NBA Team Offense Stats 2023

Offensive numbers have been on the rise in the NBA over the last decade, and you can dive into these stats to see the top offensive teams in the league. Pace has also been an increasing in the league, and we are seeing more teams over that 100 pace mark. Offensive rating marks the efficiency of an offense as you will usually find the top teams in the league with high offensive rating numbers. Flip through the per-game numbers, or check out the overall total numbers for each stat column.

Offensive numbers have been on the rise in the NBA over the last decade, and you can dive into these stats to see the top offensive teams in the league. Pace has also been an increasing in the league, and we are seeing more teams over that 100 pace mark. Offensive rating marks the efficiency of an offense as you will usually find the top teams in the league with high offensive rating numbers. Flip through the per-game numbers, or check out the overall total numbers for each stat column.

2,809 290 655 363 1,027 2,161 947 352 47.5 37.2 .588 77.2 90
2,681 177 605 284 948 1,903 915 373 49.8 40.8 .634 85.3 84
2,641 274 521 332 941 2,103 778 262 44.7 33.7 .553 77.2 69
2,586 201 654 362 948 1,965 944 355 48.2 37.6 .602 80.5 93
2,566 167 605 318 948 1,911 736 275 49.6 37.4 .603 80.6 95
2,552 267 530 293 963 2,085 757 254 46.2 33.6 .556 78.3 73
2,535 283 529 281 930 2,040 757 241 45.6 31.8 .556 79.6 79
2,516 213 584 349 925 1,924 752 245 48.1 32.6 .583 79.1 81
2,506 243 524 279 948 2,037 652 212 46.5 32.5 .557 82.7 89
2,484 220 524 315 896 1,868 693 267 48 38.5 .591 80.6 70
2,465 197 522 350 902 1,905 722 259 47.3 35.9 .575 74.2 86
2,459 243 570 304 914 1,880 639 242 48.6 37.9 .586 78.6 74
2,434 265 622 354 927 2,011 755 262 46.1 34.7 .552 72.1 76
2,431 246 567 268 910 1,907 691 259 47.7 37.5 .58 81.5 91
2,428 229 589 313 858 1,907 855 306 45 35.8 .569 79.5 83
2,428 208 547 284 908 1,923 700 239 47.2 34.1 .568 77.2 77
2,424 221 587 300 907 1,821 648 262 49.8 40.4 .599 75.5 92
2,415 233 519 317 858 1,840 692 263 46.6 38 .578 77 87
2,414 295 509 297 896 1,944 712 258 46.1 36.2 .555 69.3 85
2,398 206 530 294 853 1,891 778 263 45.1 33.8 .567 85.1 84
2,398 163 558 296 863 1,749 749 274 49.3 36.6 .609 79.9 80
2,383 219 466 353 863 1,840 693 234 46.9 33.8 .574 78.6 71
2,383 179 513 303 857 1,814 704 260 47.2 36.9 .585 80.8 86
2,353 208 514 293 864 1,835 607 215 47.1 35.4 .573 83.2 77
2,324 273 488 266 851 1,908 691 229 44.6 33.1 .546 78.1 82
2,313 158 449 262 819 1,740 833 290 47.1 34.8 .585 71.4 86
2,306 279 458 360 814 1,842 758 266 44.2 35.1 .556 77.6 77
2,293 265 532 309 867 1,945 682 218 44.6 32 .533 72.7 83
2,262 193 486 293 827 1,774 608 197 46.6 32.4 .566 80.3 85
2,246 237 489 278 819 1,796 746 260 45.6 34.9 .559 71.9 94

Team Offense Stats 2023: Looking at Offensive Production

Within this page, all of the offensive team stats are broken out for you in totals or per game. Using per game is going to give you an idea of how many points a team will score on a nightly basis, as well as the rest of their stats. Throughout the season this page will update on a nightly basis, that way you can see the most up to date offensive stats for each team. Up top, you can see the per game and totals drop down, as well as a few others. The season year tab can give you a look back into offensive stats for prior seasons, and you can also break out if you want to just see a specific conference.

These are the most crucial offensive team stats you can ask for, as they tell the whole story for how an offense operates. With the three-point craze being a big part of the NBA game today, see what teams are efficient three-point shooting teams. As mentioned above we are seeing very high pace stats for teams in the NBA, and you can sort through and see how fast teams are playing. Most are playing over 100 possessions per game these days, but a few still haven't quite joined the pace of the rest of the league.

Shooting stats make up the most of the offensive stats. To get an overall look at how efficient a team is shooting, the advanced stat “true shooting percentage” or TS% has been created. It weights twos and threes differently to give you an overall look. Sorting by this stat will truly tell you how good a team is in the shooting department. If you want to sort and see who is getting the most offensive rebounds and assists per game, those are broken out for you. Turnovers are always a killer for an offense, and you don’t want to be leading the league in that column.

What Makes A Good NBA Offense

We can point to offensive rating and points per game as major indicators as to how good an offense is of course. Offensive rating was developed to give us an overall look and one singular number to value an entire offense. The simple answer is offensive rating, but we can take a deeper dive. Now, let's compare a couple of top-scoring teams. The Washington Wizards are one of the highest-scoring teams in the league but are they a better offense than the Los Angeles Lakers, who rank below them in points per game. The offensive rating suggests otherwise. The Lakers rank inside the top five in offensive rating and the Wizards are closer to the middle of the league. Now the Wizards play at a much higher pace than the Lakers, and that factors into their points per game. They are not quite as efficient shooting either, as the Lakers are ahead in TS%.

