Cleveland Cavaliers Roster 2020 Cavaliers Roster

0-0, NaN in East Central

at ORL

7:00 pm GMT, 10/23

The Cleveland Cavaliers first season without LeBron James went just about how everyone expected, only winning 19 games and posting the worst net rating in the NBA. Kevin Love led the team in scoring, but he only played in 22 games due to a combination of injury and load management. Collin Sexton had a promising rookie season, averaging 16.7 points per game while also shooting 40.2% from down town, but he still has to develop a more efficient game if he wants to continue to grow.

Pos Name Jersey Rating Ranking Depth Height Weight Age Birthday Exp. College
PG Darius Garland Darius Garland D. Garland
1 6' 2" 175 Rookie Vanderbilt
PG Collin Sexton Collin Sexton C. Sexton 2
#83 PG 1 6' 2" 190 20 1/4/99 Rookie Alabama
PG Jordan Clarkson Jordan Clarkson J. Clarkson 8
#26 PG 2 6' 5" 194 27 6/7/92 5th season Missouri
PG Brandon Knight Brandon Knight B. Knight 20
#47 PG 2 6' 3" 195 27 12/2/91 7th season Kentucky
PG Matthew Dellavedova Matthew Dellavedova M. Dellavedova 18
#62 PG 3 6' 4" 200 29 9/8/90 6th season Saint Mary's
PG Muhammad-ali Abdur-rahkman Muhammad-ali Abdur-rahkman M. Abdur-rahkman
PG Phil Booth Phil Booth P. Booth
PG Sandy Cohen Sandy Cohen S. Cohen
PG Kevin Porter Kevin Porter K. Porter
PG Kevin Porter Jr. Kevin Porter Jr. K. Porter Jr. 0
6' 6" 218 Rookie USC
PG Jalen Hudson Jalen Hudson J. Hudson
PG Dylan Windler Dylan Windler D. Windler 0
6' 8" 196 Rookie Belmont
PG Renaldas Seibutis Renaldas Seibutis R. Seibutis
6' 6" 180 34 7/23/85 Rookie
PG Dakota Mathias Dakota Mathias D. Mathias
PG Jordan Stevens Jordan Stevens J. Stevens
SG Nik Stauskas Nik Stauskas N. Stauskas 1
#70 SG 3 6' 6" 205 26 10/7/93 5th season Michigan
SF Cedi Osman Cedi Osman C. Osman 16
#49 SF 1 6' 8" 215 24 4/8/95 2nd season
SF Jaron Blossomgame Jaron Blossomgame J. Blossomgame 4
6' 8" 220 26 9/16/93 Rookie Clemson
PF Kevin Love Kevin Love K. Love 0
#5 PF 1 6' 10" 251 31 9/7/88 11th season UCLA
PF Larry Nance Jr. Larry Nance Jr. L. Nance Jr. 22
#25 PF 2 6' 9" 230 26 1/1/93 4th season Wyoming
PF Ante Zizic Ante Zizic A. Zizic 41
#68 PF 2 6' 11" 254 22 1/4/97 2nd season
PF Marquese Chriss Marquese Chriss M. Chriss 3
#69 PF 3 6' 10" 240 22 7/2/97 3rd season Washington
PF John Henson John Henson J. Henson 31
#41 PF 6' 11" 219 28 12/28/90 7th season North Carolina
PF Channing Frye Channing Frye C. Frye 9
#53 PF 7' 0" 255 36 5/17/83 13th season Arizona
PF Brayon Blake Brayon Blake B. Blake
PF Jacorey Williams Jacorey Williams J. Williams 4
6' 8" 220 25 6/12/94 Rookie
PF Dean Wade Dean Wade D. Wade 37
6' 10" 228 Rookie Kansas State
PF Anthony Lawrence Anthony Lawrence A. Lawrence
PF Vladimir Brodziansky Vladimir Brodziansky V. Brodziansky
C Tristan Thompson Tristan Thompson T. Thompson 13
#59 C 1 6' 10" 238 28 3/13/91 8th season Texas
C Marques Bolden Marques Bolden M. Bolden
C Dylan Osetkowski Dylan Osetkowski D. Osetkowski

2019-2020 Top Cleveland Cavaliers Roster Questions

Can Sexton and Garland Play Together?

In a surprising move, the Cavaliers decided to take Vanderbilt point guard Darius Garland with the 5th overall pick in the draft despite already having Collin Sexton (who Cleveland took with the 8th pick in last year’s draft) on the roster. Garland’s 3-point shooting potential should allow him to still be a threat off the ball when Sexton is running the offense, but the reason that Garland was so highly regarded heading into the draft is that he can be the perfect modern-day point guard. Additionally, the defense projects to be horrid when these two are on the court at the same time. Maybe there’s a potential trade here, but in the meantime it will be interesting to see how the young guards play off of each other.

Will they (can they) trade Kevin Love?

Kevin Love is currently by far the most accomplished and talented player on the roster, but how much longer will he be in Cleveland? Love’s championship experience and 3-point shooting ability is certainly attractive to teams in the title hunt, but he’s also 31 years old and is set to make $30 million per year over the next 4 years. It is very possible that a team will get desperate and pull the trigger on a Love trade, but for now Love can serve as a mentor for the rest of the young Cleveland roster.

Time to Pick Up the Pace?

Last season, the Cavs had the slowest pace in the entire NBA, but don’t expect this to last much longer. With a guard heavy roster, it would make sense for this team to take advantage of their quickness by getting out in transition more often. However, it will be interesting if new head coach Jon Beilein will actually implement this style, as his University of Michigan team last year ran the 341st slowest offense in all of college basketball. However, the NBA is much less dependent on half-court sets than at the college level, so we’ll see if Beilein can make the adjustment.