Top 10 COD Players 2020

Each year, the list of the top players in Call of Duty fluctuates because the game can change drastically from year-to-year. The game can change to favor certain playstyles, which causes some players to flourish while others falter. This year is no different. Modern Warfare is unforgiving to Call of Duty professionals due to the fast time to kill and strong weapons. The best of the best constantly put themselves in positions to win while winning gunfights they have no business winning. The respawn modes are predicated on positioning and outthinking your opponent, so the smartest players in the world excel.

10. Octane


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Octane is the main AR for Seattle Surge and has been the best player for Seattle this season. Octane has been the main reason why Seattle has any wins as all, as they are one of the worst teams in the league.

He is in the top 5 in KD for AR players and is the main slayer for Seattle despite playing in a different role. He also controls spawns for his team and leads Seattle in objectives, meaning he is doing quite literally everything for Seattle.

If someone else is able to step up and assist Octane on a consistent basis, he will thrive as he slides back into his traditional role as the main AR, which could cause him to rise up this list.

9. GodRX

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GodRX is the flex player for the Minnesota Rokkr. At the beginning of the year, GodRX was one of the three best players in the world and led Minnesota to a top 4 ranking. He was able to fill in any role for the team, and he fried for them.

Since then, GodRX has fallen off a bit in terms of being one of the very best players in Modern Warfare. The transition to online competition has not been kind to Minnesota in general, and one of the main reasons is because of GodRX’s “slump”. He is still performing at a high level, but he is not willing the team to victories as he did in the past.

GodRX needs to regain his slaying power in order to re-establish himself as one of the best players. Also, some more consistent help, especially from the SMG players on his roster.

8. Mack

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Mack is one of the top rookies in the league and is an SMG player for the New York Subliners. The Subliners struggled mightily in the early part of the season and the main reason was because of the lack of pressure on their team.

Mack filled into the role perfectly on the team, and excelled immediately as their top player. Mack has led the way with his perfect aim and constant pressure, opening the map up for the rest of the players. Mack seems to get multikills every life, and puts himself in positions to get more kills on top of that.

7. Slasher


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Slasher is the captain and main AR for Optic Gaming Los Angeles. Slasher continues his reign as a top AR player in Call of Duty history into this season. OGLA struggled at the beginning of the year, with only Slasher performing consistently. He made the team competitive when they had no business keeping matches close.

As the team improved around him, Slasher continued to grow. He played slower to open avenues for his SMG players in Hardpoint and Domination and continued to carry his team in Search & Destroy. The team has continued to improve around Slasher due to his leadership and can thank him if they continue to grow into their potential.

6. Shotzzy

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Shotzzy is the top rookie in the Call of Duty League to this point and is an SMG player for the Dallas Empire. Shotzzy may be a rookie to Call of Duty, but he is still a world champion. He won the Halo World Championship in 2018 and decided to transfer his talent to Call of Duty once he turned 18.

This year has been nothing short of miraculous so far from Shotzzy. To begin the year, he struggled to get kills consistently but wowed everyone with his fluid movement and knowledge of the game itself. It seemed like every week, he broke out a new angle or bunny hop that changed how other teams play.

As the season has progressed, Shotzzy has grown exponentially. He figured out where he needs to be to slay the other team while staying alive. In the previous tournament, he was at the top of the competition in KD ratio and was the main reason why Dallas was able to advance to championship Sunday.

5. Wuskin

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Wuskin is the main AR for the London Royal Ravens and is the reason why London is a top 5 team to this point in the season. Wuskin has consistently led the league in KD ratio and overall kills playing in the slowest role on the team.

Wuskin is always in a position to support his teammates in gunfights, putting trophy systems on objectives to prevent grenades, and most importantly, killing everybody he sees. Wuskin is near the bottom of total engagements of all the players on the list, but still a league leader in kills because he wins a majority of his fights on the map.

In their previous tournament, London reached the finals thanks to Wuskin and company, and if the surrounding players step up around London, they have an amazing chance to win a tournament moving forward. So far this year, Wuskin has been the best sniper in SND as well, leading the league in Sniper kills overall as well as first bloods in Search and Destroy.

4. Simp

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Simp is the reigning MVP of the Call of Duty League thanks to carrying eUnited to the World Championship in 2019. Simp continued his excellent play into Modern Warfare as a member of Atlanta Faze. He is the main slayer for the team as the team’s main SMG and can carry the team through maps on his own.

Simp does not play around the objective very often and focuses on killing the other team as much as possible, which is to the benefit of Atlanta. In SND, Simp is a superstar on a team filled with them, as he is one of the best snipers in the league. He is feared on the map by other teams and can cause teams to completely change their strategy.

Simp is not higher on this list because while he is consistently amazing, he does not make the same type of game-changing plays that the players higher on this list do. If Simp can return to his form at the end of Black Ops 4, there is no question he will be a top 2 player in the Call of Duty League.

3. Skyz


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Skyz is the main AR for the Florida Mutineeers and has carried his team to two tournament championships when they were not expected to be a top team this year. Skyz kills everyone he sees on the map, while making winning plays for his team constantly.

Skyz was one of the best rookies in Black Ops 4 and carried over his great play into Modern Warfare. As the main AR for Florida, he plays methodically in support of his SMG players who play in front of him. He is always in an advantageous position for his team.

In the Minnesota Home Series, Skyz had a top KD in the tournament, while leading Florida in both Search and Destroy as well as Domination. His team felt comfortable doing anything because they knew that Skyz would clean up anything behind them. Skyz has been doing this all year, turning an average team into a championship contender.

2. Envoy

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Envoy is the main SMG player for the Chicago Huntsmen. He is on a team full of stars but has managed to cement himself as the best player on the roster in spite of that. Envoy does not have the gaudiest stats of the players on the list, but the amount of winning plays he makes that do not show up on the stat sheet.
Envoy is the main player on rotation in respawn modes, meaning that his gunfights are crucial to secure points in the future, meaning that his gunfights are the most important in the entire game. He wins those fights constantly, putting the Huntsmen into a great spot to win respawn modes.

In SND, Envoy is a superstar that cleans up his teammates mistakes while also making key flanks to put his team in great spots to win rounds and ultimately the map. Envoy wins the most key gunfights of anyone in the league, besides the player that tops this list.

1. Cellium

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Cellium tops the list of top Call of Duty players in 2020. Cellium is the flex player for the Atlanta Faze and is THE superstar on a team that is chalked full of stars. Cellium is the most clutch player in the league, leading the league in SND clutches as the last player alive for his team.

Cellium rotates and wins key gunfights for his team during respawn modes, putting Atlanta in a position to win those game modes consistently. He does not get the most kills in the game but leads the team in KD ratio while putting them in a position to win constantly.

Does your list for the top players of 2020 so far look any different? Respond and tell me your list, and why you think mine needs to be updated. This is up to date as of the Minnesota Home Series on June 15th and will most likely change before the season is finished. Who do you think will surge up and who will fade as the season pr

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