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If you are looking to get into the world of FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports, we offer in-depth strategy guides and articles on all of the major sports. We want to make sure you leave being able to feel comfortable building a lineup on your own, which means tackling all aspects from researching to strategies on building a lineup. Whether it is for cash games or tournaments, our strategy guides will detail the rundown on both, and how to be a profitable daily fantasy player. We cover how to research for specific sports, and what to look for when trying to find the right players for the right prices.

Each player pool is different, and that can be overwhelming to the common player. In addition to our strategy guides, the offering of slate specific advice can help you out. FanDuel brings its own unique scoring and roster formats, which differ from other sites. This means things can be a little different when playing, like dealing with flex spots, or how the site adjusts pricing over time. Our strategy guides and articles will get you familiar with what you need to know. With FanDuel covering all major sports and more, you can find what you need to know right here.

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