Top 10 Fortnite Players in the World (All-Time)

Top 10 Fortnite Players In The World

Fortnite burst onto the scene of gaming in 2017 as the newest Battle Royale game to take the world of gaming by storm. Since its release 3 years ago, Fortnite has blossomed into one of the biggest Esports in the world and gives out more money annually than any other competitive video game in existence. Fortnite eSports players have risen to record levels of fame, wealth, and status. The Top 10 highest paid Fortnite players alone have a combined total earnings of over $3.5 million dollars. The highest Twitch streaming channels in 2020 are Fortnite channels and it’s not really close.

In this article, we will take a look at the most successful Fortnite pros of all-time, and the reasons why they are at the top. I will weigh their overall Earnings in Fortnite, as well as their performance in major tournaments such as the Fortnite World Cup in 2019. So, without any further delay, let’s look at our list for the Top 10 Fortnite players in the world of all-time.

RankNameGamer IDEarnings Tournament Victories
#1Kyle GiersdorfBugha$3,069,9004
#2Williams AubinZayt$1,117,00010
#3David WangAqua$1,890,8408
#4Benjy FishBenjyfishy$494,6008
#5Turner TenneyTfue$588,8006
#6Shane CottonEpikWhale$1,327,8009
#7Rocco MoralesSaf$1,061,50010
#8Kyle JacksonMongraal$603,5007
#9Martin AndersenMr. Savage$218,9003
#10Tim MillerBizzle$623,2003

The Top Ten

1. Bugha

bugha e1593031289201

Image Credit: Epic Games

At the top of the list, it feels like there is only one option for the king of competitive Fortnite. Since its inception in 2017, there has not been a bigger tournament in all of Esports than the Fortnite World Cup in the summer of 2019. It had the most participants and the largest prize pool to that point in the history of Esports. And the person that dominated the tournament was Bugha.

Bugha began the World Cup qualifiers at the top and finished at the top when the World Cup was over. In the first week of qualifiers, Bugha was the top performer and was the first person to qualify for the world cup from North America. In the next 9 weeks of qualifiers, Bugha continued to compete and qualify repeatedly for solos for the World Cup.

At the actual World Cup, Bugha continued his dominance in the most competitive Fortnite lobby ever. In the first game of the solo competition, he won convincingly with the most kills in the game, giving him a comfortable lead against the rest of the field. From there, Bugha never let go of the lead finishing consistently at in the top 10 for the majority of the games to win the solos World Cup comfortably. For that tournament, Bugha won $3 million in total, making him the winningest Fortnite player in history.

Since then, Bugha has remained as one of the top competitors in the NA East region. He has qualified and competed in every major FNCS tournament and finished in the top 10 for duos FNCS as well as the Winter Royale 2019 competition. It will take a massive run by one other player to unseat Bugha as the best Fortnite player of all time.

2. Zayt


Image Credit: NRG

The other half of the dynamic duo just edges out his partner for 6 on the list. Zayt is the peanut butter to Saf’s jelly. They are both superstars on their own but are a powerhouse and stronger together. Zayt is peanut butter because he has been more successful on his own, just like peanut butter is just ahead of jelly. Zayt runs the scene of competitive Fortnite in North America, organizing practice and events for the other players in NA East. Zayt is one of the smartest minds and best leaders in Fortnite and has been very successful because of it.

At the World Cup, Saf and Zayt were in first place in duos up until the last game, where they were killed early and fell in the leaderboards. They ended up finishing 4th overall, winning just under $1 million. As a Solo, Zayt went to the World Cup as well, and finished 36th.

After the World Cup, Zayt continued his dominance over North America in the world of Fortnite. In any major competition, it felt like a guarantee that Zayt’s name was going to be near the top of the leaderboards. It felt inevitable. In trios, Zayt finished in 4th alongside Saf and Zyfa. In Squads, he joined forces with Commandment, Highsky, and Saf, all strong individual players. They finished 4th again. In duos, it was the same story with the same people. Zayt and Saf worked together during Chapter 2: Season 2 and won the FNCS duo finals, proving that they are the best duo in North America. In the next FNCS, Zayt finished in the top 10 again at 9, making him one of the only players in the world to finish in the top 10 for all 4 FNCS tournaments that have been held since the World Cup.

Zayt is Mr. Consistency and runs competitive Fortnite in NA East, so he gets the nod as the second-best Fortnite players to walk on this earth.

3. Aqua

aqua e1593031237122

Image Credit: Epic Games

Aqua comes in at number 3 on the list and is the top European pro on the list. Aqua is the most consistent player in the European region, which is considered the hardest region to sustain success at the highest level. Despite the intense competition, Aqua has managed to excel, despite the talent of the players he is facing.

At the world cup, Aqua was the leading force in his duo that managed to make an insane comeback, winning the final two games, to secure the victory in the Duo World Cup, along with Nyrox. This instantly made him the second-highest earner in Fortnite history, behind Bugha, after winning $1.5 million.

