Top 6 Streaming Services For Soccer: Best Live Stream Options for Watching Online

Soccer is a year-round sport that is spread out across multiple countries with multiple leagues and tournaments. If you flip the TV on right now, there is a good chance you will find some soccer. Now with all of the different leagues and tournaments, it can be tricky trying to get all of them on one service. There is a lot of broadcasting rights that come into play, and these rights are constantly changing. Below you can find what services offer up the most soccer leagues and tournaments and see if they are worth the money.

RankNamePackagePriceSoccer OfferingDevicesCountriesStream Soccer
1Hulu + Live TVHulu + Live TV$54.99/MonthNo Package Offering (Games Only On Via Live Channels)Apple & Android Devices, Roku, FireTV, XBOX One, Playstation 4, Chromecast, Web, Roku, Smart TVsUS OnlyFree 7-Day Trial
2FuboTVUltra$84.99/MonthBeIN SportsApple & Android Devices, Roku, FireTV, XBOX One, Playstation 4, Chromecast, Web, RokuUS, Canada, SpainFree 7-Day Trial
3PeacockPeacock + Content Library$4.99 Month W/ Ads
$9.99/Month W/O Ads.
Premier League CoverageApple & Android Devices, Roku, FireTV, XBOX One, Playstation 4, Chromecast, Web, RokuUS OnlyFree 7-Day Trial
4ESPN+Basic$5.99/Month, $49.99/YearMLS, German & Italian Leagues, FA Cup, Carabao CupApple & Android Devices, Roku, FireTV, XBOX One, Playstation 4, Chromecast, Web, RokuUS OnlyWatch Now
5Sling TVOrange/Blue$45/MonthNo Package Offering (Games Only On Via Live Channels)Apple & Android Devices, Roku, FireTV, XBOX One, Playstation 4, Chromecast, Web, RokuUS Only
6CBS All AccessAll Access$5.99/MonthChampions League & Europa League CoverageApple & Android Devices, Roku, FireTV, XBOX One, Playstation 4, Chromecast, Web, RokuUS Only

1. Hulu + Live TV

PackagePrice (Per Month)Free Trial
Hulu$5.99Yes (30 Days)
Hulu (No Ads)$11.99Yes (30 Days)
Hulu + Live TV$54.99Yes (7 Days)
Hulu Bundle With ESPN+ & Disney+$12.99 Per monthNo

hulu logoOverview: The Hulu + Live TV package is what you need to watch any sports as the Hulu streaming service with only access to their content library will not get you live sporting events. For soccer, the Live TV package does come with a lot of channels that have begun to cover more leagues. NBC covers the Premier League, and ESPN just got access to the German Leagues. They also cover the MLS. As for the Spanish and Italian Leagues, it gets a bit tricky given they do not have BeIn sports available. Still, you might be able to get some nationally televised games on Telemundo.


Price: As mentioned above, to get all of those channels, you will need the Hulu+ Live TV bundle, which is $54.99 a month. You do not need a cable subscription as you need an active internet connection.

Reliability: Hulu has certainly improved their reliability from its earlier stages. Live TV through streaming services has a slight delay in comparison to cable television, but that is the case with all services, not just Hulu. The picture is crisp, and if you have an average WiFi connection, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Interface: The Hulu interface is personally one of my favorites as it became easy to use but is also fairly close to most streaming service interfaces. It is easy to jump around the guide and move in and out of the streaming library. The DVR feature is also a great design.

Positives: Soccer being televised in the United States more has brought better coverage to the sport. Hulu + Live TV does a great job of covering what the live TV channels provide. Because these games often have an early start time, up to early as 4 am on the west coast, the DVR feature is great if you do not want to get up early.

Negatives: Because some leagues are exclusively tied with channels and streaming services, you will not be able to get the FA or Carabao Cup for the English leagues. There is no BeIN sports package either, which makes it tough to get the Spanish league games.

2. FuboTV

PackagePrice (Per Month)Free Trial
Family$64.99Yes (7 Days)
Latino$29.99Yes (7 Days)

fubotv 1Overview: FuboTV used to be exclusively just for soccer and has now become one of the top streaming services in the country. Now because they used to be exclusive for soccer, they certainly come in with more options to cover all your viewing needs. They are able to bring in BeIN sports, which is a major soccer channel, and they do not sacrifice other leagues or channels to get that one. They still have ESPN, Fox, CBS, and NBC, which cover a majority of the other leagues around the world as well as the Champions League.

