Monkey Knife Fight Review: Is Monkey Knife Fight Legit & Legal?

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monkey-knife-fights-logoMonkey Knife Fight is the latest and very fun prop game platform. You can play legally on in 36 US states. The company and site are legitimate and not a scam like many overseas sports betting sites. Monkey Knife Fight is a daily fantasy sports gaming website with a number of unique ways to win money on your favorite sports and players. It’s a mix of daily fantasy and prop games. The company started building and beta testing in 2017 with an official launch in 2018. The company has a single savvy business owner who is a billionaire; he has his eye on dominating the prop gaming space. To date, the site has paid out millions of winnings with a weekly handle well into the six figures.

The operations team is made up of industry veterans with over eight years of experience in the daily fantasy space. They understand how to run a successful gaming site. Player funds are kept in a separate bank account, as are operational funds. They work with WorldPay/Vantiv, the most trusted gaming bank in the US. You can use legit means to deposit money, and payouts are made in a few business days. The site is based in California and falls under US daily fantasy sports laws. We have known and worked with the managers of Monkey Knife Fight for about four years. We feel confident you will not only have a ton of fun, but you will always be safe and paid out in a timely fashion.

If you are familiar with player props, Monkey Knife Fight is a site that uses props to make different fantasy games. There are a ton of unique games with all major sports. The most popular game on the site is the More/Less. All you need to do is select two or more correct over/under on players in a game, and you win up to 100X your initial play in NFL 8/8 Games. Signing up is free and easy, providing a different way to play single game contests without tying for prizes with thousands of other users.

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Monkey Knife Fight ReviewFact Sheet
Is Monkey Knife Fight Legal in US?
Yes, the website falls under daily fantasy state laws. You can play in 36 US States.
What Games Can I play on Monkey Knife Fight?
Prop games based on player performance. The most popular game is a More/Less game.
Is there a Sign up Bonus?
Yes, you get $5 free and up to $100 match on your first deposit at a 100% match rate. Only available to new users.
How Do I Deposit?
Monkey Knife Fight accepts major credit cards and debit cards. It will be accepting PayPal in the near future
What is the Maximium Deposit Amount?
You can deposit up to $5,000 per day, $8,000 per week, and $10,000 per month. You can contact support if you would like to increase your limits.
Is my money safe?
Yes, Monkey Knife Fight complies with all US laws and keeps player accounts separate from operational accounts. MKF is funded and backed by a US Billionaire businessman as well.

Signing Up on Monkey Knife Fight

Clicking the signup tab on the left side will bring you to creating your username and password. Once finished, you will enter the rest of your details. You are not obligated to deposit money during your sign up.

sign up

Deposit Methods

Depositing money on Monkey Knife Fight is simple while using any major credit card. There is a minimum deposit of $10. PayPal is not supported at this time but is coming in the near future. The screen below is the actual deposit screen on the site.

have a promo code mkf

Monkey Knife Fight Deposit Bonus

Use promo code LINEUPS for the highest verified deposit bonus online. Monkey Knife Fight match 100% up to $100 for your first deposit. You will also get $5 worth of MKF credits just for signing up when you use our promo code LINEUPS. Click this link to find full details on our exclusive monkey knife fight promo code. Once you click “Have a Promo Code?”, enter LINEUPS.

lineups promo code entrymkf

Game Types

Rapid Fire – Rapid Fire is a game that has been around the fantasy world, and you will remember if you ever played on DraftDay back in the early stages of daily fantasy. Rapid Fire is a game that gives you a select amount of combinations of players against each other. For example, Tom Brady would be going up against Jared Goff, and you have to select whoever finishes the most passing yards. Moving on to rushing yards, receiving yards, and receptions, you have to pick the highest amount between other players as well. Getting them right will allow you to claim your prize. Prizes vary depending on which rapid-fire game you choose. There is an option that allows you to miss one selection and another option that allows you to choose from two sets. There are also some games you can’t get one wrong and need to get all five right. You can win 100x your money by going 8/8 in this game.

Rapid Fire MKF

More/Less – In this game, you choose the higher or lower on set stats for a particular player. For example, Julian Edelman will have a set receiving yard marker at 89.5, and you have to choose if you believe that he will get above or below that number. There are different versions of this game for different sports. You can also return a higher value for choosing more and getting more correctly. If you select a style where you need to get five out of five correct, you can get 15x your entry. On basketball, it runs for stats like rebounds, blocks, and assists.