Since the World Cup, Aqua remained as one of the top players in Fortnite, regardless of region. In FNCS trios, Aqua won the championship once again, along with Tschinken and Stompy. In Squads, Aqua walked away with another massive paycheck, placing in the top 10 in terms of squads in Europe. In duos, Aqua showed once again that he is one of the best of the best. Along with Stompy, he finished 4th in Europe in FNCS Duos. He followed up these strong performances with yet another one in FNCS Solos, finishing in 3rd across all of Europe.

4. Benjyfishy


Image Credit: NRG

Bejnyfishy is the third European pro on this list and the second British player on the list as well. Benjy grew into fame alongside Mr. Savage as the world’s most lovable duo competing on the road to the World Cup. Benjy was a fan-favorite because he was very passionate about Fortnite and used the competitive side of the game to support his family, which is insanely mature for a 16-year-old who acquired hundreds of thousands in a short amount of time.

At the World Cup, Benjy continued to steal the hearts of fans with his chubby smile and great gameplay. He finished 14th in duos and 25th as a solo, showing he is one of the most talented players in the world. He became an instant legend within the competitive Fortnite community and is widely regarded as one of the best.

In the FNCS competitions, Benjy backed up his play with consistent placements in Europe. In trios, he teamed up with two of Europe’s best, Mongraal and Mitr0, and finished 10th. In squads, Benjy led his squad to the 2nd placement in Europe, along with Mongraal, Nayte, and Wolfiez. In duos and solos, Benjy did not finish in the top 10 but did reach the finals place within the top 50 players in Europe. Going forward, Benjy needs to continue winning events and playing consistently to stay as one of the top 5 players in the world.

5. Tfue

Tfue was once the king of competitive Fortnite and remains the face of Fortnite in terms of streaming. Tfue has the largest fanbase in all of Fortnite, consistently averaging 30K viewers daily while playing competitive Fortnite.

In 2018 in to the early parts of 2019, Tfue was widely considered the best Fortnite player in the world. He won many solo and duo tournaments during the summer of 2018, such as the Summer and Fall Skirmishes. Going into the World Cup qualifiers in the spring of 2019, Tfue had the most earnings in Fortnite and was the most popular person in the entire world of gaming.

Since that point, Tfue has not had the same amount of success as he did in the early part of his Fortnite career. He qualified for World Cup as a solo player but did not finish well at the World Cup, finishing 67th. He has experienced some success in the FNCS series since the World Cup but is not one of the absolute best players in the world. In Squads, he finished 7th overall but did not finish in the top 15 for any of the other FNCS competitions since the World Cup.

He is still the most popular player in the world of Fortnite but has not sustained the level of success he experienced in the first year of Fortnite. We will see if he can turn it around before he falls out of the top 10.

6. EpikWhale

epikwh e1593031140285

Image Credit: NRG

EpikWhale comes in at number 6 on the list and is the only player from the North American West region to be in the top 10. All-time, EpikWhale ranks 5th in terms of career earnings from Fortnite. He experienced the most success at the World Cup, where he finished 3rd as a solo and 12th as a duo. EpikWhale has been dominant in what is considered a weak region in NA West, but still wins enough to be considered one of the best.

In the FNCS tournaments, EpikWhale continued the success that he experienced at the World Cup. In trios, EpikWhale was a part of the team that finished in 4th. The next season, he finished in 4th again in the FNCS squads finals, along with Edgey, Cented, and Rehx. He remained partnered with Rehx for FNCS duos, where they took home the crown as the best duo in NA West. In solos, EpikWhale had his “worst” finish, where he still finished within the top 10 at 6th in the West. He has earned over $1.5 million from tournaments in Fortnite, and the majority of it was won at the World Cup or since then in major tournaments.

7. Saf

Saf e1593031108470

Image Credit: Epic Games

Saf is one of the most successful players in North America and is a part of the best duo in the world for Fortnite. Along with his partner, Zayt, they have finished as a top 5 duo in every major duo tournament since World Cup qualifiers at the beginning of 2019.

Saf is one of the best mechanical players in the world, with perfect building and editing skills. He can outbuild and kill anyone in the world at any given time, making him dangerous in any position during a game. Saf is also one of the most consistent players in the world. He has been a top competitor since 2018 and won FNCS duos with Zayt just over a month ago.

Saf has over $1 million in earnings from Fortnite in 2 and a half years, putting him 11th all-time in earnings in Fortnite. In Squads, Trios, and Duos, Saf was a part of a team that finished within the top 5 in each FNCS tournament, proving he is one of the best team players in Fortnite.

8. Mongraal


Image Credit: Mongraal’s Twitter

Tfue is the king of content in North America, and the same can be said about Mongraal in Europe. He is the face of competitive Fortnite for Europe because of his immense popularity and success as a pro player. Mongraal became popular in the end of 2018 into 2019 because his Twitch streams became very popular. Mongraal would stream himself playing the game nonstop and showed the world his improvement in the land of Fortnite every day.

When Mongraal began rising into fame, he was just 14 and showed that people that age could not only compete, but be the best player in the world. Mongraal quickly amassed a large following after winning many major tournaments and cash cups in Europe and carried that success over into the World Cup. Mongraal qualified multiple times as both a solo and a duo for the World Cup. At the World Cup, Mongraal continued his dominance and finished 13th as a solo and 6th as a duo.

