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2023 Ravens Injury News

Top Injuries To Impact The Ravens 2020 Season

Kenneth Dixon - If there was a running back impact to help, it would be Kenneth Dixon. Alex Collins and Javorius Collins are the duo right now, and a healthy Dixon would have been another body. Dixon continues to miss time, playing less than 50% of the games in his career. He opens up on the I.R. and won’t be able to come back until Week 11. Dixon is just 24, but his time in the NFL is off to a rough start. It would not surprise anyone to see Dixon cut from the roster at some point. Baltimore has moved on with Alex Collins as their main back.

Hayden Hurst - It has been quite sometime since Baltimore has had a stable tight end on their roster. Dennis Pitta is the more recent one that comes to mind. They have been looking to turnover a new leaf at the position. They drafted Hayden Hurst in the first round, who jumped right to the top of the depth chart. Hurst has been dealing with a foot injury, and is expected to miss the first few weeks of the season. Nick Boyle and Maxx Wiliiams are listed as fill-in options on the depth chart, and Williams was a name that could have filled this role but didn’t pan out.

Greg Senat - The Ravens drafted Greg Senat out of Wagner in the sixth round, and were hoping to shape him as a tackle. Senat is just 24, but was placed on injured reserve. As a sixth rounder, starting the year on I.R. is not where you want to be. In 2018 Senat wasn’t going to be any more than a depth player, but depth at the offensive line position is definitely needed in this league. Senat will spend his rookie year trying to get healthy and look to improve to try and crack the starting line next season with the Baltimore Ravens.

Top 5 Injuries in Ravens Franchise History

After the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl, their star running back Jamal Lewis went down with a knee ligament tear. The Ravens were caught off guard with this injury, leaving a thin depth chart to fill in the rest of the year. Steve Smith has been a warrior, but also has been someone battling injuries. He ruptured his Achilles in Baltimore, which caused him to miss a significant amount of time. This was later in Smith’s career, which ultimately led to his retirement. Just a few seasons before, Terrell Suggs had the same injury playing basketball. Suggs was lucky enough to make a strong return. Suggs has been a terrific defensive player, and without Suggs on the field there is a noticeable difference. Matt Elam has missed a lot of time, mainly dealing with bicep and knee injuries. Elam has been a backup and starting safety for Baltimore. Elam has been a core piece for Baltimore, and the time missed is an overlooked part of the team. Dennis Pitta couldn’t get consistent playing time in Baltimore, and the hip injuries were a main reason. Pitta ended up retiring and becoming a color analyst for the Ravens.