More or Less MKF

Star Shootout – Star shootout is a category of games and can be named differently across all the sports, and the name will be tied to what they are offering. For example, in the NFL Games, Reception Connection is for picking three players to get to the target goal they set for receptions. There are three different target goals, and each gets harder in difficulty, but also pay out more. You will choose the tier you want to beat, meaning that even if you select the first one and beat the third, your prize money is based on the chosen tier.

Fantasy Challenge – If you are looking for strictly fantasy points, the fantasy challenge is a chance to select three players that will accumulate fantasy points to try and beat the set number. Like Stat Shootout, there are three tiers of prizes you can get, with difficulty going up. You will choose the prize before you submit, which will be your goal.

Contest Selections

If you are familiar with the industry, you know that there are cash games and tournaments. If you are not familiar, a cash game is a lesser risk contest where 50% of the field wins. A tournament is around the 30% win mark, but a higher chance of a big payout. There are no double-ups labeled or tournaments labeled within this site because of the unique contest styles, but there are ways to negate risk. Cash games should be considered low-risk games like investing in contests that have lower tiered prizes to complete or have you select a minimal amount of players to get right. If you are looking for higher stakes, you can play higher risk contests where you have to hit a higher tier or success rate to cash out.

select contest

Contest Cancellations

Because these contests are predetermined players and tiers, there are occasions where a player will not be playing and will still be in a contest. When this happens, and a player does not play, the contest will be canceled and refunded as soon as there is confirmation of the player not playing.


Support consists of a standard emailing system, and the help button is right in the bottom right corner of your screen. Responses should be within 24 hours of email.


A lot of the scoring is based on real-life individual stats. You might solely be looking for a player to pull down ten rebounds, and that is all you need. That makes the scoring easy, which means you are just looking at box scores and not relying on fantasy points. However, there is the fantasy challenge that tracks fantasy points, and in that case, you will need to go more in-depth on scoring.

NFL – NFL is pretty standard scoring per the rest of the industry. The only major note here is that it is a PPR site, so you get one full fantasy point per reception. Players will get return touchdowns added to their fantasy stats, and for turnovers, a fumble is -2, while an interception is -1.

NBA – We don’t see much efficiency scoring anymore in fantasy basketball, but that is not the case here. A missed field goal is -0.25, and the same goes for a missed free throw. Turnovers are -0.5, so there are a lot of chances to lose points, which isn’t the case on other sites. The scoring is also not on par with NBA Fantasy Scoring Standards, which means it is just two points per block and steals. They also have a three-point, double-double, and triple-double bonus.

MLB – MLB is simple scoring, a single equals five points, a double is ten, and so on. You get five points for each a run, RBI, walk, HBP, and SB. If you record an out, it is -1. For pitchers, if you allow a runner, it is -1. An earned run is -3, while innings pitched is three for a complete inning. Pitchers are awarded bonuses for no-hitters, shutouts, perfect games, and complete games.

NHL – In NHL they have added power play points and shorthanded points. This is a great way to increase scoring and add more fun to the game. They also give a point for the plus/minus, which means being on the ice when a goal is scored for or against your team. Goalies also get a shutout bonus.

Golf – Golf scoring is simple, as rapid fire tournaments are just made for strokes for or against. The player with the lowest score will win.

UFC – UFC has several contest. It does has fantasy options with the following score settings

  • Strike: +1 Point Significant Strike: +2 Bonus Points*
  • Takedown: +10 Points
  • Knockdown: +15 Points
  • Submission Attempt: +20 Points
  • Win: +25 Points

eSports – MKF has eSports fans covered with an array of options. Monkey Knife Fight supports both League of Legends and Counter-Strike. So, hether you want to bet on a Valve Major or Worlds for LoL you can do so with MKF.


Withdrawing your money is easy. You have two options at the moment. You can get mailed a regular check or receive an eCheck, which comes in your email instead of your physical mail. ECheck is a quicker process. This can take 1-3 business days, per the site. Monkey Knife Fight’s withdrawal minimum is $20.

withdrawing money monkey knife fight

Website Experience

Monkey Knife Fight is an easy site to navigate around, with a sidebar that brings you all your menu needs. You can easily switch sports and various contest selections to filter through what you want to play.

website experience mkf

Mobile Experience

Monkey Knife Fight has recently launched an application that is available on both iOS and Android. The application runs smoothly and gives a very similar experience to that of the website, just on your phone. Finding games, depositing money, and managing your account are all made extremely easy.