After the World Cup, Mongraal began to stream less as he focused on becoming the best player in the world. In that time, Mongraal has competed in every major tournament in Europe for Fortnite. In every team FNCS, Mongraal did not finish worse than 10th, and his worst placement was in solo FNCS, where he took 26th. Mongraal’s sustained success at the highest level has not been matched by many, and that is the reason why he is 8th on this list today.

9. Mr. Savage


Image Credit: 100 Thieves

Mr. Savage burst onto the scene in Fortnite towards the end of 2018 into the beginning of 2019. Mr. Savage is a 15-year-old pro player from Norway, forming one of the most popular duos in the World with Benjyfishy. They dominated European World Cup qualifiers and gained millions of followers in the process. Mr. Savage qualified for both solos and duos for the World Cup, showing that he is one of the best in the world.

He did not have the best showing at the World Cup but still walked away with hundreds of thousands in cash and a massive following. Savage is still a top competitor in Europe and streams to around 20K viewers daily. In FNCS trios, Savage was apart of a team that finished in the top 10 and added another player for squads where they finished in the top 5 for FNCS.

The last LAN event for Fortnite, Dreamhack Anaheim 2019, was won by Mr. Savage as one of the last events for Chapter 2: Season 1 of Fortnite. He carried that success over to FNCS Duos and Solos, where he finished 12th and 15th respectively.

10. Bizzle

Bizzle is an OG competitive Fortnite player and has been one of the World’s best since they began competing in the summer of 2018. Since then, Bizzle has been one of the most consistent and successful pro players in North America. He has shown that he can dominate as a solo, or work perfectly well within a team mode such as trios or squads.

Going into the World Cup, Bizzle was one of the fan-favorites to take the solo competition home and ended up placing 23rd overall. He followed up his success in the summer of 2019 with a strong run in the most recent Fortnite tournaments. In the FNCS competitions, Bizzle has cemented himself as at least a top 10 player in North America. He finished 3rd in squads, and 12th in solos, making him one of the best performers in NA East.

Many other names were in consideration for this last spot. You could make an argument for a lot of different pro players for any of the 6-10 spots on this list, however, Bizzle has the longevity and recent success that gave him the nod over some great players like Chap, Dubs, Stretch, and Nyrox.

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Fortnite FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fornite?

Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royale video game, where 100 different players spawn onto the same island with no items. Players must find weapons and healing items for fighting and surviving. There is a storm that closes on the island, forcing players to move together and fight. The last player surviving wins the game.

How many Fortnite players are there?

Each game of Fortnite has 100 players in the lobby. Sometimes, the game will start with fewer players, but will not exceed 100 total. The total active player base for Fortnite is 300 million players internationally, according to the game’s developer, Epic Games.

Is Fortnite the biggest video game in the world?

Fortnite is the most downloaded game of the last three years since its release and is only second in sales in 2020 behind Call of Duty. The 300 million player base is the largest in the world, thanks in large part to the game being free to purchase.

Who makes Fortnite?

Fortnite’s game developer is Epic Games. Epic Games first released Fortnite in September of 2017 as a survival game called Save the World and added the battle royale game mode shortly after. Epic Games updates the game regularly and runs all competitive Fortnite tournaments.

Who is the best Fortnite player in 2020?

Since Fortnite is primarily played in online competitions, it is impossible to distinguish between top players from different regions of the world. They do not compete directly or against the same players, so it is too difficult to compare them. There is also no consensus best player in each region. Fortnite is a game based on randomly-generated loot and storm circles, so players can excel if the conditions of the specific game favor them.

How much can you win in competitive Fortnite?

The top earners in Fortnite are financially comfortable, that’s for sure. The total prize pool for all Fortnite events in 2019 was $30 million in total, the second-largest prize pool in Esports history. The top earner in Fortnite, Bugha, won the solo Fortnite World Cup in 2019 and has over $4million in career earnings.

What is the biggest prize in Fortnite Tournaments?

The largest Fortnite tournaments to date have all had prize pools in the millions. So far, the largest Fortnite Tournament ever was the 2019 World Cup, which gave out tens of millions in prize money. The Fortnite Championship Series, FNCS, is a tournament series that is played that offers millions in prizes. FNCS tournaments happen every few months, and the next scheduled FNCS is a solos tournament after the release of the new season on June 17th.

Can Fortnite mobile play with Xbox?

Fortnite Players can play with anyone else that has the game, regardless of gaming platform. People can play with other players on any device, as long as they are friends on Epic Games through Fortnite itself.

Can Fortnite run on windows?

Fortnite can run on any operating system for a computer. The specs of the computer matter as well, however, and people with Windows may not be able to run the game. To run the game on PC, the hardware of the computer must be able to run the game smoothly and have a secure WiFi connection.

Can Fortnite be played offline?

Unfortunately, Fortnite’s battle royale mode is entirely online only. You must have a gaming device with a strong WiFi connection to play Fortnite. The Survival mode of Fortnite, Save the World, can be played offline, but is not free to download like the Battle Royale Mode

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