DraftKings DFS Strategy

Here you can find all the daily fantasy strategy courses you need to win more on DraftKings.com. We’ve spent years playing DFS and have packaged up valuable information for you to build a winning strategy. We’re covering all the major sports from NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL to College sports. DraftKings was one of the early sites offering daily fantasy sports, and they find themselves as one of the top two sites in the industry. If you are finally breaking down to try daily fantasy sports, or making the transition from season-long fantasy, we are here to help. We offer strategy guides and articles to help you get into a process of researching, building a lineup, and developing various game theory strategies. There are numerous contest styles, and two big differing types of games in cash games and tournaments.

Both bring their own strategies for being able to be successful, which we cover for all of the major sports. DraftKings daily fantasy has vastly different scoring from other sites, often adding bonuses for specific stat accomplishments. They also have different rosters and salaries from other sites. We breakdown each aspect of the site and how to play. Our goal is to make sure you have all the knowledge of building your own lineups. Being able to learn how to research for a slate, and what strategies to apply when slates throw something new at you. You can dive into each major sport and be able to find a strategy for both cash games and tournaments.

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