 24 6/30/95 3rd season Vanderbilt
C Isaac Humphries Isaac Humphries I. Humphries 8
7' 0" 260 21 1/5/98 Rookie Kentucky

2019-2020 Atlanta Hawks Roster Top 3 Questions

What can we expect from De’Andre Hunter?

After first being picked by the Los Angeles Lakers, then dealt to the New Orleans Pelicans, and then the Atlanta Hawks when they decided to move up on draft day, what type of impact will De’Andre Hunter have in his rookie season? In a draft highlighted by Zion Williamson and a fairly locked in top 3 picks, many speculated who would go #4. Not initially seen as a top 5 pick, the Hawks moved up on draft day to acquire Hunter who might be the best defensive player coming out of this year’s draft.

After coming off the bench in his freshman year at Virginia, Hunter broke out in his sophomore campaign. He shot 52.0% from the field including 43.8% on three-pointers. There were great strides made in his offensive game as he ended up averaging 15.2 points, 2 assists, and 5.1 rebounds each game. While those offensive numbers don’t exactly stand out as a #4 overall pick, he has the defensive versatility that all teams are looking for nowadays. While he might not have the ability to be a star player, he’ll make a great complementary piece on a young Atlanta team as a versatile defender with an outside shot.

Can Trae Young prove he’s the best sophomore year player in 2019?

Speaking of rookies, Trae Young had a huge surge at the end of the year that put him into contention for Rookie of the Year honors. However, Luka Doncic simply did too much early in the season and took home the trophy at the end of the year. In their sophomore campaigns, how will Young fare and can he be even better than his rookie self? All eyes will be on Young in the early going as he’ll have the experience and be given the leadership to lead the Hawks this year.

After averaging 19.1 points, 8.1 assists, and 3.7 rebounds per game, Young already looks NBA ready. He’ll become the #1 option on offense though his pass making abilities may make him a pass first player. That’ll make a great piece for Atlanta as it looks to model Young as the next Stephen Curry. The passing skills are already there for Young and as he’ll have to further develop his shooting skills. He only shot 41.8% from the field and 32.4% from three which will surely have to improve. If he keeps his passing skills up and the shooting improves, Young could make for one of the better shooting and passing point guards in the league.

Are the Hawks underdogs or still in the basement?

Atlanta has a great core that may still be developing. However with Trae Young and John Collins expected to make some big strides this year, will they actually be as bad as people think. Currently, the lack of experience and established shooters make them a possible lottery team. They certainly have the youth and multiple players with high ceilings but the question remains on whether they can develop quickly this year.

There’s a great group of young players in Atlanta but this season simply isn’t their time to shine. We’ll see the continuation of growth from the newly drafted players while veteran Jabari Parker will look to once again rebuild his value after injuries have derailed his career. Look for improved seasons from Young and Collins while rookies Hunter and Reddish make a name for themselves. They likely won’t have enough experience to compete for a playoff spot and are likely to finish right outside the top 10 in their conference.