Monkey Knife Fight falls under the category of daily fantasy sports, which means it is legal in all states where you can play DFS. You must be 18+ years of age and a resident of an approved US State (AK, AL, AR, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, MD, MI, MN, MS, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VA, WV, WI, WY) or Canada (excluding Quebec) to use Monkey Knife Fight. All registered users are required to supply identification information, including your name, residential address, and date of birth.

Ongoing Promotions & Rewards

When you make your first deposit, Monkey Knife Fight will match with promotional dollars. They are eligible for contests, and not withdrawal. They only serve as credit value on the site. If your promotional dollars go unused for over three months, they can be reclaimed.

Bonus funds are awarded for various promotions, like free contests and deposit bonuses. They operate as site cash until they are used in contests and won back as real money.

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Monkey Knife Fight FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Monkey Knife Fight Legit?

Yes, Monkey Knife Fight is a legitimate and registered US-based company. They are funded by a billionaire who made his money in advertising. Monkey Knife Fight directors have been in the daily fantasy sports industry for years. Monkey Knife Fight keeps its operating funds separate from their gaming funds.

Can I Play For Free on Monkey Knife Fight?

Yes, Monkey Knife Fight offers a free bet to new users, so if you sign up and make a deposit, you can play the games for free using your free bet. You can also play for free when there is a no deposit bonus promotion. This bonus provides you with free money to play with on the site.

When Do Funds Get Credited To My Account After Winning?

All contests are considered complete after official statistics providers have confirmed game scores and stats.

When Will I Receive My Withdrawn Money?

You can use ACH transfer that can take 3-5 business days to process depending on the circumstance. Otherwise, a check will be received in 3-5 business days. Cashouts will be attempted to be refunded back to the original payment source first before issuing a check. PayPal should be coming soon, and PayPal withdrawals typically take 1-2 days.

What Is Responsible Play?

Responsible Play is the site offering a self exclude mode from the site for a set period of time or permanently. There are also deposit limits and a timeout period that lasts 30 days.

Do Bonus Funds Expire?

Bonus funds expire if they are not played within one month of being awarded them. From the time you deposit and are awarded the bonus, you have 30 days to use them.

What Are Beginner Contests?

Beginner contests are contests that exclude players with a select win rate and are now considered seasoned players.

Can I Edit My Lineup?

Over/Under, Stat Shootout, and Rapid Fire games are all final upon submission, but you can cancel up to 30 minutes before game time.

How Do you Confirm A Player Did Not Play?

This varies by sport and is listed below:

NFL – The player is inactive for the game.

NBA – The player plays zero minutes in your contest (Full or Half).

NHL – The player has zero time on Ice.

SOCCER – The player has zero time on pitch.

GOLF – The player does not record any stats in a round.

MLB – A hitter does not record a plate appearance or offensive stat. A pitcher does not record any stats.

Claim $105 Bonus

Monkey Knife Fight Review
monkey knife fights

Name: Monkey Knife Fight

Description: Monkey Knife Fight is the latest and very addictive prop game platform. Monkey Knife Fight is a DFS Prop Game with a number of unique ways to win money on your favorite games. Think Prop bets with a twist. The company started building and beta testing in 2017 with an official launch in 2018. The company has a single savvy business owner who is a billionaire; he has his eye on dominating the DFS Prop Contest market. To date, the site has paid out millions of winnings with a weekly handle well into the six figures.

Operating System: IOS, Android

Application Category: Game

  • Sign Up Bonus
  • Trustworthiness
  • Contest Creativity
  • Website Usability


If you are familiar with player props, Monkey Knife Fight is a site that uses props to make different fantasy games. There are a ton of unique games with all major sports. The most popular game on the site is the More/Less. All you need to do is select two or more correct more/less on players in a game, and you win up to 100X your initial play. Signing up is free and easy, providing a different way to play single game contests without tying for prizes with thousands of other users.

Well Done

  • Creative and fun contests
  • Trusted Investor with separate operational bank accounts
  • 3-5 business day payouts




Needs Help

  • Sign up bonus is light compared to other sites in the space
  • Would like to see a no deposit bonus


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