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2023 Raiders Injury News

Top Injuries To Impact The Raiders 2018 Season

Justin Ellis - Justin Ellis has sprained ligaments in his foot, which means he is going to miss a good chunk of time. Oakland’s defense is already poor, and Ellis missing in the middle is not going to help out one bit. The Raiders have been relatively healthy to start the season, so this is the main injury to talk about. They also lost P.J. Hall who backed him up, so Oakland will likely be looking elsewhere to try and get a starter on the defensive line.

Top 5 Injuries in Raiders Franchise History
The Derek Carr injury was pretty bad, and while his return has been 100%, the Raiders were looking at an excellent season ahead of them. Derek Carr broke his fibula in Week 16 of the 2016 season, and missed the next six-eight weeks. The Raiders did not have backup plans, and so close to the playoffs, they were never able to have someone step in to at least give them a shot to win. They went on to lose in the Wild Card Round, scoring just 14 points against the Houston Texans. Mario Edwards was drafted 35th overall in the 2015 draft, and was placed on the injured reserve with a hip injury shortly after. Edwards is still floating around the league these days, but the Raiders were quick to release him. He just hasn’t had the health to keep things going in the league, which is disappointing given the talent he had coming out of Florida State. He could have been one of the better defensive players for Oakland even in today’s game. Sebastian Janikowski is a crowd and league favorite, mainly because he is a big kicker that has a monster leg. Janikowski had played in Oakland for quite sometime, before going on the injured reserve with back issues. Kickers do not hold roster spots, so Oakland let him go and Seattle eventually picked him up. You know Justin Tuck more for his days in New York, but Tuck tried to get on with his career after the Giants, moving over to Oakland. He played one year, but eventually suffered a chest injury that just led him to retire from the game altogether. Tuck went back to the Giants for a one-day deal to retire.