How to Bet on March Madness 2021: Best US Apps Guide & Tutorial

ncaa logo100One of the best sporting events of the year is on its way, with the NCAA Tournament set to begin with the First Four on March 18th and the first games of the Round of 64 starting March 19th. The Selection Sunday will be March 14th at 6 pm ET! There is still a ton to be figured out; however, you can start betting on who you think will be the champion of the tournament in every state that has legal sports betting.

However, there may be some teams missing depending on the state that you are betting in. Each state has its own rules and laws regarding collegiate betting. We will break down those in each of our state sections as well as the sportsbooks that you can bet on.

Depending on the state, you will be able to wager on a myriad of futures like the eventual NCAA champion, individual games, prop-bets, and more.

How to Bet on March Madness For 2021

One thing that is pretty universal in states with online sports betting is the process of how to actually place your wager. Follow these steps, and you will be able to place the perfect bet for your March Madness bracket.


Find a Sportsbook & Promotion

There are tons of sportsbooks now operational in the United States betting market. One thing that you will want to do is find the right sportsbook for your needs. You can go through any one of our state pages or find a list down below that gives you our top-rated sportsbooks.

If you are new to the sportsbook, then you most likely can take advantage of a huge welcome bonus with a promo or bonus code. Do not miss out on free value and free betting money when you sign up and join a new sportsbook!

DraftKings Banner Update $1,050


Create a Sports Betting Account

Creating an account with a sportsbook can seem a little intimidating. There are the basics like Email, date of birth, name, etc. However, one thing that you will have to hand over is the last four digits of your Social Security Number. This is because the bookmaker needs to verify that you are a legal bettor. This is for the protection of the sportsbook itself, as well as mandated by the state regulatory bodies.

If the sportsbook has trouble verifying your identity using just the information provided, then it may ask for further proof in the form of an ID or proof of residency. This is rare but possible and is standard in the sports betting industry.

fanduel create account


Deposit Money into Your Sports Betting Account

Once your account is created and verified, the next step is to deposit money. This is where many welcome bonuses come into play, specifically ones that offer a deposit match for your very first deposit. Pay attention to the rules of the bonus or promotion so that you are able to get maximum value.

Each sportsbook offers unique banking options, and it also can depend on which state you are in with that specific sportsbook. Some common deposit methods are PayPal, debit card, credit card, e-check, and bank transfer.

Fox Bet PA Deposits


Place Your March Madness Bet

To place a bet online, the process is going to be very similar with each and every sportsbook. First, find the March Madness wager you are looking for. Then, you can click on that wager and add it to your bet slip. The bet slip is where you will actually place the wager. In your bet slip, you can type the amount of money you would like to put at stake. Following that the sportsbook will display the profit or payout associated with that bet and stake, and you can choose to confirm and place the bet.

Parlay Betting Slip

michigan wolverines

Michigan March Madness Betting

Michigan is one of the newest states to allow sports betting. You can bet both online and in-person in Michigan. There are no restrictions when it comes to collegiate in-state betting. This means that you can wager on both Michigan and Michigan State basketball inside of Michigan.

Top Michigan SportsbookMichigan March Madness Promo CodeMichigan Promo ValueMichigan Title OddsMichigan State Title Odds
DraftKings Michigan SportsbookClaim Free Bets$50 Free Bet
$1,000 Deposit Match Bonus
FanDuel Michigan SportsbookNo Code - Click Here$1,000 Risk-Free Bet+800+15,000
BetMGM Michigan SportsbookLINEUPS$600 Risk-Free bet+600+10,000
William Hill Michigan SportsbookLINEUPSRF$2,021 Risk-Free Bet+600+10,000
WynnBet Michigan SportsbookLINEUPS$1,000 Risk-Free BetTBDTBD
BetRivers Michigan SportsbookLINEUPSMI$200 Deposit Bonus+800+12,000
PointsBet Michigan SportsbookLINEUPS$2,000 in Risk-Free Bets+800+15,000
Fox Bet Michigan SportsbookClaim Risk-Free Bet$500 Risk-free bet+650+10,000

virginia tech hokies

Virginia March Madness Betting

You can bet on collegiate events in Virginia, but you are not allowed to bet on any in-state school. This means that you cannot bet on the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, James Madison, Old Dominion, or Virginia Commonwealth University. All other schools, as long as they reside outside of Virginia’s borders, can be wagered on for March Madness while betting in Virginia.

