10/21, 2:00a
10/21, 2:00a

Top Injuries in Franchise History

In the more stressful times for the Clippers, they had some talented individuals, but not enough to really make it all work. In the 2002 season, there were a lot of injuries. You had Corey Maggette dealing with a wrist injury, but then he had surgery on his right knee. Lamar Odom didn’t quite crack the national spotlight yet, but he ended up missing three months due to surgery on his wrist. Moving on into 2003, it was more of the same. Elton Brand had a stress fracture in his left leg, which caused him to miss most of the second half of the season. He later had the same issue in the beginning of the next year. Maggette suffered another major injury tearing a ligament in his wrist. Moving ahead to the start of the Blake Griffin and big three era for the Clippers, Blake Griffin had to have surgery on his left kneecap to repair a fracture. Eric Bledsoe was coming along in Los Angeles, but tore his lateral meniscus in his right knee.

This set him back and he had to rehab, missing the 2011 season. In the same year, Chris Paul battled some injuries as well. He had a hamstring injury that left the Clippers really thin at the point guard position that season. When Chauncey Billups tore his Achilles in the same season, that pretty much wrapped up the Clippers chances for doing some damage in the postseason. Even in the offseason, the Clippers were not safe from injury. Griffin had a torn meniscus in the summer for 2012. Just a few weeks after, Paul had to have surgery to repair a torn ligament. he ended up missing the first few months of the season.

Matt Barnes had a crazy injury back in 2013, where he had to repair a torn retina. That same season, J.J. Redick fractured his hand and had to miss a few weeks. Things continued to get worse for the Clippers injury history, as Blake Griffin fractured his hand punching an object off the court. He went onto basically miss the rest of the season. This was the beginning of more hand injuries for the Clippers, as Chris Paul fractured his hand. Later on in 2017 both Paul and Griffin continued to have more surgeries to repair ligaments and knees.