FanDuel NFL Sportsbook Promotions

FanDuel‘s NFL Sportsbook offers you a number of ways to earn free plays and extra cash. Through various promotions, you can essentially bet on games using what professional bettors call “house money”. Here’s a list of promotions on FanDuel’s NFL Sportsbook and how you can use them to help you win cash. Jump to: FanDuel Sportsbook Review, Fanduel Sportsbook promo code.

FanDuel Points – What Are They and How Can You Earn Them?

FDPFrequent DFS players benefit from playing contests on a consistent basis. FanDuel appreciates the fact that you enter new contests and you enter them often. When you do, you earn FanDuel Points, or FDPs. FDPs are like earning free cash. You begin to accumulate FDPs as soon as you enter your first paid contest. FanDuel rewards you 5 FDPs for every dollar of contest entry fee you pay. As you enter more contests, you earn more points. 2,400 FDPs equal a $1 contest entry.

As an example, if you generate 24,000 FDPs, you can enter any $10 contest, or multiple contests that have an entry fee under $10. The way to earn FDPs is to play often. To use your FanDuel Points, simply use the marked Enter Using FDP tab. As long as you have enough points assigned to your account, you’ll be entered into that contest. You can navigate to your accounts page to check how many FDPs you have available. When you accumulate enough points and use them to pay for your entry, it’s like playing with house money.

What is the FanDuel Players Club?

Everyone who joins FanDuel, automatically becomes part of the FanDuel Players Club. Your FanDuel Points earned in each month will determine your Players Club ranking for the next month. There are also periodic promotions and special notices as part of your Players Club benefits. You’ll earn new levels in the Players Club, plus more free plays as you climb the ladder.

What is the Daily Odds Boost on FanDuel

Every day on the FanDuel Sportsbook there will be an enticing boost in the odds for particular games. These are special incentives to jump in a grab a chance to win cash. The odds boost involves improved payouts from the original line. They can include boosts in the odds for prop bets like individual performance bets. You should be alert for changes in these odds, taking advantage of the FanDuel Daily Odds Boost when they become available.

fanduel odds boost

Navigate your way down the left-hand margin where there are direct links to each specific sport. Twice, both under the Popular and Sport A-Z headings is the link to the Daily Odds Boost. Every day FanDuel will change the odds for one or more games. These odds boosts are a great way for you to increase the final payout if you bet correctly.

Special FanDuel NFL Sportsbook Bonuses and Promotions

The FanDuel NFL Sportsbook has other promotional offers; you should look into as well. Here are four bonus promotions you can use to help improve your odds of winning.

First TD Scored Insurance: With all the different players who could score the first TD in any given football game, buying a little insurance gives you an extra chance to win. First TD Scored Insurance credits you back the amount of your wager, as long as your man scores a TD at some point during the game.

CFB Parlay Insurance: When you bet on a college football parlay with at least 4 legs on your card, you can earn a refund if you bet doesn’t win. Check out the different requirements to get an automatic cash refund up to $25 by signing up for FanDuel’s CFB Parlay Insurance.

$500 First Bet: If you’re a new FanDuel player, you can get insurance on your first bet. FanDuel’s $500 First Bet promotion will reward you with up to a $500 credit if your first bet doesn’t’ turn out to be a winner.

Expect FanDuel to continue to offer inviting promotions and bonuses. You need to check in often to make sure you don’t miss out on potentially free money. FanDuel NFL Sportsbook promotions are a way to gain free plays, build your Players Club rank and back up your bets with an insurance policy. The way to take advantage of these bonuses and promotions is to play often.

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