Virginia Top SportsbookVirginia March Madness Promo CodesVirginia Bonus Details
DraftKings VirginiaNo Code - Claim Free Bonus$50 Free Bet
$1,000 Deposit Match Bonus
FanDuel VirginiaClick Here For Promo$1,000 Risk-Free Bet
BetMGM VirginiaLINEUPS$600 Risk-Free Bet
William Hill VirginiaLINEUPSRF$2,021 Risk-Free Bet
BetRivers VirginiaLINEUPSVA$250 Bonus

University of Illinois

Illinois March Madness Betting

Illinois does not allow any betting on in-state schools. This is a major caveat, but you can place wagers on all other March Madness-related games. So, as long as you are within Illinois State-borders, you cannot wager on any college that is located within Illinois, no matter where the game is taking place.

Top Illinois SportsbookIllinois March Madness Promo CodeIllinois Promo Value
DraftKings IllinoisNo Code - Click thru for Max Bonus$50 Free Bet
$1,000 Deposit Match
FanDuel IllinoisNo Code - Click thru for Max Bonus$1,000 Risk-Free Bet
William Hill IllinoisLineups300$300 Risk-Free Bet
PointsBet IllinoisLINEUPS$2,000 in Free Bets
BetRivers IllinoisLINEUPSIL$250 Free Bonus

Penn State Nittany Lions logo.svg

Pennsylvania March Madness Betting

Pennsylvania is a state that allows NCAA betting, including all schools that reside within Pennsylvania. This means that there are no restrictions regarding college sports betting when it comes to where the college is located. You can bet on March Madness, including betting on any Pennsylvania-based program.

Top Pennsylvania Sportsbook AppsPennsylvania March Madness Promo CodePennsylvania Promo ValueVillanova Title Odds
DraftKings PennsylvaniaNo Code - Click thru for Max Bonus$50 Free Bet
$1,000 Deposit Match
FanDuel PennsylvaniaNo Code - Click thru for Max Bonus$1,000 Risk-Free Bet+8,000
BetMGM PennsylvaniaLINEUPS$600 Risk-Free Bet+4,000
FoxBet PennsylvaniaNo Code - Click Here$500 Free Bet+4,500
BetRivers PennsylvaniaLINEUPSPA$250 deposit match+5,000

Tennessee Voluneteers

Tennessee March Madness Betting

Tennessee sports betting allows you to bet on any college program, regardless of location. In-state schools are completely fair game in the Volunteer State. You can make wagers on the University of Tennessee and Vanderbilt within the state. Tennessee only allows online and mobile wagering, so there will be no place for you to physically wager. You must do it from your phone or computer.

Top Tennessee Sportsbook AppsTennessee March Madness Promo CodeTennessee Promo ValueTennessee Title Odds
DraftKings TennesseeNo Code - Click Here for Bonus$50 Free Bet
$1,000 Deposit Match
FanDuel TennesseeNo Code - Click Here for Bonus$1,000 Risk-Free Bet+5,500
BetMGM TennesseeLINEUPS$600 Risk-Free Bet+4,000
William Hill TennesseeLINEUPSRF$2,100 Risk-Free Bet+5,000

rutgers scarlet knights

New Jersey March Madness Betting

New Jersey is the largest sports betting market in the entire United States, and you can bet with your choice of tons of different sportsbooks for March Madness. There is a ban on any in-state collegiate betting. This means that if a program that is based in New Jersey is playing in the game, you cannot wager on that game.

New Jersey does have both in-person and online betting available. It is your choice if you wish to wager online or at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook. It is also completely legal to bet while visiting, so you do not have to be a New Jersey resident to wager.

Top New Jersey Sportsbook AppsNew Jersey March Madness Promo CodePromo Value
DraftKings New JerseyNo Code - Click thru for Max Bonus$1,000 Deposit Match Bonus
$50 Free Bet
FanDuel New JerseyNo Code - Click thru for Max Bonus$1,000 Risk-Free Bet
William Hill New JerseyLineupsRF$500 Risk-Free Bet
BetMGM New JerseyLINEUPS$600 Risk-Free Bet
FoxBet New JerseyNo Code - Click thru for Max Bonus$500 Free Bet
WynnBet New JerseyNo Code - Click Here$500 Risk-Free Bet
PointsBet New JerseyLINEUPS$2,000 in Free Bets

purdue boilermakers

Indiana March Madness Betting

Indiana has very few restrictions on betting. You can bet on Indiana collegiate programs as well as any school participating in March Madness. You can place these wagers with any online or in-person sportsbook in the state as they all accept college basketball wagers.