Price: There are a few options to consider when it comes to Fubo TV. The family package includes 105 channels, and it is $59.99 a month. There is an ultra package with the sports package included, and that is $84.99. The sports package on its own or added onto a TV package is an extra $10.99 a month. While it might be a little pricey if you are trying to cut cable, know that it does cover a majority of soccer events.


Reliability: Many might not be aware of how strong FuboTV’s service is when it comes to the quality of streaming. Some channels even have the ability to be streamed over a 4k picture, which is a major advantage over other services.

Interface: There isn’t a ton of differences between the interface of streaming services, and FuboTV is certainly an easy one to view. It is also a darker theme, which makes it easier on the eyes at night time. The DVR interface is also easy to use.

Positives: FuboTV has a lot of positives when it comes to soccer because they have the BeIN sports package. The DVR helps as well for those early morning games, and the guide is customizable to help sort out matches by your favorite team.

Negatives: The only real knock you can make a case for is the price is going to be on par or even more than a cable subscription. However, if you are someone on the road a lot and need this service, it makes sense.


3. Peacock (NBC Sports)

PackagePriceFree Trial
Peacock (With Ads)$4.99Yes (7-Day)
Peacock (Without Ads)$9.99Yes (7-Day)

Overview: NBC Sports still has its own streaming service for those with a cable subscription. However, they have moved from using NBC Gold to show all the Premier League games to using Peacock. They are in a bit of a transfer period moving this all over, so some matches will be shown on the Gold, while some will be shown on Peacock. Eventually, this service will carry the Premier League games. If you have a cable subscription, NBC Sports and NBC still carry the televised games. NBC Sports is the only home of the Premier League games currently in the United States.

Price: At the moment, there is a free version of Peacock, but it will not get you any soccer matches. You will either need to get the $4.99 version each month with ads or get the $9.99 version without ads. While it is not expensive, it might be if you have other subscriptions already.

Reliability: It seems that most beginning streaming services have issues in the beginning, and that is the case with Peacock. Users have been unhappy with the stream quality and having it drop. This is not ideal for watching live sports, but given they are a major network, it should be sorted out sooner rather than later.

Interface: The NBC Sports app had a solid interface, but Peacock hasn’t followed suit in how it shows what is live and what is coming up next. User feedback seems to be in agreement that this side of the app needs some work as well.

Positives: Given the transfer over of games from the apps and live tv even after they have been scheduled, there is not a lot of good things to say. It is still early, but this is looking to be a disappointment for the upcoming Premier League season.

Negatives: The reliability of the streaming quality is the biggest downfall so far. There have also been a few games moved to Peacock after being scheduled for live tv to try and promote the app.

4. ESPN+

PackagePriceFree Trial
ESPN+ (Monthly)$5.99No
ESPN+ (Yearly)$59.99No
ESPN+, Hulu, Disney+ Bundle$12.99 Per monthNo

Overview: ESPN+ has a couple of advantages when it comes to soccer. While it is more of an add-on streaming service in comparison to something that can provide you with all-around content, it is a must for hardcore soccer plans. It is only $5.99 a month, and you can pay for it on a monthly basis. ESPN+ covers MLS, Italian League, German League, FA Cup, and Carabao Cup competitions. Therefore if your team gets knocked out of the FA Cup and you do not want to pay any more, you can cancel.

Price: The $5.99 price tag is not a bad one for those who are looking to get that extended soccer coverage. With ESPN getting the German League, there will be even more soccer each week. You have the option to cancel when seasons end or teams get eliminated.

espn+ streaming

Reliability: From the beginning, ESPN+ has had a good reputation for its streaming service. They already had WatchESPN in place, and it has carried over its reliable quality to ESPN+.

Interface: I am a big fan of the ESPN+ layout as it is easy to navigate based on what is currently live and what is upcoming. You can narrow down based on sport and league, or even section off your favorite teams.

Positives: As a soccer fan who enjoys watching multiple leagues around the world, the extensive coverage and the addition of the German League make the $5.99 price tag very worthwhile. While I wouldn’t recommend ESPN+ for most of the major sports like football and basketball, for soccer, it is a great addition.

Negatives: The downside of ESPN+ continues to be that you can’t watch ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNews through the app as you need another service or cable provider that covers those channels.

espn+ streaming

5. Sling TV

PackagePrice (Per Month)Free Trial
Blue$30Yes (3 Days)
Orange$30Yes (3 Days)
Blue + Orange$45Yes (3 Days)

Overview: Sling TV has the advantage of being cheaper but with that comes sacrificing an extra channel or two. It doesn’t offer up quite the sports package of a FuboTV but does have some of the basic needs to watch a few of the major leagues from around the world. Because you can get the local channels, you will not miss out on those televised games. There is access to BeIn Sports through the $10 a month sports package, and Sling TV does offer up ESPN, NBC Sports, CBS, and Fox Sports.