Now the pace is going to play a big role in how we view offensive stats. Numbers will be inflated a bit because they are getting more attempts and possessions in comparison to other teams in the league. That is the case here with the Wizards and the Lakers. Now the rest of the stats are going to be a bit volatile. Turnovers don't relate to a bad offense as they can be tied into pace, but also just a more aggressive playstyle. The Hawks are a team scoring big points, but turn the ball over as they have a more aggressive style of offense. The Magic turned the ball over very few times in a game, but rank bottom ten in offensive rating. Assists is another that doesn't necessarily correlate with a good offense, as the numbers are all over the place in how they tie into an offensive rating.

Top Shooting Offenses

Looking at some of the top shooting offenses in the game, we can start with two teams leading the league in TS%. The Utah Jazz has a handful of three-point shooters and some of the best in the league. Joe Ingles was on the team before this season and has been one of the top three-point shooters in the country. They added Bojan Bogdanovic in the offseason, which just adds to their shooting. Rudy Gobert isn't the highest usage center in the league, but he cleans up around the rim and has strong numbers. The rest of the Jazz roster is also on the stronger side for shooting. Donovan Mitchell leads the team in shot attempts as he is the go-to player, but is still efficient with this volume. The Miami Heat weren't always a top shooting team, but some offseason additions and a revived season from Goran Dragic has given the offense a big lift. They also have Bam Adebayo who is an efficient player around the rim but can also make some shots from the field.

The Milwaukee Bucks are another strong shooting team, as they are building on efficiency around the rim, and have timely three-point shooters. Giannis Antetokounmpo isn't a three-point shooter but is a name who is over 50% from the field. Khris Middleton is an underrated secondary scorer on the team. They also have Brook Lopez who has transformed his game to be one of the top three-point shooting centers in the game. The Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks are top five in offensive rating this season, but the numbers they are producing are unreal. Luka Doncic, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden are a big reason why these teams are shooting so well, but the role players around them with lesser usage are still very efficient.

Worst Shooting Offenses

After we looked at the top shooting teams, we have a group on the opposite end of the spectrum. The New York Knicks have been bad for a very long time now, and the shooting is at a league-low. The offseason additions have not helped out, and they are loaded with guards and wings that haven't shown any sort of stability. R.J. Barrett came into the league and wasn't a consistent shooter, but showed upside. While it is still early, he has not factored into improving the Knicks shooting. The Charlotte Hornets are not that far behind, which is no surprise given the players they have drafted over the last few years are looking more and more like duds. The Hornets have a bottom-five offensive rating and are bottom three in points per game as well. The departure of Kemba Walker was also not going to be very kind to their offense.

Now we can chalk up Golden State's offensive struggles to losing two of the best guards in the league to injuries, and of course Kevin Durant leaving and being injured was not going to help either. We won't focus on them as we can look at the Orlando Magic, who are a playoff team but are not getting there with their offense. The Magic are bottom five in points per game, and also true shooting percentage. Now their overall roster is not built with a lot of shooters, and that is an issue. Their pace of play is also on the slower side, so with poor shooting and a slow pace, the points are not going to be showing up on most nights. This should be a key focus for the team moving forward.

Pace Around The League

Over the 30 NBA teams in the league, there is a 10 point difference between the top paced team and the bottom paced team. Milwaukee leads the league in pace, and they are also averaging 118 points per game. They are a great mix of efficiency and volume, which is why they have the best record in the league. A lot of the younger teams are also playing at a high pace. The New Orleans Pelicans went through a roster change, and now have a lot of young names. They are playing at the second-highest pace in the league. The offense has also followed, but the defense is what is keeping them from taking that next step. Minnesota is another young team playing at a high pace, and they are going through some of the similar issues as other younger teams playing at a high pace. The offensive numbers are there, but they can't stop anyone defensively. Atlanta and Memphis are a few other teams that mirror their offensive and defensive production.

Looking at the slower teams in the league, the Charlotte Hornets are dead last in pace. This is a factor in their overall offense as they struggle to score. Now a slow-paced team does not result in a bad offense. The Denver Nuggets play at a slower pace, but they average over 110 points per game as they are very efficient and move the ball around. The same goes for the Miami Heat and Utah Jazz, where they grind it out a bit more than other teams but have shooting to back it up. Detroit, Orlando, and the New York Knicks are playing at a slow pace, and with their shooting also being rather poor, there is not a lot of scoring tied to them. Pace changes each year, so you can see changes in team pace whenever you flip through the seasons.


What Team Averages The Most Assists?

The Phoenix Suns have averaged the most assists per game, sitting at 27.2. They have over 1,700 on the season as a whole. This offense moves the ball around and has produced over 110 points per game as well on the season.

What Team Has The Highest True Shooting Percentage?

The Utah Jazz and the Miami Heat both are tied for the highest true shooting percentage as a team. They have a 58.7 true shooting percentage, as they have equal numbers in field goal and three-point percentage for this season.

What Team Has The Lowest True Shooting Percentage?

The New York Knicks have the lowest true shooting percentage as a team, sitting at 53.1. The next closest team is the Charlotte Hornets at 53.9. The Knicks have one of the lowest field goal and three-point percentages in the league.

What Team Has The Most Turnovers Per Game?

Leading the NBA in turnovers per game this season is the Cleveland Cavaliers. They average 16.5 turnovers per game, and we can’t blame team pace for it either. The Cavs play at one of the slower paces in the league.

Who Averages The Most Field Goal Attempts Per Game?

The New Orleans Pelicans average 92.2 field goal attempts per game, which leads all NBA offenses. They are averaging 116 points per game as the young offense is also playing at a high pace and with some efficiency as well.

What Team Has The Lowest Offensive Rating?

The Golden State Warriors have the lowest offensive rating, sitting at 105.2. With Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry both injured this season, the Warriors offense has severely struggled and is one of the worst offenses in the league without the backcourt duo.