Top Indiana Sportsbook AppsIndiana March Madness Promo CodeIndiana Promo ValuePurdue Title Odds
DraftKings IndianaNo Code - Click thru for Max Bonus$50 Free Bet
$1,000 Deposit Match
FanDuel IndianaNo Code - Click thru for Max Bonus$1,000 Risk-Free Bet+5,000
BetMGM IndianaLINEUPS$600 Risk-Free Bet+4,000
William Hill IndianaLINEUPSRF$500 Risk-Free Bet+6,000
PointsBet IndianaLINEUPS$2,000 in Risk-Free Bets+7,000
BetRivers IndianaLINEUPSIN$250 Deposit Match+6,500

Iowa Hawkeyes logo.svg

Iowa March Madness Betting

Iowa has no restrictions regarding the college schools that you can bet on. Also, as of 2021, you can now sign up online with all mobile and online sportsbooks. Prior to this year, you had to at least register in-person to wager on sports. This means that you will never have to leave the house to bet on March Madness in Iowa.

Top Iowa Sportsbook AppsIowa March Madness Promo CodeIowa Promo ValueIowa Title OddsDrake Title Odds
DraftKings IowaNo Code - Click thru for Max Bonus$50 Free Bet
$1,000 Deposit Match
FanDuel IowaNo Code - Click thru for Max Bonus$1,000 Risk-Free Bet+1,700+25,000
BetMGM IowaLINEUPS$600 Risk-Free Bet+1,600+10,000
William Hill IowaLineupsRF$500 Risk-Free Bet+1,800+20,000
PointsBet IowaLINEUPS$2,000 in Free Bets+1,800+25,000
BetRivers IowaLINEUPSIA$250 Bonus+1,700+20,000

west virginia mountaineers

West Virginia March Madness Betting

West Virginia is a state that allows both in-state and in-play betting for collegiate wagers. You can bet on March Madness, even while the games are being played. There is no ban on schools that are physically-based in West Virginia.

West Virginia allows both in-person and online sports betting.

Top West Virginia Sportsbook AppsWest Virginia March Madness Promo CodeWest Virginia Promo ValueWest Virginia Title Odds
DraftKings West VirginiaNo Code - Click thru for Max Bonus$50 Free Bet
$1,000 Deposit Match
FanDuel West VirginiaNo Code - Click thru for Max Bonus$1,000 Risk-Free bet+5,000
William Hill West VirginiaLineupsRF$500 Risk-Free bet+3,000

colorado buffaloes

Colorado March Madness Betting

College wagering is massive in Colorado. Not only can you bet on any collegiate program, but the Colorado Buffaloes are actually partnered with PointsBet. Needless to say, you can wager on March Madness and all the participating teams with all of the sportsbooks in the state. There are loads of mobile and physical sportsbook options to choose from in Colorado.

Top Colorado Online SportsbooksColorado March Madness Promo CodePromo ValueColorado
DraftKings ColoradoNo Code - Click thru for Max Bonus$50 Free Bet
$1,000 Deposit Match
FanDuel ColoradoNo Code - Click thru for Max Bonus$1,000 Risk-Free Bet+6,000
BetMGM ColoradoLINEUPS$600 Risk-Free Bet
William Hill ColoradoLineupsRF$2,021 Risk-Free Bet+6,000
PointsBet ColoradoLINEUPS$2,000 Risk-Free Bets+7,000
FoxBet ColoradoNo Code - Click thru for Max Bonus$500 Free Bet+5,000
BetRivers ColoradoLINEUPSCO$250 Bonus+7,000
WynnBet ColoradoNo Code - Click Here$500 Risk-Free BetTBD

March Madness Betting Advice

It can be hard picking a team to bet on with so many options in March Madness. These are three of our favorite bets here at

The Favorite: Gonzaga +200

Gonzaga is the clear favorite for almost all sportsbooks in the United States. The Gonzaga Bulldogs have yet to lose a game and probably will not be challenged until the later stages of the NCAA tournament. While the odds are not giving you a massive return, it is hard to bet against such an experienced and talented program in the tournament.

