Milwaukee Bucks Roster 2019 Bucks Roster

0-0, T-1st in East Central

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The Milwaukee Bucks have seemed like they have been perched on the edge of being a top contender in the Eastern Conference for the past several years. They never could quite get there under Jason Kidd, and he paid for it with his job. In comes Mike Budenholzer, whose hire was an absolute coup for the Bucks. Budenholzer comes from Atlanta, but he is really a product of San Antonio, having immersed himself in the ways of the Spurs while coaching under Gregg Popovich. Budenholzer is known for getting results immediately and he walks into a great situation in Milwaukee. The Bucks have three legitimate stars along with a solid supporting cast. Milwaukee turned its season around after a slow start last year and now looks ready to take another step forward under their new coach. Budenholzer is known as a defensive coach who will fix the Bucks defense, which was its greatest shortcoming last year.

Pos Name Jersey Rating Ranking Depth Height Weight Age Birthday Exp. College
PG Eric Bledsoe Eric Bledsoe E. Bledsoe 6
#10 PG 1 6' 1" 205 28 12/9/89 9th season Kentucky
PG Malcolm Brogdon Malcolm Brogdon M. Brogdon 13
#24 PG 1 6' 5" 229 25 12/11/92 3rd season Virginia
PG George Hill George Hill G. Hill 3
#43 PG 2 6' 3" 188 32 5/4/86 11th season IUPUI
PG Tim Frazier Tim Frazier T. Frazier 12
#63 PG 3 6' 1" 170 27 11/1/90 5th season Penn State
PG Trae Bell-haynes Trae Bell-haynes T. Bell-haynes
PG Robert Johnson Robert Johnson R. Johnson
PG Jae'sean Tate Jae'sean Tate J. Tate
SG Pat Connaughton Pat Connaughton P. Connaughton 24
#65 SG 2 6' 4" 209 25 1/6/93 4th season Notre Dame
SG Tony Snell Tony Snell T. Snell 21
#55 SG 3 6' 7" 213 26 11/10/91 6th season New Mexico
SG Sterling Brown Sterling Brown S. Brown 23
3 6' 6" 232 23 2/10/95 2nd season SMU
SG Donte Divincenzo Donte Divincenzo D. Divincenzo 9
#79 SG 6' 4" 203 21 1/31/97 Rookie Villanova
SF Khris Middleton Khris Middleton K. Middleton 22
#6 SF 1 6' 8" 222 27 8/12/91 7th season Texas A&M
PF Giannis Antetokounmpo Giannis Antetokounmpo G. Antetokounmpo 34
#1 PF 1 6' 11" 242 23 12/6/94 6th season
PF Nikola Mirotic Nikola Mirotic N. Mirotic 41
#15 PF 2 6' 10" 250 27 2/11/91 5th season
PF Ersan Ilyasova Ersan Ilyasova E. Ilyasova 77
#28 PF 2 6' 10" 235 31 5/15/87 11th season
PF D.J. Wilson D.J. Wilson D. Wilson 5
2 6' 10" 231 22 2/19/96 2nd season Michigan
PF Bonzie Colson Bonzie Colson B. Colson 50
6' 6" 225 22 1/12/96 Rookie Notre Dame
PF Tj Cline Tj Cline T. Cline
PF Jordan Barnett Jordan Barnett J. Barnett
6' 7" 215 Rookie
C Brook Lopez Brook Lopez B. Lopez 11
#29 C 1 7' 0" 270 30 4/1/88 11th season Stanford
C Pau Gasol Pau Gasol P. Gasol 17
#20 C 3 7' 0" 250 38 7/6/80 18th season

Milwaukee Bucks Roster Top 3 Questions

This roster went down as one of the longest rosters in the league, mainly because Giannis Antetokounmpo is on the roster. Greek Freak is one of the most talented players in the league, and is heading into superstardom if he isn’t already there. Milwaukee traded for Eric Bledsoe, but also have Malcolm Brogdon who is former Rookie of the Year. Khris Middleton and Jabari Parker are two more notable names for the Bucks, and this team has all the potential in the world, but they remain inconsistent. Bench depth is where they really lack, and it is partially the reason why they play their starters so many minutes. Center has been a committee approach. John Henson and Thon Maker are big lengthy shot blockers, but not much more. The moves made have been at the head coaching spot, which is may help the Bucks moving forward, but we shall see.

Does Have Giannis Antetokounmpo Another Gear?

Antetokounmpo has served notice that he is one of the league's superstars. Last year, he had to carry the team on many occasions. Budenholzer runs a more balanced system that will factor in contributions from several key players so Antetokounmpo may not have to put this team on his shoulders. In order to accommodate Budenholzer's style, Antetokounmpo will have to broaden his game to become a more rounded player. He will still be the star and the face of the team, but the question will be how he responds to a different system where the ball may be in his hands less.

How Will Budenholzer Weave the Pieces Together?

If the preseason is any indication, Budenholzer is the missing link that will make this whole greater than the sum of its parts. The Bucks have four legitimate top options on their offense, and that does not even include Malcolm Brogdon. Early results show that the Bucks will be playing an exciting brand of basketball. While the Bucks will want to open up opportunities for Antetokounmpo, they will need to keep their other options involved in the game. Milwaukee will likely be a proficient outside shooting team as every one of their starting five except for Antetokounmpo is an expert marksman. This will open up the floor for Antetokounmpo to do his thing.

Can the Bench Keep the Bucks in Games?

There is a relatively significant dropoff from the Bucks starting five to the reserves. While the bench presents a different look, the Bucks' bench may find itself being outclassed on a nightly basis. Part of whether the bench can hold its own depends on whether John Henson can finally begin to live up to his potential. Henson has tantalized in brief spells of action, but has proven to be an inconsistent player. The bench will also be relying on Donte DiVincenzo to quickly integrate into the league. DiVincenzo was an outside shooting machine at Villanova, and if he can hit the ground running, the Bucks will have a spark off of the bench.