Price: The Sling Blue and Sling Orange packages are $30 per month, or you can combine them for $45, which gets you over 50+ live channels.  Sling TV also offers a 7-day free trial.

Reliability: While Sling TV might not look like much and not push a ton of big-time advertising like Hulu, they do offer a quality service that has a good track record in streaming reliability.

Interface: The interface is pretty basic, and I would describe it as something to give to your grandparents who have trouble with technology. All the features and guide is easy to use and get to. There is no modern appeal if that is something you look for.

Positives: The sports package covering BeIN Sports is a nice addition. It is on the cheaper side and makes it worthwhile to cut a cable subscription down in price. You also have a free trial to work with and

Negatives: Sling TV does not have the content libraries of some of the other services, but if you are looking for it strictly to watch soccer, then there are really no negatives to it. It is a quality app that features televised games across the major networks.

6. CBS All Access

PackagePriceFree Trial
CBS All Access (Commercials)$5.99Yes (7-Day)
CBS All Access (Commercial Free)$9.99Yes (7-Day)

Overview: CBS didn’t have much stake in the soccer streaming game, but because they took over rights to the Champions and Europa Leagues this year, we got a first look at their coverage of soccer. CBS All Access is a relatively new streaming service, and this is more of an add-on to just get Champions League and Europa League coverage. They do not broadcast any club leagues.

Price: It is $5.99 a month to get all access to CBS, and there is a free trial to use. This is on par with the ESPN+ pricing but offers a little more if you are in need of entertainment purposes or NFL coverage as well.

Reliability: After using this app for the first time, it is not my favorite in comparison to the other apps. The quality of the streams was lagging, and a few times during the match, I would have to restart it. This seemed to be the case for many users, as it might just be the growing pains of the product.

Interface: The interface is set up for more live TV and what is upcoming. The streaming content library is not bad, but there isn’t anything that sets it apart from the rest. In fact, it could use some cleaning up when trying to narrow down the selections for sports.

Positives: The idea of paying for two tournaments can be frustrating. The $5.99 a month offering does give you coverage of each and every game—this certainly better than Bleacher Report charging $2.99 a match for the untelevised games.

Negatives: Much like ESPN+, it is an extension and another minuscule bill that you will have to pay for extra coverage. The quality of the stream definitely needs to improve moving forward.

Watching Soccer On Free Streams

If you are a diehard fan, you might have found yourself using free streams or wanting to use free streams. I have certainly been there before, constantly clicking links to find the working stream. While it is the cheapest option to try and watch games, it does come with a lot of risks and hassles. One of the major risks is some of these streams are being run over an unsecured page, which makes it easier for your information to get out there. Your computer can also run the risks of viruses and malware, where all of a sudden, you might be paying for a computer instead of just paying a monthly subscription to a streaming service.

It is also just a hassle to find the right streams. Some of them will even be shut down during the middle of the game while others are five minutes behind the live-action. They also might not be in the language you are looking for and offer up very poor picture quality. There was a time where some tournaments were not covered in the States, but now just about everything is covered. With plenty of free trials and month to month services, it makes sense to pony up a little dough instead of dealing with all the hassles and risks that come with streaming for free.

Soccer Streaming FAQ

How Do I Stream Soccer Games?

There are various streaming services that include channels and packages to stream soccer games. Some will require a cable service if you don’t want to pay for a package. Otherwise, you can subscribe to a service.

Do I Need A Cable Subscription To Stream Soccer Games?

There are a few streaming services that do require a cable subscription if you are watching on a free app. However, Hulu and Fubo TV provide live TV without using a cable subscription.

Can I Stream Soccer Games For Free?

Streaming soccer games for free is a popular way to watch the sport because of all the international and club games out there. However, it can be a pain with the quality, but also the sites can be insecure.

Are Nationally Televised Games Available For Stream?

Nationally televised games are available certain apps. NBC, Fox, ESPN, and CBS are where you will find televised games, and each of them has their own app. You also can watch through live tv, which Sling, Fubo, and Hulu offer for soccer games.

Can I Stream Champions League Games?

You can stream both Champions League and Europa League games through CBS All Access. On occasion, the rights of Champions League broadcasts will change, usually to Fox, which you can stream through the Fox Sports app.

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