Buffalo Bills Schedule 2018 Bills Schedule

4-9, 3rd AFC East

vs DET

6:00 pm UTC, 12/16

It is not going to be a pleasant year for the Bills, but that was going to be the case regardless of the schedule. On top of a bottom three roster in the league, they face some stiff competition this season. Buffalo gets the rematch against Baltimore for their opening game, which occurred a few seasons ago. After the opener against Baltimore, they face the Chargers, Vikings, and Packers. The two NFC North games are on the road, and neither are going to be winnable games. While usually going to Buffalo is a tricky game for the Chargers, this year is different given the state of the Bills. The Bills also face the AFC South which in past years was a plus, this season is likely not going to be the case. Jacksonville has established themselves as an elite defense, while Andrew Luck and DeShaun Watson are likely going to be back in business. Facing the rest of the NFC North with Chicago and Detroit lurking at the end of the year, this is another two games that should be losses for the Bills. Adding in two games against the Patriots, and slightly better AFC East opponents, the 0-16 watch will be on.