MGM Resorts Main Event (11/24-26): College Basketball Preview and Predictions

The MGM Resorts Main Event tips-off on Sunday. This is one of the smaller tournaments, but should be an exciting tournament to catch in-between the afternoon and Sunday night football games. Colorado is the favorite coming into this tournament, and the matchup between Clemson and TCU’s defense should be fun to see.

Dates: November 24-26, 2019
Location: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
First-round matchups:
TCU vs. Clemson
Colorado vs. Wyoming


Colorado comes in as a slight favorite in this tournament. Tyler Bey is their do it all player as he averages 15 points and 9.7 rebounds per game. This offense lives and dies by the three. Their defense ranks 20th in country, according to Kenpom. However, the Buffaloes perimeter defense has been poor to start the season. They rank 269th in three-point defense, and can be an issue if they saw TCU in the finals.

TCU is another team that can hit three’s. Unlike Colorado, they have been solid in the post as they rank 63rd in two-point percentage, according to Kenpom. However, their perimeter defense isn’t great as they allow teams to hit 39 percent of their three’s. Their efficiency is 39th in the country, but it’s hard to pull away from teams when the defense along the perimeter isn’t great.

The Tigers enter the Main Event at 3-1. They currently have three players averaging double digits, and they 116th in offensive efficiency, according to Kenpom. Their defense is their strong suit where their defensive efficiency is 91.1, and they rank 33rd in turnover percentage. Their opening round matchup against TCU should be fun to watch, and if they can hit three’s they’ll cruise smoothly.

Wyoming comes into this tournament with one of the worst offenses in the country. They 330th in offensive efficiency, and have the worst rebounding percentage in all of college basketball. This something that Colorado does really well, and will definitely hurt the Cowboys in their first-round matchup. However, their defense is fairly solid, and they have the size advantage over Colorado.


First-round matchups:
Colorado should take care of Wyoming in their first round matchup. The Buffaloes are a better rebounding team and can hit three’s. Right now, I think Clemson can get the best of TCU. These team matchup well against each other, but the Tigers do have an edge. Both of these teams struggle to defend the perimeter, so it wouldn’t be surprise if this became a shootout.

Potential finals matchup:
The matchup between Colorado and the winner of Clemson/TCU would be fun to watch. Clemson does have a sturdier defense, but relies on scoring points in the post more where TCU can really hit their three’s. Colorado has a bad perimeter defense, but defends the paint well. The issue would be trying to cover Colorado’s Tyler Brey who is one of the best players in the country. Both TCU and Clemson would struggle to do so. Now, I would say Clemson would give Colorado a better game, but TCU would be more exciting. Both the Buffaloes and Horned Frogs can hit their three’s and defend them poorly. If these two matchups there should be a lot points scored. At the end, I do think Colorado wins the MGM Main Event.

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