Toronto Blue Jays Injuries 2023 Blue Jays Injuries

89-73, 3rd in AL East

Blue Jays
O = Out
D = Doubtful
Q = Questionable
P = Probable
Reported Name Body Part Pos Injury Notes
8/11/23 Hagen Danner
Oblique RP Danner is dealing with a left oblique strain and has been placed on the 60-day injured list. He is expected to miss the remainder of the 2023 season.
8/1/23 Otto Lopez
Oblique 2B Lopez is dealing with a left oblique strain and has been placed on the 60-day injured list.
6/24/23 Adam Cimber
Shoulder RP Cimber is dealing with a right shoulder impingement and has been placed on the 60-day injured list.

Injuries Impacting The 2019 Season

Troy Tulowitzki - Troy Tulowitzki is 34 years old, and has not played a clean season in quite some time. We have no clue how much juice Tulowitzki has in the tank, and we don’t believe the Blue Jays do either. He had surgery on both heels, and while playing time is open, we could be looking at Tulo being about finished as a full time player. The Jays have been dealing with middle infield injuries for the last few seasons, as Devon Travis is another one who can’t stay healthy.

Devon Travis - Devon Travis played 103 games last season, hitting .232. He has flashed potential, but also has had multiple trips to the DL. He had knee issues linger into last season, which caused him to miss time. He played just 50 games the year before, and Toronto should have a backup plan for the young second baseman as DL team would be an easy assumption for the new year.

Worst Injuries in Franchise History

Before you knew Chris Carpenter, he played in Toronto where his shoulder problems really began. He had a shortened career with a few good seasons, but multiple surgeries really limited his upside. In the early 2000s, Carpenter dealt with multiple shoulder injuries, which forced his way out of Toronto. 2007 was a year where two huge bats were out of the order due to surgery. Vernon Wells needed shoulder surgery, while Troy Glaus needed foot surgery. The very next year, Wells broke his wrist missing two months.

Shaun Marcum was an arm that Toronto was hoping for more out of, but in 2009 his elbow gave out which required surgery. Marcum flashed potential in a few seasons, but never quite lived up to expectations. Drew Hutchison and Brandon Morrow both were names that Toronto were relying upon as well, but arm injuries limited their potential, and sent them into shorter outing roles in the bullpen. The Blue Jays health with pitchers really lacked in this era, and the glue of Roy Halladay was one that held things together most of the time.

In more recent years, Melky Cabrera missed the second half of the 2014 season with a fractured pinky finger. He joined Brett Lawrie and Adam Lind on the DL, and all three were regular starters that ended up missing time that season. It was tough to see Marcus Stroman go down with a torn ACL in 2015, as he ended up missing most of that season. As soon as Troy Tulowitzki got to Toronto, most knew the injuries from Colorado would follow. They did as he needed surgery on both shins.