NFL Team Pick Em by Papa Johns

How to Play DraftKings Team Pick’Em by Papa Johns Pizza

Papa Johns Pizza has joined with the daily fantasy sports site DraftKings to offer the NFL Team Pick’Em Contest. Here is how you can get in on the action and try to win your own slice of the $25,000 weekly piece of the pie. In order to join the fun, you’ll need to create an account. Before doing so, read our Draftkings Review and use our Draftkings promo code. Review the promo code specifications and play with free money.

How to Play

Playing the DraftKings Team Pick’Em is free. If you don’t already have a DraftKings player account, set yourself up one. It’s simple and you’ll also be able to enter other DraftKings contests as well. Once you have an account, login and navigate your way to the weekly list of NFL games to make your picks.

How to Enter Your Picks

You have two choices to make your picks. There is a “quick pick” tab that will allow you to select between three automatic pick types. You can pick all the home teams, or all the away teams, or generate your picks using the random option.

If you feel you have an inside hunch on which team will win any or all of the games, select the tab to make your pick for the winner of each game. When you’re finished, hit agree to the terms of service and hit submit. It’s that simple.

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How Scoring Works

Scoring is based on a 100 points earned for every correct pick. There will be a leader board that you can follow and see where you’re at in the overall standings. The DraftKings Pick’Em leader board is broken down into multiple pages, but your point total will always be shown in the center.

There are two different leader lists. One shows the leaders for the active week of games, and beside that tab is a leader board for the entire season. Again, both boards will begin with the player who currently has the most points, and always show your current totals at the top.

NFL Team Pick EmDetails
How To Play?All you have to do is create a DraftKings account and navigate your way to the weekly list of NFL games to make your picks. It's as easy as that!
Who Can Play?If you are 18 years older you can play in most states. 19 years old in AL & NE. 21 years old in MA.
Weekly PrizesDuring each subsequent week of the NFL season, the top players earned a percentage of the $25,000 prize pool.
Season Long PrizesThe top 994 seasonal point totals will earn cash prizes as well. Top prize for the most points during the entire DraftKings Team Pick'Em is $10,000

How to Earn Bonus Points

You can also tack on bonus points to your weekly total score. One way to get extra points is pick the weekly bonus game correctly. There are also various ways to earn more points. You can earn an additional 20 weekly points by sharing on Facebook or Twitter. You can get the same 20 point bonus three more times by watching a featured video.

How to Change Your Picks

You can change your picks right up until kick off time. At the bottom of the game schedule where you selected a winner for each game, you will see a tab to “update picks”. Go through all the games and change any that you wish. Navigate back to the update picks tab, and your new picks will be entered. You can do this as many times as you wish up until kick off.

How the Weekly Prizes Are Broken Down

There are changing prize structures from week to week. The week-one winners were broken down by tier, according to how many points they earned. These top point winners split the total top prize purse of $300,000.

During each subsequent week of the NFL season, the top players earned a percentage of the $25,000 prize pool. The top 994 seasonal point totals will earn cash prizes as well. Top prize for the most points during the entire DraftKings Team Pick’Em is $10,000.


You must be at least 18 years of age to enter. Alabama and Nebraska residents must be 19 years old. If you’re from Massachusetts, you need to be 21. Any resident of the United States, Canada and the UK who meets these age requirements, is eligible to play the DraftKings Team Pick’Em.

Some Strategy Tips for Picking the Winners in NFL Games

One piece of advice is to try not to pick with your heart. If you have a favorite team that you know doesn’t have a good chance of winning, you should consider picking against your team. That sentimental pick could cost you 100 points. Watch shows where the NFL experts lend their advice. You can also do online research to see which the pros are leaning on certain games, especially the tough ones. DraftKings also has a number of informative posts and articles that dig deeply into every game.

DraftKings Live

One great place to get a lot of the information you need to score high points in the DraftKings Team Pick’Em is on DraftKings Live. DraftKings Live is the place for in depth fantasy news, live in-game statistics updates, plus injury reports and lineup analysis.

This is all you need to jump in the game and pick the winners of every NFL game. One thing that is for certain, if you don’t take advantage of your free entry, you won’t be on the leader board as a cash prize winner. Make your picks on DraftKings this week, and try to get your slice of the pie.

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NFL Team Pick Em Review
  • Free to Enter
  • Ease of Pick Entries
  • Weekly Prizes
  • Eligibility


This is a great contest and virtually everyone of age in all states can play. It’s even open to UK & Canada. You can’t really complain about a contest that is free, easy to enter with $10K in weekly prizes.

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