New York Knicks Roster 2020 Knicks Roster

17-42, 5th in East Atlantic

This offseason was supposed to be the story of the New York Knicks, as all season long they touted about tanking for Zion Williamson, their inevitable signings of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and how they would be the future of the league. Well, to say the least, that didn’t happen. The New Orleans Pelicans won the lottery and got Zion, and then the two stars spurned the Knicks for the Brooklyn Nets, leaving the franchise and fanbase in complete devastation. Smartly, however, they did not go in and overpay for an aging and/or underwhelming star just to say that they “got somebody”, as instead they came to terms with a bunch of team-friendly 2 year deals so that they can be in position to strike again when the touted 2021 free agency period comes along.

Pos Name Jersey Rating Ranking Depth Height Weight Age Birthday Exp. College
PG Elfrid Payton Elfrid Payton E. Payton 6
#49 PG 1 6' 2" 182 25 2/22/94 6th season LA-Lafayette
PG Frank Ntilikina Frank Ntilikina F. Ntilikina 11
#70 PG 2 6' 3" 189 21 7/28/98 3rd season
PG Dennis Smith Jr. Dennis Smith Jr. D. Smith Jr. 5
#69 PG 3 6' 2" 194 21 11/25/97 3rd season NC State
PG Allonzo Trier Allonzo Trier A. Trier 14
#64 PG 4 6' 3" 198 23 1/17/96 2nd season Arizona
PG Kadeem Allen Kadeem Allen K. Allen 0
#96 PG 4 6' 0" 198 26 1/15/93 3rd season Arizona
SG RJ Barrett RJ Barrett R. Barrett 9
#22 SG 1 6' 5" 200 19 6/14/00 Rookie Duke
SG Wayne Ellington Wayne Ellington W. Ellington 2
#46 SG 2 6' 3" 198 31 11/29/87 11th season UNC
SG Damyean Dotson Damyean Dotson D. Dotson 21
#58 SG 3 6' 5" 200 25 5/6/94 3rd season
SF Maurice Harkless Maurice Harkless M. Harkless 8
#38 SF 2 6' 7" 218 26 5/11/93 8th season St. John's
SF Reggie Bullock Reggie Bullock R. Bullock 25
#51 SF 3 6' 5" 198 28 3/16/91 7th season UNC
SF Ignas Brazdeikis Ignas Brazdeikis I. Brazdeikis 17
#67 SF 4 6' 5" 213 20 1/8/99 Rookie Michigan
PF Kevin Knox Kevin Knox K. Knox 20
#56 PF 1 6' 7" 213 20 8/11/99 2nd season Kentucky
PF Kenny Wooten Kenny Wooten K. Wooten 45
#92 PF 6' 9" 218 21 4/17/98 Rookie Oregon
C Mitchell Robinson Mitchell Robinson M. Robinson 23
#15 C 1 6' 11" 222 21 4/1/98 2nd season Western Kentucky
C Julius Randle Julius Randle J. Randle 30
#34 C 1 6' 7" 249 24 11/29/94 6th season Kentucky
C Bobby Portis Bobby Portis B. Portis 1
#43 C 2 6' 9" 244 24 2/10/95 5th season Arkansas
C Taj Gibson Taj Gibson T. Gibson 67
#51 C 2 6' 9" 224 34 6/24/85 11th season USC

2019-2020 New York Knicks Roster Top 3 Questions

Can RJ Barrett Live Up to the Hype?

While the Knicks missed out on Zion, they still managed to get the 3rd overall pick, resulting in the selection of former #1 overall recruit RJ Barrett. Barrett played with Zion at Duke last year, and despite all of the attention going to his teammate he was still able to post impressive averages of 22.6 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 4.3 assists per game. The worry with Barrett, however, is his efficiency. This concern is mainly due to his questionable jump shot that resulted in him only making 30.8% of his 3-pointers during his only year of college. If Barrett can fine tune his shot mechanics, he can become one of the more dynamic young wings in the game, and this could finally be the big break the Knicks have been waiting for.

Will Mitchell Robinson Continue to Impress?

While the Knicks clearly struggled to play any winning basketball last year, rookie center Mitchell Robinson was an unlikely bright spot throughout the season. Despite being limited to only 20.6 minutes per game, he proved to be one of the best rim protectors in NBA right away as he was 2nd in the league in blocks per game (2.4) and 3rd in block percentage (10.0%). His offensive skills still have lots of room for improvement, and he often gets in foul trouble by being too aggressive going for his coveted blocks, but the future is still bright for Robinson. Hopefully he continues to shine within a larger role next season.

How Does the Power Forward Log-Jam Shape Out?

While the Knicks did do the smart thing by not handing out any long-term contracts to non-stars, most of the players that they did sign have something in common: they are all power forwards! Julius Randle, Marcus Morris, Bobby Portis, and Taj Gibson will all be battling with each other for playing time this season. Randle is arguably the best player of the bunch, averaging a career high in points last season at 21.4 points per game, but his shaky jump shot could be a problem if they plan to give heavy minutes to guys like Barrett and Robinson who need shooting around them. This is where Morris and Portis could both be valuable, since they respectively shot 37.5% and 40.3% from downtown a year ago.