Keyonte George Scouting Report: NBA Comparisons, Draft Rankings, Highlights, Stats

After projecting as a top-five prospect before the start of the last collegiate season, Keyonte George has dropped a few spots in most big boards and mock drafts; however, he is still a surefire first-round pick due to his impressive offensive skillset and projectability at least as a secondary scorer at the NBA level. Check out the full breakdown and analysis of Keyonte George below, featuring his age, height, weight, wingspan, strengths, weaknesses, and closest NBA player comparison. Other scouting reports can quickly be found on the Lineups 2023 Big Board or Final Mock Draft as well.

Keyonte George Scouting Report

George had a pro day workout and looked to be in extremely good shape, flexing his bounciness and overall athleticism, as well as his shot-making all over the floor. However, there are certain measurements that we are not 100% certain of, including his wingspan and height in shoes.

Age: 19

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 200 lbs

Wingspan: UNK

Position: Shooting Guard

College/ Professional Team: Baylor

Strengths: Few players in the 2023 NBA Draft have as much natural scoring ability as Keyonte George. George was actually heavily relied upon as a scorer in his freshman season at Baylor, which is in the toughest conference in the nation (Big 12.) George has a strong handle and has shown promise as a playmaker and in the pick-and-roll, too. The archetype of George’s offensive game projects fairly well, but it won’t necessarily be as an All-Star.

Weaknesses: George was way too inefficient in his freshman season at Baylor, shooting sub-38 % from the floor and below 34% from behind the arc. This is not a significant concern as his shooting mechanics project him to be a much more efficient shooter in the future. Further, the spacing at the next level will be much more open, with the defense not being quite as intense. George’s defense is the primary concern; he played on a poor defensive team and was not pushed at all to be active on that end of the floor. If he doesn’t improve, he could get hunted, especially since he lacks switchability.

Keyonte George Stats


Keyonte George NBA Comparison: Anfernee Simons lite / Jaden Hardy

There is a role for Keyonte George in the NBA, as evidenced by uber-similar players Anfernee Simons and Jaden Hardy. Simons is slightly more athletic, and Hardy is a bit craftier; however, he projects to be an offensive weapon with the ability to score at all three levels.

Keyonte George Highlights

George’s freshman season at Baylor produced some huge highlights, featuring impressive shot-making in the toughest conference in the nation. While he has to improve on his efficiency, there were similar concerns with Jaden Hardy, who has had no issues developing in this area due to the spacing at the NBA level.

Keyonte George NBA Draft Ranking, Team Fit, Landing Spot

Draft Ranking: 19

Team Fit: Memphis
The fit in Memphis makes a ton of sense; the Grizzlies need scoring off of the bench, especially at the guard position. Bench scoring, specifically in the half-court, was a major weakness for the Grizzlies, and George provides just that.

Landing Spot: Memphis, Utah, Toronto
Ultimately, George needs to fall into the right situation that complements his game. Much like Jaden Hardy or Anfernee Simons, George has to have the ball in his hands to truly be effective enough to justify him being such a liability defensively. Ideally, he will get drafted by a team like Memphis, Utah, or Toronto, where he will have some latitude to develop his game.

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