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Injuries that Could Hurt Team in 2019

Alex Reyes - Alex Reyes is one of the top prospects for the Cardinals, who are they are ready to have in their rotation already. He went down with a torn tendon, and is expected to be ready before the season starts. They will likely still be careful with the 24-year-old, but Reyes should be unleashed in a rotation that needs some fresh young talent.

Devastating Injuries in History of Franchise

The Cardinals have gone through their share of injuries, but pitchers in St. Louis have found Tommy John surgery quite often. In the early 2000s, Mike Lincoln and Rick Ankiel were two culprits who had the surgery, and Chris Carpenter was in that boat a year sooner. Scott Rolen had also had surgery on his left shoulder in 2005, which caused him to miss the rest of the season. After Mark Mulder left Oakland, he started to develop shoulder trouble. He ended up needing surgery during the 2007 season, and Carpenter was also continuing to deal arm injuries.

Their star closer Jason Isringhausen needed surgery on his elbow, which caused him to miss most of the 2009 season, and this started to slow down his career at his older age. 2010 was a rough year as David Freese and Adam Ottavino both had to have surgery later in the second half. In 2011, the next Tommy John surgery went to Adam Wainwright, marking another Cardinals pitcher to have the surgery. Chris Carpenter continued to battle arm injuries, and you have to say we were robbed of a really good arm in Carpenter.

While this time not a pitcher, Rafael Furcal needed Tommy John in 2013, and Furcal is also known for having one of the best arms in baseball. Jason Motte also went in for the same surgery during the same year while Jaime Garcia needed shoulder surgery. A few seasons later, Lance Lynn had Tommy John surgery, as did Seth Maness. We started to see a few more injuries go around the infield as well, with Jhonny Peralta going down in 2016 with a torn thumb ligament. Matt Holiday had also fractured his thumb in the same season.