New York Jets Schedule 2019 Jets Schedule

0-0, 0 AFC East

vs BUF

5:00 pm GMT, 9/8

The Jets are part of the weaker AFC East, but will likely steal some games away this season. The quarterback play will likely change at some point throughout the season, which is something to note after their Week 11 Bye. The Jets have the ability to win four of their division games, but it is not a given. They face Miami and Buffalo, and we will say the Jets are just slightly better than those teams which is not saying much. They start out on the road against the Lions, which is the first game of the Monday Night Football doubleheader. They then go onto face Miami, and Cleveland next. With Cleveland’s rise, the Jets will be in for a battle, especially on the road. Things get tough after that. They face Jacksonville, Denver, Indy, Minnesota, and Chicago. Indy and Chicago both are expected to be drastically improved and are in a better state than the Jets at this point. Denver and Minnesota will likely be too tough to handle. Things go back to the AFC South playing each team over the net four out of six weeks which includes their Bye Week. The end of the season is going to be tough, heading to New England, but also facing Green Bay and Houston. The Jets are going to be a sub .500 team this season, and while they are trying to rebuild, other teams are just simply far ahead of schedule. Unless the Jets pull off some miracle wins, we will wait till next season.

Date Time Opponent Stadium Record Opponent Depth Chart Jets Depth Chart Matchup
9/8/19 5:00 pm vs Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills MetLife Stadium 0 - 0 Buffalo Bills Bills New York Jets Jets New York Jets Jets vs Buffalo Bills Bills
9/17/19 12:15 am vs Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns MetLife Stadium 0 - 0 Cleveland Browns Browns New York Jets Jets
9/22/19 5:00 pm at New England Patriots New England Patriots Gillette Stadium 0 - 0 New England Patriots Patriots New York Jets Jets
10/6/19 5:00 pm at Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles Lincoln Financial Field 0 - 0 Philadelphia Eagles Eagles New York Jets Jets
10/13/19 8:25 pm vs Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys MetLife Stadium 0 - 0 Dallas Cowboys Cowboys New York Jets Jets
10/22/19 12:15 am vs New England Patriots New England Patriots MetLife Stadium 0 - 0 New England Patriots Patriots New York Jets Jets
10/27/19 5:00 pm at Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars TIAA Bank Field 0 - 0 Jacksonville Jaguars Jaguars New York Jets Jets
11/3/19 6:00 pm at Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins Hard Rock Stadium 0 - 0 Miami Dolphins Dolphins New York Jets Jets
11/10/19 6:00 pm vs New York Giants New York Giants MetLife Stadium 0 - 0 New York Giants Giants New York Jets Jets
11/17/19 6:00 pm at Washington Redskins Washington Redskins FedEx Field 0 - 0 Washington Redskins Redskins New York Jets Jets
11/24/19 6:00 pm vs Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders MetLife Stadium 0 - 0 Oakland Raiders Raiders New York Jets Jets
12/1/19 6:00 pm at Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals Paul Brown Stadium 0 - 0 Cincinnati Bengals Bengals New York Jets Jets
12/8/19 6:00 pm vs Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins MetLife Stadium 0 - 0 Miami Dolphins Dolphins New York Jets Jets
12/13/19 1:20 am at Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens M&T Bank Stadium 0 - 0 Baltimore Ravens Ravens New York Jets Jets
12/22/19 6:00 pm vs Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers MetLife Stadium 0 - 0 Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers New York Jets Jets
12/29/19 6:00 pm at Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills New Era Field 0 - 0 Buffalo Bills Bills New York Jets Jets