The Dark Horse: Creighton +2,500

Creighton plays in an incredibly competitive division and has been playing extremely well as of late. The team has taken down Marquette, Georgetown, and 8th ranked Villanova over their past three games. If Creighton was not facing some of the most fierce competition in college basketball every week, then the team would be a top-5 school. This team has loads of upset potential in the tournament, and I love their odds of getting to the final four, at the very least.

The Underdog: Loyola Chicago +4,000

The fairytale from a few years ago is back and back with an extremely solid group of players that could easily take it all the way to the National Championship. Loyola, again, has experienced players with tons of talent; this team has teamwork down and will thrive in the tournament. I love the value of +4,000 here.

March Madness Betting FAQ

Is sports betting legal?

In certain states, yes. Sports betting is no longer illegal on a federal level, and instead, it is up to the states to decide if they wish to allow legal online sports betting. This is due to a Supreme Court Decision that overturned PASPA in 2018.

What sportsbook offers the biggest welcome bonus?

DraftKings offers the largest deposit match bonus with a $1,000 match at a 20% rate; you also get a free $50 bet after your first deposit when you use Lineups’ link. The largest total value for a welcome bonus is PointsBet, with $2,000 worth of risk-free bets.

Is it legal in the United States to bet on March Madness?

Yes, in states that allow legal collegiate betting, it is 100% legal to bet on the NCAA Tournament. Now, each state will have its own restrictions regarding betting and collegiate betting; however, this is currently dependent on a state-to-state basis.

Can I place player-prop bets for NCAA basketball?

Many states restrict player-prop bets when it comes to any kind of NCAA wager; the state is trying to avoid a bettor paying off a player to do a certain thing. However, some states allow player-props, and most states allow team-prop bets.

Are my sports betting winnings taxable?

Yes, winning any amount of many gambling, whether it be sports betting or not, is taxable. This does not change because the money was won online. You will need to refer to your own State Tax laws as well as your Federal Tax forms to see the amount owed.

Can I bet on sports from my phone?

Yes, many states such as New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and more have online and mobile betting. The sports betting operators in these states offer mobile applications to wager on. You can find apps for DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and more.

Can I bet on March Madness in California?

No, you cannot. California does not have any form of legal sports betting, so you may not wager on any sports, including March Madness. There will need to be a constitutional amendment in California before sports betting is legalized in the state.

Can I bet on March Madness in New York?

Yes, but only at in-person casinos in Upstate New York. There is no mobile betting yet in the Empire State. There are also regulations regarding any gambling on in-state colleges. This means that you cannot bet on Syracuse, for example, in New York.

Can I play daily fantasy competitions for March Madness?

Yes, both DraftKings and FanDuel are offering collegiate basketball competitions for daily fantasy. These are technically not sports betting and are legal in most states. You can choose from thousands of contests available on either of these daily fantasy sports platforms.

Can I play a March Madness bracket-style game on DraftKings?

There will most likely be a free-to-play pool that DraftKings puts up regarding March Madness; however, for a complete bracket-style game, it is unclear if it will be available on DraftKings. You will be able to bet on the competition’s games with the DraftKings Sportsbook.

BetMGM Sportsbook Review For March Madness

Name: BetMGM Sportsbook

Description: Owned by MGM International Resorts and Entain, a power duo in the gambling world, the sportsbook is able to provide some of the best service and value for money in the online gaming scene. BetMGM has you covered with all the collegiate basketball wagers that you can handle.

Operating System: iOS, Android

Application Category: Game

Author: Matthew

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BetMGM Sportsbook can be your go-to place for all collegiate wagers. The sportsbook always has every wager that it can offer in that state available, meaning that you will not have to look elsewhere for your college betting. The support is fantastic on BetMGM, allowing you both live chat and email options. Then, the promotions and odds pricing are some of the best available in the online sports wagering world.

Well Done

  • Loads of college bets
  • Fantastic support available 24/7
  • Good pricing on Odds
  • Great welcome and existing-user bonuses

Needs Help

  • The site can be slow
  • The interface is a bit cluttered with bets and promos
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