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The Duel – An Essential Tool for Every DFS Player or Sportsbook Bettor

the duelEvery daily fantasy sports enthusiasts would prefer to win. Seems logical enough, but it’s not always easy. To navigate your way to the top of the standings for any particular contest, you benefit from research. But, where do you get the information you can trust? When you’re looking for FanDuel Sportsbook research and analysis, The Duel is one viable option. If you’re looking for the highest FanDuel Sportsbook promo code, Lineups Betting has you covered.

You can limp around from one DFS information site to another, hoping to sort through the tons of tips and suggestions for the ones that might actually work. Or, you can feed off the dozens of available articles and insightful tips from industry experts on FanDuel’s “The Duel”. Here is a quick overview of what to expect from The Duel.

What is The Duel?

Every DFS player and bettor must-have information and that information needs to be accurate and current. The Duel is FanDuel’s answer to this need. It is a complete stockroom full of knowledge.

There are articles and videos talking about everything from weekly waiver wire pickups, to which player’s stock is rising for daily contests. You can check out the latest buzz, or get up-to-date previews for different sports bets. In is a one-stop-shop for DFS and sports betting news.

The website has an appealing design with individual options that are easy to scan. You can also break down your search by linking across the menu bar to fantasy news, the buzz, betting focused content, or exclusive videos.

Why Do You Need to Use The Duel?

To stay ahead of the DFS competition, you need to stay up-to-date with what’s going on. If you miss even the most minimal change in a player’s status, you may miss out on a sleeper, or a high-percentage bet before the odds shift.

One huge benefit for FanDuel users is how you can navigate back and forth quickly between your contest lineups and The Duel. A pair of open tabs will allow you to build your lineups while canvassing The Duel for vital information to make tough decisions.

What Makes The Duel Better Other Options?

While other DFS sites have their own pages dedicated to providing expert tips, The Duel has tried to stay one step ahead of the competition. Any debate between DraftKings Live and FanDuel’s The Duel, would probably be split down user lines. Some DFS players and game bettors are going to probably prefer one over the other.

One key point to consider is where the information is coming from. When FanDuel acquired NumberFire, they brought onboard one of the most respected providers of accurate sports data. This collaboration of a DFS leader and analytical source like NumberFire, gives The Duel and you an edge over your competition.

With New Jersey winning the supreme court case and US online betting becoming legal on a federal level, FanDuel has jumped into the fray. With the opening of the first online sportsbooks across the country, sports bettors are going to be after the best information. Being able to download the FanDuel mobile app and have instant game analysis at your fingertips will be critical.

Not only is The Duel going to endure the test of time, but you can also expect new and expanded features to be part of The Duel’s future. FanDuel has worked its way to being one of the trusted providers of daily fantasy sports. The knowledge base that they use on The Duel must strive to maintain that same level of user trust.

If you get poor information too many times, you’ll understandably be inclined to venture elsewhere for your tips. The Duel has entrusted the providing of these game tips and helpful picks to some of the best industry experts.

Playing daily fantasy sports contests are a great way to get involved with your favorite sports. With the projected surge of legal sports betting across the country, placing a wager on games is going to be another source of enjoyment for sports fans. To make it all the more enjoyable, you want expert tips you can trust. You’ll find these on The Duel.

The Duel Editor's Take
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  • Design
  • Content

The Duel Impressions

DFS players and sports bettors want accurate information. The alternative is not winning. While there are solid sites out there, sites with reliable material, FanDuel is attached to one of the most trusted. The partnership with NumberFire takes this level of reliability to the ultimate level.

The Duel is easily accessible to FanDuel Players. Logically, this is appealing to players using FanDuel DFS contests or betting using the FanDuel Sportsbook. However, when you throw in the strong reputation of NumberFire, the place where the information is coming from, you have a winner, hands down.

Well Done

  • Statistical data comes from NumberFire as its primary source.
  • Associates very well with the FanDuel DFS contests and sportsbook lines.
  • Everything stays up-to-the-minute, so you have a chance to snag low-budget sleeper to push ahead of the competition, or grab a line before it shifts.
  • Instant access to expert analysis and updated game information on nearly any mobile device.

Needs Help

  • There have been some technical difficulties in the past, but they look to be cleared up.
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