10/19, 11:30p
10/19, 11:30p

Top Injuries To Impact The 2018 Season

Emmanuel Mudiay - In a heavy guard situation, Emmanuel Mudiay coming into the season with a sprained ankle gives a leg up to the other guards to make the most of their minutes. Trey Burke is likely going to be the main starter, as they can shift everyone down if needed to fit two of their younger guards into their starting five. Mudiay’s injury could mean that he is out of the rotation if everyone else stays healthy.

Courtney Lee - Courtney Lee has expressed his displeasure with the Knicks, so these injuries tend to linger a little longer. Lee is dealing with a neck injury to start out the year, and Lee doesn’t seem to have any urgency to get back. This means more time fore rookies like Kevin Knox and Allonzo Trier. The Knicks should be getting more minutes for the younger players anyway, and Lee likely won’t be a Knick for the whole year.

Kristaps Porzingis - Kristaps Porzingis is a long time away from returning to the court, and it is not a guarantee for him to return this season. You shouldn’t be expecting a timetable any time soon, but if there was any chance of a return it would happen after the all-star break. In the meantime you will be seeing guys like Noah Vonleh, Lance Thomas, Mario Hezonja and Kevin Knox depending on the starting lineup.

Top Injuries in Franchise History

The Knicks have had some tough luck over their career, never quite getting over the hump in most seasons. Baron Davis comes to mind with one of the worst knee injuries we have seen in a while. Davis ended up tearing his ACL, MCL, and patella tendon in his right knee. You also had Patrick Ewing, Marcus Camby, and Latrell Sprewell all battled injuries at the end of their career. We saw each of them miss several weeks during a few seasons post 2000’s.

Looking at Jeremy Lin, he came on the scene and introduced us to “Linsanity” and it eventually went out the window in New York. He tore his meniscus, and Lin has battled several major injuries in his career, never quite being the same after he broke through with success. The Knicks were banking on Amare Stoudemire to be a healthy addition, dealing with knee injuries he had multiple surgeries, he never quite was the same guy from Phoenix. Tyson Chandler is in a similar boat, and missed a lot of time mainly in 2013 when he fractured his leg.

Carmelo Anthony before he moved on from New York missed the second half of the 2015 seasons, with surgery to his patellar tendon. You also had Joakim Noah sucking up a lot of cash from the Knicks, and after his shoulder surgery he never saw the court again. The most recent bad injury that could be much worse is the Kristaps Porzingis ACL injury. We are now going on nearly two years, which is not a good thing with this injury.